If Charlie Sheen Was a Victim of Extortion, What Are the Chances He’ll Get Any …

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Danny Pintauro on Charlie Sheen’s HIV Reveal: ‘We Should Commend Him’.

When chose to go public with the HIV-positive diagnosis he’s been living with for at least three years, he said that he hoped by doing so he would no longer be on the hook to the various unnamed people he’s been paying in exchange for their silence. Charlie Sheen’s revelation on Tuesday’s Today show that he has been HIV-positive for four years inspired dramatic reactions, both positive and negative, but Danny Pintauro thinks the actor’s announcement will ultimately benefit the HIV movement and destigmatize those who’ve been diagnosed. With the actor’s long-term financial security up in the air, depending on how many of his millions he managed to hang onto over the years, is there any chance that he can get some of that hush money—he says upward of $10 million—back?

You cannot underestimate how sexy and charismatic he is in the flesh and even had a little snog but obviously made my excuses and left.’ The columnist added that she has taken an HIV test in the past because ‘I was going out with someone I knew had slept around a lot and would sleep arond again and I couldn’t control that.’ The test came back negative. Back in April. 2015, when she 1st discovered of his analysis, Brett was filmed setting fire to their photos while raging: “You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!” Experts say though it’s unfortunate for someone to be diagnosed with HIV, putting a face on a crisis to remind people help is needed can be a positive. After Sheen’s revealing Today interview on Tuesday, the first question on many minds was whether he could be subject to criminal charges if he failed to disclose his status to a partner before engaging in sexual activity. I appreciate him in the sense that [as a straight man] he’s reaching an audience that may not listen as closely to what I’m saying [as a gay man].” Pintauro does acknowledge that some debate-sparking aspects of Sheen’s interview – such as his contention that his aggressive treatment and low viral load make it “impossible” for him to transmit HIV to his partners – will have to be fine-tuned as Sheen continues to tell his story. “I think with time he’ll understand the nuances of saying what he [is trying to say]. Admitting in an interview that things were ‘up and down’ between them, Richards said: ‘For better or worse, he’s going to be in my life for the rest of my life so I personally like to keep the peace.’

District Attorney’s Office investigate and “if these women come forward and say that ‘I had sex with Charlie Sheen and he didn’t tell me he was HIV-positive before I had sex with him,'” attorney Mari Fagel explained to E! So that should be tantamount to whether he told them in any situation.” “Then there’s also one other thing: What if he didn’t know at the time of the encounter that he was positive?” adds Pintauro. “That’s the really tough one because it happens, and I feel for him in that sense.” With similar circumstances surrounding his own HIV coming-out and, now, a few months’ headstart on Sheen, Pintauro urges the actor to “listen to the people who have been [dealing with being openly HIV-positive] longer than you and trust that they have been through it, they’ve tried and they’ve learned what works the best, what gets people listening the most. My boyfriend got a job in another province; he started dating someone there and now I’m positive… It’s thought he wasn’t aware he had contacted the disease until after he returned from his 20-city tour, which ended on May 3, 2011. Willfully exposing someone to HIV is a violation of a California health code that states “any person afflicted with any contagious, infectious, or communicable disease who willfully exposes himself or herself to another person” is guilty of a misdemeanor. You kind of have to figure out how to speak to all of those people at the same time.” Though Sheen has admittedly shied away from presenting himself as an HIV activist, which Pintauro understands, Pintauro says the former Anger Management star “will do what he is capable of doing, and that’s all we can ask of him.”

Onetime girlfriend Bree Olson said on The Howard Stern Show yesterday that she had no idea, but Sheen’s manager explained that, as far as the actor knew, he was HIV-negative when he was involved with Olson. Scientists seeking a cure for the AIDS virus have made an unexpected discovery with a drug created to combat alcoholism which they say could be a critical part of a strategy to “wake up” and then kill dormant HIV hiding in the body. There are reports that say Sheen made these women sign arbitration agreements, which is basically a contract that these women signed [stating] that, if they do file a lawsuit, it would be litigated…in front of a single neutral arbitrator. News that some people Sheen was in contact with said they were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but the source maintains it was unenforceable because it was a contract covering an unlawful purpose. Shame should be our destiny and our duty, people think; that’s why Charlie’s declarations that he still had sex – in a couple of cases, unprotected – will enrage people the most. “There are people that have [since] come up to me and apologised for drinking the Kool-Aid…It was hard”.

Prostitution is illegal in most states and Sheen acknowledged in his interview with Lauer that he at times hired prostitutes, some of whom turned around and demanded money to keep quiet. “What people forget is that’s money they’re taking from my children,” Sheen said to Lauer regarding his decision to pay for people’s silence. “They think it’s just me, but I’ve got five kids and a granddaughter…For some reason I trusted them. Whenever there is a victim who has given up their money because of a threat like this, there would be an order where these women, these criminal defendants, would have to return the money that they were paid under this scenario.” The story took an unforeseen twist when it was revealed that a Sony studio exec seemingly mentioned Sheen’s HIV-positive status back in a March 2014 email—which was duly leaked online during the massive Sony hack and now lives on Wikileaks. “I think I will win the 90/10 bet on the over under on this …it’s hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year,” read the email, which included a link to a TV Week story about Sheen on the Anger Management set, per the Washington Post.

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