How to Get Away with Murder season premiere: the most entertaining show on tv

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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Creator on Killer Twists, Steamy Kisses and Annalise’s Future.

Look for the Shonda moments — the moments that shock you, twist a show on its head, and so rattle you that you check to make sure what you just saw wasn’t some kind of mistake. As promised, How to Get Away with Murder wasted no time in revealing who killed Rebecca — though a new flash forward in the final moments of Thursday’s premiere found someone else’s life in dire jeopardy. Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, Rhimes’s most successful shows, had their fair share of them and now many others (specifically: Empire and the upcoming Quantico) have adopted similar strategies.

Let’s go back: Annalise (Viola Davis) and Frank (Charlie Weber) suspect that Wes (Alfred Enoch) is to blame for Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) mysterious death in the basement, so they set a trap by telling him that his former flame is actually safe and sound at a motel. She’s incredibly smart, deviously clever, ruthlessly determined and, at turns, both strong and vulnerable – and it’s all due to Viola Davis’ powerhouse, Emmy-winning performance. The premiere also introduced Eve (Famke Janssen), the Death Row attorney that Annalise told Nate (Billy Brown) to call last season — who now thinks Annalise and Nate worked together to kill Sam (Tom Verica). You can spend it in a corporate office drafting contracts and hitting on chubby paralegals before finally putting a gun in your mouth, or you can join my firm and become someone you actually like.” –”Pilot” “You’re never going to trust me; that’s not in your nature.

It turns out that not even an Emmy win can save Viola Davis in the world of “HTGAWM.” At episode’s end, Annalise is found in her client’s mansion shot in the gut, barely blinking and appearing to be on her last breath. Viewers may have had a whole summer to stew over the events of the finale, but for these characters, only 10 days had gone by and there was definitely tension in the ranks. But before the techno beat of a case-of-the-week evidence-discovery montage overtakes us on this hallowed TGIT, let’s take a look at 10 of the most insane, outrageous, truly WTF-inducing moments that you almost definitely forgot happened on the road from the flying cheerleader to the dead goth girl under the stairs. One thing is certain, however: this round of “Murder” will be the season of “Who shot Annalise?” Here, Liza Weil tells Variety why Bonnie killed Rebecca, what’s going on with Bonnie and Asher (Matt McGorry) and what those final moments with a slain Annalise mean for this season.

Annalise left a distraught Eve for Sam, though the two share a steamy makeout session in the premiere that makes it seem like we should drop the “former” from our previous sentence. I had sort of been hoping over the hiatus that is was going to go that way, mainly because I feel like last season we laid a lot of groundwork with this bond between Annalise and Bonnie and this loyalty that Bonnie has with her, and I was very happy that there was now a very active event that really backs that up, and gives great insight into more of who she is. The app’s hilariously genius debut in episode five was proof that aside from the pilot’s promise of murder and insanity, there was actually a sense of humor to be had. Meanwhile, Annalise is determined to take on the case of adopted siblings accused of murdering their wealthy parents, so she enlists the Keating Five to disgrace their current representation by doctoring footage to discredit the main witness, their aunt. I think it’s probably a scene that’s hard to watch and I don’t think that people are used to seeing how simple murder can be, but it can just be placing a bag over somebody’s head and walking away.

Nowalk’s story of Annalise Keating (Emmy-award winner Viola Davis) and her Scooby Doo gang of law students solving mysteries and covering up a homicide was one of the best and most addictive shows last season. The only problem was that the clients — two adopted siblings who were accused of shooting and killing their parents — were already being represented by someone else. There were revelations about Annalise’s sexuality, a killer’s reveal, and one gasp-inducing WTF mystery in the fleeting seconds of the episode that flew past the limits of 40 minutes of story-telling. A great deal, and something that I’m really excited about is that they’re really diving into backstories about how all these people came together so all those stories are forthcoming. I think Wes’ character is very much driven in finding out what happened that night and that’s going to be something that runs over the course of the season.

Meanwhile, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) was understandably nervous that the recipient of Rebecca’s cryptic “Eggs 911″ text would eventually contact her since it was her phone Rebecca had been using at the time. It’s not actually that crazy of a reveal, but we knew so little about Laurel that a brief glimpse into her surprising oodles of money (and her amazing chunky jewelry collection) made the introspective student so much more layered.

The thing that’s so great about our writers is that so many of these relationships can shift from episode to episode, so I think that Annalise has a very intense reaction. Remember her random hotel hook-up, which I definitely thought was her attempt to steal some guy’s DNA? (Damn, this show really got into my head.) Or when she handed Asher’s ass to him outside the courtroom like he had just served the most offensive of raw beef on Chopped?

Her immediate reaction is not good, but I think there’s sort of an underlying element that Annalise operates from a place that you believe you are doing the right thing, and I think that’s something that she can really understand. And while Annalise seems to be keeping this secret under wraps, this little incident will definitely put on a strain on their relationship from here on out. And you wonder why Connor’s got the trauma shakes on Murder Night? (My old roommate’s theory is that he’s just cold.) Annalise’s most heartstopping confrontations aren’t always when she’s confronting her husband about dead girls or scolding her students, also about dead girls.

With the introduction of Famke Janssen as fellow attorney and one-time lover Eve Rothlow (who left the relationship embittered and burned), the show can now better explore Annalise as a manipulator and user. As it so happens, when Wes apologized to Sam’s corpse for, well, being responsible for it being a corpse, Annalise calmly assured him that he had no reason to feel guilt.

There were times in its fourth season when Scandal sacrificed some of its magic — particularly the interaction between Olivia and her Gladiators — for a myriad of tangential subplots. feels more in control of its plots, at least at this juncture. We then jump two months into the future, hear gunshots fired, and see Wes running from the mansion of the two clients Annalise had just procured earlier on. Paxton, the corporate assistant Connor wooed to squeal on his boss, was consequently humiliated by his employer and was so shamed that he threw himself out the window. My favorite moment from season 1 of HTGAWM was the truly ridiculous scene in episode 8 in which Michaela, after being shamed into a prenup by her intimidating future mother-in-law, decided that the best route to take is to ATTEMPT TO SLAP HER.

When Aiden’s mother (Lynn Whitfield) pushed the right buttons and forced Michaela to sign a prenup — “Either sign or I will make sure you go back to that nasty bayou swamp you came from, you stubborn bitch” — Michaela finally snapped. The show has its twists and its Shonda moments, yes. (Just look below.) But it also has its moments of quiet, all the better to let us catch our breaths. Though she later apologized for her “backwater” side, it remains one of HTGAWM’s most unexpected acts of human behavior … on a show where a man was literally chopped up and distributed across a landfill after being transported to the woods in an antique rug.

We hear two gunshots, before seeing Wes run outside and Annalise with a bloody stomach, laying in a pool of her own blood, breath shallow and eyes anime big. It feels extremely believable to Annalise, and I love just the backstory before Sam, and why she went to Sam as her therapist, it was because of her relationship with Eve. Everything that Annalise does is a kamikaze move, and that’s what makes her bold and that’s what makes her enviable, because she’s willing to take those risks. What’s strange about it — I’m not going to tell you what book because I don’t want to give anything away — but we both at the upfronts had been reading the same book and were both going down the rabbit hole with this amazing novel that I will reveal once we’ve revealed more about Bonnie’s backstory.

I believe that’s why Annalise would go to therapy — because she was dealing with a lot at that point in her life and I felt like it was a fun, refreshing, believable energy. The question with everyone in Annalise’s life is, “Are you giving me the real Annalise or are you manipulating me to get what you want?” That definitely applies to Eve; we don’t know yet. When she says she wants to work on a case that doesn’t involve a dead body in this house, I think tha’s the most honest thing she’s said in the episode. Connor is taking this huge step and moving in with Oliver at this point — even without the HIV diagnosis, regardless of that, they haven’t been together that long.

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