Helena Leaves Sarah Behind On ‘Orphan Black,’ But Are These Sestras …

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‘Orphan Black’ Recap: Comedy of Terrors.

This week’s episode title, “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations,” is again from President Eisenhower’s farewell address and refers to our ability to negotiate with other countries in the world, urging future leaders, however “scarred by many past frustrations,” to solve our issues at the conference table rather than on the battlefield. Orphan is the new Black as Helena and Sara find themselves doing hard time in this week’s visit with the Clone Club, but the reunion between the sistras wasn’t such a cheerful one as Helena seemed to still hold a bit of a grudge. Saturday, May 16, 2015 “,”EntryTextMore”:”Orphan Black Recap: Dealing with the Devil>>>Sarah and Helena ReunitedUnfortunately, it’s not a pleased reunion. As Sara was tossed into a Castor cell after her capture last week, it seemed that Helena was much more suited for prison life, I mean; Sara didn’t have an imaginary scorpion mascot to talk to or anything! Helena, the sestra with a crazy vindictive streak and a penchant for butter as a lubing mechanism sure wasn’t believing Sarah’s side of the story and was instead relying on her trusty scorpion for guidance.

Moments after Sarah realizes Helena is in the neighboring cell on the Castor base, her sister blames Sarah for her situation and Sarah’s attempts to tell Helena in that it wasn’t her fault and in that Mrs. We finally could understand Sarah’s over-the-top mother hen behavior after she explained her never-ending guilt complex for abandoning Kira back when she was hanging with Vic during that drug-induced haze.

Cosima tended to her frustrations in quite a different way with the start of a new love affair, one we already know will be poisoned by some unknown nefarious forces. So Helena isn’t necessarily crazy for taking her imaginary scorpion’s advice, because even when it can’t “shut up about the butter,” it seems to know what it’s talking about. All year we’ve been hearing the Castor kids tell Helena that Sarah double crossed her, but it was hard to tell just how much Helena bought into that story. While I’m locked up in my apartment for the est of my life, this at least this give me plenty of time to sort through everything we know about the male clones on Orphan Black.

After last week’s cliffhanger in which Mark offered to tie up the “loose end” named Sarah, we were right to assume that he would probably not kill off the show’s lead. I kinda thought something was up, but I thought it was still related to the fact that they’re glitching, and dying, and having their brains cut open, and also mercy killing each other.

But in the end, it’s the Castors’ release of frustration that will ultimately cause the biggest problems for all the women they come in contact with: Helena, the girl caught up in the unfortunate three-way, even Gracie’s long-delayed consummation of her marriage to Mark will have to end in some crazy blood-shot eyes and what I fear will be much worse symptoms to come. Even if Helena does actually leave Sarah to rot in the desert, I think there’s a possibility that she’ll take what she knows back to Felix in an attempt to save her.

S and Fe, which gives Felix ample room to crack some truly funny lines. “You, Baby Jesus, come up the stairs with me.” Now, I’ve always been confused by the Proletheans. It was only later when Major Hot Paul swung by and admitted that Sarah hadn’t, in fact, sold Helena out that Helena agreed to include Sarah in her jailbreak plan (Helena always has a jailbreak plan.) So, in the episode’s biggest highlight, we saw the sisters put their prison break scheme into play (it involved tweezers on a string and two dozen pats of butter) only to then have Helena change her mind and leave Sarah behind after all. I want ALL the sisters to be free (free from everything, including everything related to being a clone) but if there’s one I want to see find a little bit of happiness more than the others, it’s Helena.

The contradiction between the religious fanaticism and cloning is still there, and we’re still not sure about why Henrik Johanssen was working with Duncan in the first place, but the reason they needed the clones is clear: there aren’t enough Proletheans left to keep the group going. The episode’s most chilling revelation began with a heartwarming scenario: Gracie, having been rejected by her mother and cult, showed up at Detective Art’s door needing shelter. He, of course, immediately dropped Gracie off with S. and Felix, where she ended up discovering some of life’s forbidden pleasures, like Mai-Tais (well, gin and juice with tiny umbrellas) and fishnet stalkings. To me it fit her character that she doesn’t forgive so easily and left Sarah in the cell after she helped her escape. “Now we are even, sestra.” If only she would have listened to Paul and stayed away.

That mother-hen complex was too strong to resist and now she’s stuck in a cell where she’s a guinea pig to a project that’s even more complicated then we originally thought. She has lived her entire life shut away from the world, under the strictest of rules and beliefs, so seeing her challenge those beliefs and let loose a little seems like just the right direction for such an impressionable character.

They’re also given evaluations from time to time, and asked a series of questions which they have to answer, while their monitor watches their pupils. That, plus their occasional insanity were enough for us to conclude that the boys’ genes are definitely garbage and their “mother” was going to just have to work harder to find out how to cure them. Cody clearly did though, as she compelled her mutated children to record any sexual tryst in a little journal, yet wasn’t too concerned they were infecting others especially since she sent Rudy out on a two-day bender—the effects I’m sure will be gruesome.

Shay at first appeared anathema to Cosima’s vibe — expensive clothes, conditioned hair — but they immediately hit it off at the gay bar before heading back to Cosima’s place. While I’m sure Shay’s line of questioning about Cosima’s former relationship with Delphine is probably heading somewhere nefarious, in this episode it mostly functioned as a much-needed check-in as to where Cosima’s head is at. I’m not sure we’re quite to believe Cosima when she claims that she was mostly into Delphine for her hair, but it’s clear there’s still a longing there. They brought her in to Camp Castor, and of all the bad places Sarah’s landed since the night she saw Beth Childs jump in front of that train, this has to be the worst. Seriously, Orphan Black is very casual and unshowy about it, but it has some of the most killer punchlines and throwaway lines of any drama on television.

The simple sight of Felix teaching Gracie to dance is completely in keeping with these characters while also reminding us how well-rounded and capable of joy they are. It turned out that every woman the clones were with now had some kind of red eyed sex disease and Gracie has it too thanks to her time married to Mark. With all this, the series main arc grew to epic proportions as an advanced web of disease and manipulation has spread out beyond our four clone sisters to encompass the world. She shimmies through the little window, takes out the camera, and lurks about, waiting for the guard, who is surely coming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Helena slams him into a wall, gruesomely jamming a hook through his head and quite killing him. Cosima’s life revolves around data, but the brainy clone is also making time for dating, prodded by Felix, who sets her up on an online dating site.

She meets Shay (Ksenia Solo from “Lost Girl”), an attractive, intelligent holistic therapist. “You’re way more than I expected,” Cosima says. Maybe it’ll tie back into the main story at some point — John Fawcett and Graeme Manson have proven to have a great talent of spinning this story out, deepening that rabbit hole, and bringing it back (see the season two finale for proof of that).

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