Heeeeere’s Johnny (Mac)

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All pawn and no play makes John a big threat. As if anyone actually noticed..

Welcome back to another installment of Popular Clique-House Camera-Show! It’s 90s week in the Big Brother 17 house, and while Shelli and Liz were no doubt in sync with their initial nominations, Audrey spewed more of her garbage, causing Shelli to have faith no more in her.Tonight on CBS airs with an all new Thursday July 19, season 17 episode 12 called “Nominations & Battle Of The Block”, we’ve got your recap down below! There are a lot of reasons why this has been the case, including wanting to keep someone who is a major target in the house so other houseguests don’t go home. You don’t want to show your hand too early and make it look like you’re in control of the house or manipulating others because that is a surefire way to go home.

Steve’s an interesting player this season because not only is he super smart with a great memory but he has chosen to remain on the down-low, saving his moves for a time in the game where it counts. The house’s targeting of Audrey began as early as Week 2 when it was clear that she was manipulating both Da’Vonne and Clay during their big blow-up as well as lying to houseguests like Jason. Unfortunately, Austin doesn’t seem to know this and is playing the game a little too hard right now as Audrey has done in the past, and look where that has gotten her.

That’s all fine and good, but he shouldn’t expect to glide through much longer – because he could be sent home before he has the chance to make any game-changing moves. It’s because of predictability, you see, and since we’re in the third straight week of Shelli Power (whether de jure or de facto), we know what to expect when the popular clique cuddles above the rest.

He got into a ton of trouble with Vanessa when he clearly threw the Power of Veto competition when he thought letting Johnny have it and Jeff being put up on the block might be better for his game. Audrey is not a great player; she puts her foot in her mouth far too often, and doesn’t know the meaning of “lay low.” However, she is reasonably on your side for now, whereas Jason is not and also is a part of another alliance with James and Meg. So why, then, is good ol’ Steve wanting to save Audrey from Vanessa and Co.’s recent (perhaps I should say recurring) plan to backdoor the Wild Child? As Audrey and Jason are discussing the results of the HOH comp, Jason mentions the twins, marking the first occasion Audrey had ever heard about the twist. Jason was originally intended as Shelli’s target for the week partly because Audrey had been feeding her and her alliance members information about how untrustworthy he was being and how detrimental he would be to their games.

Apparently, he doesn’t want to “save” Audrey for any other reason than to keep her around for another week so HE can be the one to evict her under his HoH rule. However, Shelli has been avoiding biting that bullet for a while now and she still may not want Audrey’s blood on her hands (metaphorically speaking, of course). Austin seriously put his game in jeopardy with that move, so I would’ve thought that he wouldn’t be so quick to make sly and bold moves like this so soon after. Tonight’s cringe-worthy moments included Shelli getting an HoH letter from her dog (ugh), her referring to Clay using the word “poopy” (dougle ugh), and Austin still trying to make Judas happen.

To the first two points, Shelli Frankenstein and her abs monster Clay decide their best, predictable option is to once again recruit townsperson John to play the pawn and throw the competition. It seems like a sick joke, but no, it’s not—the cheerleader and the jock think they’re She’s All That-ing John, but they don’t know what’s really going on in his diary room. Clay’s third proposal to John is only as outrageous as the idea that they have no clue what kind of player they think they’re using week after week. Around 6:30 AM on the LIVE Feeds, Steve was seen circulating the yard talking to himself about potential plans to shift this week’s attention onto another player, namely Meg.

If the other houseguests want to have a chance of winning this competition, it is in their best interest to get her out of the game the first chance they get. He thinks he can manipulate Vanessa, the current PoV winner, to help get Meg up and Audrey’s name off the danger court – but I don’t really see that happening, seeing as how Vanessa feels as if she’s been fully betrayed by Audrey.

Liz makes good with Jackie and promises, no, totally promises, yes, definitely promises, absolutely promises, that Jackie is not her target—and then decides that because Jackie had the audacity to ask, she now actually is one. Jason (who knows that John has been throwing BoB competitions) pretends to make nice with Shelli, and they decide that Audrey is the real threat—a truth Jason has always known and Shelli only decides to know when it’s convenient for her. Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to keep checking CDL for all your Big Brother spoilers, gossip, news, and updates! 12:21 PST — Audrey is up and runs into Austin in the kitchen. Reformed Audrey decides to run her mouth again, much like how you finish a big burrito and groan “I’m never eating again” and find yourself at Chipotle 16 hours later. Be sure to check back after every Big Brother episode for recaps right here on Inside Pulse, and be sure to check out our daily live feed recaps every morning.

They both realize that what happens in this house is like something that happens in a different world – you don’t know how it will be once you leave the secluded BB Universe. Shelli is happy to see pics of her dog and John says Liz HOH photo and he notices the family photos don’t show the tooth that he’s certain is a crown. That leaves Liz dethroned and Shelli Silverstone still in charge, eager to ponder whether Audrey is a bigger target than Jason … although we all know that lovely John is the biggest threat of all.

They’re Steve, John, and Jackie—three innocuous people, and certainly nothing worth worrying about after this week—but the fourth is Liz, whose independent vote against the alliance’s plan is the kind of low-key secret that could stay quiet all season long until it explodes in a flash of husky-voiced fireworks with a crown #9. She asks if he knows what Liz plans to do and he says the Jeff thing caught everyone off guard and says she may be used as a pawn but wouldn’t be a target. Shelli and Jackie talk about playing quieter games and Shelli says as far as she’s concerned she’s safe but Jackie says she thinks Liz is gunning for her.

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