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Inside the Star Wars Comic-Con video: a shot by shot breakdown of clues, hints …

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A Comic Con San Diego round-up.

Superhero movies made the biggest splash at San Diego’s Comic-Con this year, but the convention’s 130,000 comic book and pop culture fans were also treated to a smorgasbord of experiences, surprises and scares. At Comic-Con’s Star Wars panel, the message to fans was unambiguous: we love you, we hear you, we want you to have a good time, so come with us and your hero Harrison Ford to a huge outdoor venue at the Embarcadero down the street and have a free lightsaber and a concert on us.

The 73-year-old revealed that the new actors including Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Daisy Ridley, would have their lives changed by the sudden interest in them.Comic-Con 2015 wrapped on Sunday in San Diego, concluding four days and nights of star-packed panels, outdoor events and screenings of footage and trailers for highly anticipated film and TV offerings.That’s how long some fans waited in line outside the San Diego Convention Center’s famous Hall H in anticipation of the Comic-Con panel for the “Star Wars” sequel, “The Force Awakens,” set for release in December. “People began lining up Wednesday morning with foldable chairs, packaged food and bottled beverages, full-blown camping gear and as much fandom as they could muster to hold them over until the doors of the mammoth auditorium hall opened early Friday,” CNET’s Nick Statt reported.

Zombies, ghosts and the supernatural served up scares, from late night fan screenings of upcoming horror movies “The Gallows,” “The Visit” and “Cooties,” to the undead frightening attendees on the convention floor. Being in Hall H is always a rush-of-the-moment kind of situation — if you’re in that room, you ride the wave of energy no matter what — and between the behind-the-scenes video and Harrison Ford showing up, people were ecstatic.

True to rumors, Star Wars Director JJ Abrams’s brought fans a behind-the-scenes video at the making of the movie, a star-studded panel including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford—who hasn’t made a public appearance since his plane crash in March. “It should have felt ridiculous,” Ford said about returning to a galaxy far far away after a 30 year hiatus. “I will tell you, it felt great. He added: “I actually did have a bit of a serious conversation with Daisy, who enquired about what the experience was like for me some centuries ago when this all started. “And I said, “Your life will change and you will get used to it, and you’ll be by turns, happy and delighted and employed and then you’ll wonder what the hell happened every once in a while”, because you turn from… the natural state of an actor is to observe life around them, and now you have to figure out how to do that when all anybody’s looking at is you.’ Of the films featured at the annual convention for all things blockbuster and pop culture-related, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had the most buzz going into Hall H, Comic-Con’s main stage. At the booth for AMC’s hit zombie series “The Walking Dead,” fans screeched in fear as they walked into the back of a truck filled with blood-stained mattresses and a gaggle of slow-moving zombies.

I was proud and grateful to once again be involved.” Best of all was the surprise John Williams’ music from Star Wars that happened a few hour later for 6,000 lucky fans. Creepy bloodied “twins” from the upcoming “Sinister 2” film popped up around the streets of San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp district, while indoors a trailer from “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” featured terrifying zombie-like creatures that frightened the crowd. But, because people wait in line for Hall H for hours (sometimes days) and then the majority stay inside for every single panel, emptying the venue all but ruined the subsequent panel, emceed by Dogma and Red State director Kevin Smith. The 6,500-seat auditorium was less than half-full, an attendee told the Guardian, while Smith estimated the attendance at 2,500, discussing it on his podcast later that weekend.

Snoopy’s little red house became a giant, inflated playpen with real beagles to pet and a bouncy slide to glide down. “The Peanuts Movie,” a 3D-animated movie due out in November, will bring the cast of Charles M. Smith said he loved the panel right up until its final moment: “I was like, ‘This is a dream come true!’” he told listeners. “Remember Carrie, when she’s at the prom, and she’s having a fucking blast? Speaking of old favorites, Harrison Ford’s surprise appearance – his first time in public since crash-landing his plane on a Los Angeles golf course in March – was met with a standing ovation.

Actors Daniel Radcliffe, Matt Smith and James McAvoy indulged in a late-night game of ping pong at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con party, with Radcliffe dominating the table. It also does a sly job of teasing Fisher’s new look as Leia and Simon Pegg’s mysterious involvement as a rumoured alien in the movie, without actually showing the actors in action. He was, however, more voluble on the subject of his much-loved character, the roguish smuggler Han Solo. “I never thought that [the film] would come back to bless me rather than haunt me,” Ford said. “I was very gratified when I read the [new] script. I read something that I thought was really remarkable, really well-written, with some very intriguing developments and I was very happy to be a part of the story.” No “Star Wars” discussion would be complete without a glimpse of the Dark Side, and again, Mr.

For Christmas this year, director Quentin Tarantino is bringing back the “roadshow” cinema-going experience for audiences to watch his gritty Western film “The Hateful Eight.” The “roadshow” was a popular cinema experience in the 1950s and 1960s, with movies being accompanied by intermissions and musical overtures. Gwendoline Christie, Adam Driver, and Domhnall Gleeson – all of whom will be playing one baddie or another – were all in attendance, and “did their best not to spill any secrets,” Yahoo!

BB: There was a moment before the concert started, while they were playing all the pre-show music (which, for some reason, included a dance remix of “Don’t Stop Believing”), when “Sweet Child O’ Mine” came on. The studio created three experiences on an app for fantasy epic “Warcraft,” monster-robot battle movie “Pacific Rim” and gothic horror “Crimson Peak.” Fans could download the app on smartphones, slot the phone into a new edition of Google’s Cardboard virtual reality device and be transported into short scenes from the films.

I grew up in the ‘80s, so of course I loved it, and there I was: lightsaber in hand, with Guns N’ Roses playing at some bizarro Star Wars concert at Comic-Con. Much like Paramount Pictures’ promotional approach for Abrams’s 2011 blockbuster, Super 8, the promos for Abrams’s new film are notable for what they tease, not what they give away.

I put both hands in the air and said, “This is the perfect event!” If you’re Lucasfilm, that’s the exact reaction you want people to have — and that was before Abrams and the cast came out on stage, lightsabers in hand. Despite the movie’s fast-approaching release date of 18 December, Abrams confirmed at the panel that the next trailer for his epic won’t arrive until the fall – an extended reveal that’s sure to send hype for the blockbuster further into overdrive. The film isn’t set to open until 25 March in the US, yet already the studio has debuted a two-minute mini-teaser – matching the length of most trailers – and, following its Comic-Con debut, an extended trailer that clocks in at close to five minutes.

It features plenty of action and appearances from major players unseen until now, including Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and main villain Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). By showcasing so much of the action close to a year before the full feature opens in cinemas, the promo does a disservice to fans by simply giving too much away. He’s, of course, the steward and one of the faces of a massive international brand that makes tons of money, but he’s also a guy who loves the franchise. Given how Warner Bros has taken to the marketing for Batman v Superman, it’s only a matter of time before this film gets a similar treatment from a savvy fan. Fans are being pulled body and soul into years and years of Star Wars movies, comics, games, and cartoons, and it’ll all make Disney a lot of money.

So let’s just say the thing that you don’t say when you’re on guard against Brands: there is a difference between the experience that’s being provided and the commercial or brand motivations behind said experience. Like SXSW and other shows, Comic-Con is filled with branded installations and tie-ins that offer all kinds of real-world interactions — all to promote some show, product, or property. They’re easy to mock, but these are unique experiences that bridge the gap between the real world and traditional entertainment — and just because it’s marketing that’s making it happen, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a genuine thing buried in there, somewhere.

The people in the crowd came from all over, had different connections to the property, and got to share in something that felt good and, most importantly, felt sincere.

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