Hillary Clinton Talks Donald Trump, “Boring” Private Emails and Kim Kardashian …

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Billboard Cover Sneak Peek: 5 Ways Jimmy Fallon Doesn’t Lose His Cool.

Talk-show host Jimmy Fallon called presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton a “tough mother” and pulled her hair at her invitation on “The Tonight Show.” Trump spent the evening taking part in a Republican debate, but references to him dominated Clinton’s appearance on “The Tonight Show.” The show began with Fallon wearing a wig, impersonating Trump in a sketch in which he schooled Clinton on handling interviews. Hillary Clinton stopped by NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Wednesday night, and as he is wont to do, Fallon did his best Donald Trump impression for part of Clinton’s visit. “I know you’re about to do your interview with Jimmy Fallon,” Fallon said as Trump. “But he’s a total lightweight.Hillary Clinton’s first late night TV appearance of the cycle started with – what else – an extended Donald Trump joke and a glass of white wine. Clinton said America was built by people who “worked their hearts out. … Do you have any idea what it’s like to work so hard for something, to be so close to getting it but then someone pops out of somewhere and tries to take it all away?” Later, back in his real role as show host, Fallon called Clinton “a tough mother,” which made her laugh. “I wouldn’t mess with you,” he said. “You’re like if Ronda Rousey shopped at Ann Taylor Loft.” Rousey is a mixed martial arts champ. I’m going to do you a favor and interview you instead.” “Donald, I’ve spent my entire career fighting for women’s rights,” Clinton said. “I’ll push for equal pay in the workplace, I’ll protect women’s health and reproductive rights, and I’ll make quality, affordable childcare a reality for families.

In what has become a trademark impression, Fallon donned the Donald’s hairdo and “called” Clinton at home to discuss women, immigration and Bernie Sanders. In the pre-interview sketch, Jimmy Fallon reprises his role as Trump, offering to interview Clinton since Fallon is “a total lightweight.” Fallon-Trump, already well-versed in interviewing, asks Clinton about what she’ll do for women in the country, how she plans to communicate with the American people, and how big of a wall the government should build to keep immigrants out. As the former secretary of state pushes to show more of her humor and humanity on the campaign trail, she sat for a mock interview Wednesday with Trump.

Fallon-dressed-as-Trump interviewed The Donald himself last week and did something similar with Clinton, ringing her up from a fake phone while she sat just a few feet away on the set. Fallon repeatedly referred to Clinton as a mother and grandmother, saying at one point that the State Department email scandal should have been headlined, “Grandma knows how to use an email!” Fallon told Clinton that if she would just “tell us what’s in the emails,” the scandal would go away.

Clinton said the emails are “boring,” with the most interesting one that’s come to light about a request that she deliver gefilte fish to Israel in time for Passover. What’s your stance on women’s issues?” Fallon even managed to work in a toupee joke, in addition to lampooning Trump’s campaign tactics, which were also on display at the GOP debate earlier that evening. “You wanna win, here’s what you gotta do. He told Clinton to yell more if she wanted her poll numbers to climb, and to pick three things everyone loves—puppies, rainbows, fall foliage—and say you hate them. Clinton’s not exactly known for coming off as spontaneous, fun, or really any adjective that would make you want to be friends with her, but she appeared fairly natural on Wednesday. Ahead of Jonathan Ringen’s full article, which comes out Thursday, Sept. 17, here are five examples. “I wish they’d told me weeks ago because today’s the day, and now we have to crunch and think of an idea to do.

You know what these things are?” “Of course I did,” she said, adding that Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, attended a fundraiser and were “just delightful.” She recalled Kardashian saying, “You want to take a selfie?” Clinton also said she was “having a good time watching” Trump’s campaign. She laughed when Fallon was funny, delivered her lines like she’d had more than enough practice, and said Trump’s hair looks like a soft serve ice cream swirl. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who is also running for the Republican nomination, became president, “you could have the White House renamed the Trump House and you could have Dr. Clinton laid out parts of her platform and history, including her decades fighting for women’s rights and asked Fallon-as-Trump what his position on women’s issues would be. “Look, I know a lot of women and they all have issues,” he said. Carson doing surgery in the basement.” She suggested that Trump as president might keep foreign leaders off-guard: “Imagine, you know, all of a sudden you are in the Kremlin.

U2 sent their condolences after suffering recent falls of their own. “Bono was one of the first emails,” says Fallon, adopting an Irish brogue. “He said, ‘Welcome to the club, my Irish brother.’ And Edge sent me a thing. What the hell is wrong with us?'” Jon Stewart cited the exhausting political grind as part of the reason he left the Daily Show earlier this year, but Fallon doesn’t seem prone to the same problem. “When it comes to the show, I don’t have a dog in the fight. If [politicians] want to come on, my job is to make them look good, no matter who it is…The fact that Trump decided to do our show over other shows is an honor.

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