Is Amy Schumer Going to Be the Next Bachelorette? ABC Wants to Make Our …

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‘The Bachelorette’ Season 11 Episode 3 Recap: Amy Schumer Saves Kaitlyn Bristowe From Unfunny Men.

We may have appreciated JJ’s dirty puck joke upon meeting Kaitlyn last week, but that was only because it mirrored her opening joke to Chris last season.Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette featured punches and punchlines, although it was hard to tell which of the group-date tasks — boxing and performing stand-up comedy — was more painful. The actress-comedian earned kudos for her appearance in which she gave sharp and funny commentary about the bachelors, especially for her takedown of a contestant named J.J. And although she hit it off with bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, some of the guys apparently left something to be desired—according to Schumer, “charisma, and humility, and a sense of humor.” In this clip, she sits down with a few lucky bachelors to help them decide which of their features are most ripe for riffing.

This week’s installment began with the first group date, which involved boxing lessons from Laila Ali and one broken window from a jump-rope incident. Schumer’s guest appearance was so popular that many of her fans took to Twitter to declare they’d like her to hand out roses on an upcoming edition of the show. Despite its bizarre dating rituals, low success rate, and questionable racial and gender politics, the stable of shows is, if anything, more popular than ever. However, Kupah’s “I just want to know if we actually have a connection” breakdown was a lot more understandable than JJ’s conscious decision to be the official a—hole of the house.

In the boxing tournament, Ben Z. emerged victorious, while Jared landed in the hospital after a concussion from one of Ben Z.’s blows. (Did the show not learn from the disastrous Muay Thai bouts during Ashley Hebert’s season that landed Ames in the hospital?) After the fights, Kaitlyn bonded with Ben Z., whose revelation that his mom had passed away helped earn him the date rose, along with a kiss. After hinting to the guys that it will “end with a ring,” Kaitlyn invited world-renowned boxer Laila Ali to find a way to relate reality show relationships to organized punching, and then encouraged all the men to literally fight each other in order to win Kaitlyn’s heart.

Big tough guy Ben brought out his soft side by talking about losing his mother, and Jared managed to come back from the hospital just to steal a second and one hot kiss with Kaitlyn. Clint, better known as the guy behind that spectacular drawing of Chris Harrison channeling his inner Chris Pratt on a Triceratops, earned the season’s first one-on-one date. We’ll discuss our undying love for Amy Schumer and her “Bachelorette” cameo, the guy who completely lost his shit last night and why “Cupcake” Chris is the cutest. Right before the second group date, Kaitlyn met with Amy Schumer, who admitted she’s obsessed with The Bachelor. (If Schumer is obsessed, then it’s OK for us to be, too.) “Can you imagine if, right now, you were driving a tractor?” Schumer asked Kaitlyn, taking a friendly potshot at Mr.

Our hope is that Chris Harrison actually keeps all the photos (remember the wedding shoot from Bachelor in Paradise?) and uses them to adorn the walls of his prayer room. Rosenbaum?), overcame his serious anxiety about performing, while healer Tony delivered a bizarre and completely joke-free routine that involved him hassling an audience member. At the afterparty, Tony kept his incredibly awkward evening going by comparing Kaitlyn to a combination lock, which seemed in no way to be a compliment. Later in the episode, during the cocktail party, J.J. earned the guys’ ire for being the first to pull Kaitlyn away despite already having secured a rose. This led to a wonderfully bizarre impersonation by Tony about J.J. wanting “to eat it all” (huh?), followed by Tony’s tirade about J.J.’s “completely inappropriate behavior.” At least Tony didn’t get Kaitlyn’s name wrong during this speech.

Honestly, Amy Schumer is a national treasure, and we now would like to demand a show in which Amy Schumer makes fun of average guys who think they can do stand-up comedy, because that was heavenly. Kupah told Kaitlyn that he didn’t feel a connection or think that she made an effort with him, to which Kaitlyn fired back that he ignored her on the boxing date.

Unfortunately, JJ seemed to have no idea that Amy was completely shutting him down as he went on about how he’s “90% smarter than most of the audience,” so it’s hard for him because a lot of people don’t understand his incredibly intellectual jokes. Kaitlyn told him to give her a moment to think things through, which he apparently thought was a good time to talk to the other guys about the encounter while still within earshot of her. The fact that Amy managed to sit there and simply tell him he was wrong without punching him in the face or at least putting a hand over his mouth and going “shhhhh” speaks great volumes about how much of a class act Amy Schumer truly is.

Kaitlyn then pulled him aside and sent him home, which he described as “pretty shitty” before explaining why he wanted to stay: “I think you’re hot; I think you’re sexy; I think you’re pretty.” Finally, Kupah lost his cool with a producer during his exit interview, leading Kaitlyn to storm out of the mansion ready to confront him. The tag showed that Britt and Brady appear to be heating things up, even if cynical viewers might be forgiven for assuming this is a somewhat choreographed “showmance.” Do you think the guys were right to be upset with J.J.? She claims she does, but he’s got questions, and she’s offended that he’s questioning her, and he’s offended that she’s offended, and he overreacts to the point where we’re completely unsure of what he’s even mad about anymore. When he finally leaves, he’s not a fan of the traditional exit interview and seems like he’s about to use some of his newfound boxing skills with one of the producers. Kaitlyn, during her own interview, sees this happening, and goes to find out what’s going on, and that’s when another giant “To Be Continued” assaults our screens.

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