Jamie Lee Curtis Wears the Same Pushup Bra as Kylie Jenner, Gets Sexy on the …

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‘Scream Queens’ inside look: 14 EW exclusive photos.

Since that giddy day in the annals of architectural history, when the first back row was fitted in the infancy of cinema, man has sought ever more spooky entertainment in the hopes of prompting woman to leap into his arms at the appropriately jump-worthy moment.Ariana Grande jumps 4-2 on the Social 50 chart dated Oct. 3, thanks to impact earned from her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Sept. 15). While filming a scene in which she comes on to a student’s father (played by Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson) in the pilot episode, she had the whole cast hot and heavy — with laughter.

It’s a rainy day in early September on the New Orleans set of Fox’s Scream Queens and Jamie Lee Curtis is about to do something she’s never done before on screen. That silliness is what makes the new FOX show fun to watch. “Scream Queens to me is kind of the dream of American Horror Story, but with the sprinkling of this amazing comedy aspect that Ryan (Murphy), Ian (Brennan), and Brad (Falchuk) do so well,” Emma Roberts says of the show’s creators.

Curtis is a huge source of inspiration for the entire Scream Queens cast, keeping the younger stars on their best behavior and, of course, cracking them up. “Jamie Lee is incredible!… The things she comes up with [on the fly] sometimes are better than what anyone would have written,” a source close to show creator Ryan Murphy tells Us Weekly. “She also kind of keeps the young girls in line. Here we have the astonishingly aristocratic Baroness Haden-Guest (nee Jamie Lee Curtis) playing Wallace University dean Munsch, who is determined to break the power of the campus’s all-girl nightmare squad, marked by a shared name: Chanel. After she’d shot her scenes, she spent a day in a sound studio screaming her head off to record what she called her “Aria of the Agonies.” She’d gained a reputation as Hollywood’s go-to actress for piercing pipes, but that notoriety came with a price: being typecast.

Do I need to ask her?’ I didn’t want to offend her but at the same time this would be so awesome,” remembers Falchuk. “So then I wrote it and then got a text from her very quickly after she read the script. Despite her ambitions to make a name for herself in other genres, when Wray walked into auditions, casting directors always asked her to scream. “I don’t like it at all, being called a Scream Queen,” Wray admitted decades later in an interview. A number of Tonight Show-related photos Grande posted to Instagram helped the star collect over 19 million total reactions on Instagram for the chart’s tracking week (Sept. 14-20), according to Next Big Sound.

Her text was, ‘We need to do this shot-for-shot.’ Then, typical Jamie Lee, she started sending me all the websites and Tumblrs that have each shot laid out and storyboarded.” Before filming, Curtis stands at the monitors watching footage of the classic moment from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film. “Hello, Janey,” she says when Leigh, who passed away in 2004, pops up on the screen. Dean Munsch is onto their lame little game, and she’s quite determined to bring it to a close, so she forces their picky sorority to admit anyone who applies for membership. Fans poked fun at Grande for squinting to read the prompter during the game and she joined in on the joke by reposted a photo of herself with nearly closed eyes and the fan caption, “me looking for my weave on October 30th,” as well as another photo with her caption “#cantseeshit,” each gathering over 900,000 likes. But the role of the “scream queen” has clearly changed a lot since the days when Wray “yelled every time they said, ‘Yell.’ ” Eventually helpless, panicky damsels like Darrow and Marion Crane (portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh) in Psycho started to feel like a cliché.

Aguilera tweeted her support and approval of Ariana’s impression, to which Grande retweeted and added, “holy shit. love you.” On Twitter, Grande earned over 636,000 reactions and 576,000 mentions for the week. She later teased a cover of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” on Instagram on Sept. 18, which she performed in concert the following night in Houston. She rounded out the eventful week on Sept. 20 with an Instagram snap of her typically slicked-back-straight ponytail in loose natural waves, garnering over 1.3 million likes.

Initially, Curtis allegedly worried that she would be typecast as a scream queen in the way Wray had been, but for her, Halloween turned out to be a launching pad. And since then, the sisterhood of mainstream scream queens has continued to evolve: Neve Campbell’s Sidney has sex in Scream (1996), and Heather Langenkamp’s heroine in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) had more nuanced motivations than simply survival (although that is high on her priority list); she also wanted to uncover the truth about her own childhood. It’s a moment that’s by turns surreal, moving, and exhilarating — and the ultimate homage to one of the most famous scream queens of all. “It’s a big deal and I don’t take it lightly,” says Falchuk. “That she went for it like that was very moving for me.” Adds Curtis, “This is the perfect way to honor my mom.” Instead, she’s a lascivious dean who sleeps with students and smokes pot—when she’s not busy trying to destroy the sorority run by Emma Roberts, that is. And let’s not forget her mother, Janet Leigh, who pioneered the genre, after a fierce knifing from Anthony Perkins, on the order of Alfred Hitchcock, in Psycho.

Instead there is a sea of footballers’ wives, dressed in gowns that are tight enough to accentuate the fact that an alarming number of them have misaligned nipples. Worse, they have all been plucked and botoxed into a sort of numb indifference, with just the vaguest hint of a smile. (This is actually euphoria, dialled down thanks to an injection of what amounts to anaconda venom.) It is also, curiously, the expression some people have after a few hours of the Brownlow Medal Count.

And euphoric they should be, because their husbands and boyfriends are being honoured with the greatest honour in all of football, the Charles Brownlow Medal, the precise details of which escape me at present, and will not likely be explained with much clarity once the telecast begins. Now, count after me, “1, 2, 3 …” On Thursday, Lewis posted the pic on Instagram. “Hey look the paparazzi got a pic of me adjusting my imaginary penis. What should be a humiliating moment of me picking my underwear out of my crotch, that the paparazzi stalked, is now fun, for all of us,” she said in an Instagram video. “Juliette Lewis took her laid-back attitude a little too far on Wednesday when she was unable to resist a cheeky scratch as she took her dog Teddy for a walk around Los Angeles,” the article continued.

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