Grey’s Anatomy: What stands in the way of April and Jackson’s reconciliation?

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Grey’s Anatomy: What stands in the way of April and Jackson’s reconciliation?.

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy has always put its spotlight on strong and driven women but in its 12th season, the Shonda Rhimes medical drama has subtly embraced female empowerment like never before. Now that April (Sarah Drew) has returned from the Middle East, she will do everything in her power to reunite with her husband Jackson (Jesse Williams) — but there’s a very big obstacle standing in their way during Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. During last week’s season premiere, Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) finally achieved a career goal that’s been 12 years in the making: becoming the hospital’s first-ever female chief of surgery. Still, April is hopeful for a reconciliation with Jackson, who gave her an ultimatum in the season finale that if she returned to the Army, he would not be there for her when she got back. “She will stop at nothing,” Drew says. “She is tenacious to a fault and persistent. April Kepner just returned from overseas humanitarian work to attend to her crumbling marriage when it is discovered she might be harboring a deadly disease, and that’s just for starters.

After being intimidated by her competition — also a woman (played by Joey Lauren Adams) — Bailey went forward with her presentation to the board and did it from the operating room during a surgery. “Bailey was always senior this and chief of the residents and her ascension was a long time coming,” Wilson, who has been with the series since its inception, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “People have been watching Bailey since the beginning to try to hit that goal — she’s talked about it a few times — and it’s cool to see somebody hit the mark that they’ve been pursuing for a long time. That means a lot, especially to young girls.” Bailey’s promotion caps a run on Grey’s that has seen several women quietly become heads of their departments at the show’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She joins Callie (Sara Ramirez) as head of orthopedics; Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) as head of pediatrics; Maggie (Kelly McCreary) as head of cardiology; and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), who heads neurology. “What we try to emphasize on our show is that people get to where they need to be because they deserve to be there,” Wilson says. “Shonda talks a lot about people saying, ‘How are you balancing home and being a busy woman in Shondaland’; they don’t ask that question of men. It’s going to be a really, really long process to try and get back into his good graces, but she’s fighting.” “I truly believe that they both still desperately love one another, that love is still very much alive,” Drew continues. “If only she could’ve not made the choice that she made, if only he could un-remember that choice that she made, if only he could forgive it.

Cristina Yang would be back in the picture and return to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. “If I could be Shonda for a day, I’d bring Cristina back for a few episodes and see what that did to the relationships — and especially Owen,” McKidd answered, adding, “I would also introduce a long-running villainous character to the show.” The International Business Times is reporting that the doctors are suspicious that April Kepner has contracted MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) while out of the country. You look at Thursday night and that’s about a lot of women who are in charge,” Beers says with a nod to Scandal’s Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Murder’s Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), among others. “There was no discussion about it; no hours of people sitting around pondering, ‘Can I really have it all?!’ ” Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie) says. “No, this is just part of your life. You were in the Middle East!” Bailey rebuttals. “This is my first day running this place,” Bailey says. “There will be no epidemics today!” But there will be relationship drama. You run shit, this is what you do.” Adds new Grey’s recurring actor Joe Adler (Isaac): “Shonda incorporates all these different relationships — whether there are age gaps, sexual orientations, etc. — and she allows it to be so fluid that it doesn’t feel forced; it feels real — because that’s what life is.

I’m glad she’s making that part of everyday life and not making a thing of it.” That Grey Sloan is overseen by so many women will come up during Thursday’s episode when Bailey takes on her first day as chief. “Callie points it out and names it Lady Place,” Ramirez tells THR. “There’s some really humorous commentary made on that suggestion but the point is celebrating that most of the heads of departments are female and that’s very exciting. It’s pretty nuts.” Drew, who had a baby last season, also praised Shondaland for its approach to celebrating women off-screen as well. “You tell them you’re pregnant, they throw you a party. The Christian Post states that there will also be an adjustment period between Bailey and the other doctors, who have come to think of her as their equal, rather than her superior. Now that “old Bailey” is back, with the reputation (they called her “the Nazi”), there are several people who are put off by her bullying demeanor. Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and don’t forget to tune in to “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday nights at 8 p.m EDT on ABC.

Heading into season 12, Grey’s also bumped up frequent director Debbie Allen — who also recurs as Catherine Avery, the head of the influential Harper Avery Foundation — to executive producer as the series bolsters its creative team behind the scenes. Co-star Camilla Luddington (Jo) says Allen’s addition has helped energize the veteran series. “We all had a dinner together and she really rallied us this season to make it fresh,” she says. “She’s inspiring when she’s with us — and we need someone like that.” “There’s always a balance,” Capshaw says. “It’s like I teach my son when he’s playing a game and wins: You celebrate it; you feel it; you let it have its full effect on you — and then you move on.” Adds Scorsone: “We’re having more and more surgeons who are women now and more and more CEOs who are women.

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