‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Recruits ‘Fatherly’ Therapist [SPOILERS] Amidst …

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ postmortem: Kevin McKidd on Owen’s beef with Riggs.

During the midseason finale of Grey’s Anatomy, viewers finally discovered part of the reason why Owen (Kevin McKidd) so desperately hates new doctor Riggs (Martin Henderson) — though it only left us with more questions.

It wasn’t quite the mother of all reveals, but ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy added another sibling twist to one of its veteran charcters during Thursday’s season 12 midseason finale.Owen Hunt’s mysterious grudge against Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s newest doctor has finally been revealed—and it just might be everyone’s unraveling. When Owen’s mother (Debra Mooney) makes a return appearance at the hospital — as teased in last week’s Spoiler Room — after her firefighter boyfriend is injured, she curiously and tearfully embraces Riggs. It wouldn’t be a Grey’s Anatomy winter finale without some disaster befalling Seattle, so when a raging fire brought wounded first-responders to the hospital, Hunt’s mom’s younger boyfriend (remember him?) was among them. Up from last week’s episode (2.2, 8.018 million), “Grey’s” was the night’s #1 drama in both columns. “Scandal,” which was the #2 drama in both columns, followed with a 2.4 and 8.061 million total viewers.

In the process, Owen continues to find blind support from his friends — including Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) — as Riggs continues to lose favor among his new colleagues. Owen has had it out for Riggs since the latter first arrived — with a patient to visit April (Sarah Drew) — and has accused Bailey (Chandra Wilson) of putting the hospital at risk by hiring a total stranger and failing to do a thorough background check. What’s more, Meredith’s refusal to tell Amelia what’s going on with her boyfriend sends the alcoholic to the bar with Riggs where she breaks her sobriety after Meredith kicks her out of her house. Part of that mystery will be revealed during Thursday’s midseason finale, when yet another person from Owen’s past returns to the Seattle hospital, adding fuel to Owen’s fire. (Previews have shown Owen again losing his cool and punching Riggs in the face.) THR turned to McKidd to get the scoop on what to expect from the episode. The way they write, we don’t get the scripts until we shoot them, so as much as I nag them to know all of my backstory, they don’t reveal any of that.

Not only is it a bummer to see these two ripped apart after how much fun it’s been watching them get along this season, but it’s especially disheartening to see it send Amy straight to a bar, ordering a vodka tonic. It hasn’t focused too much on the details, all we know is there was something in our past — some collective shared event — involving Owen’s sister that was tragic for the both of them. Riggs and Owen later meet in the hallway, where Owen clocks him in the face after saying, “It is not your family; it is mine.” Meanwhile, Meredith is doing some investigating of her own to find out the story behind their troubled relationship by chatting up Owen’s mom. It took me a minute to catch up and then I realized it’s a good opportunity to play what happens to someone when they can’t talk about a big part of their life.

– The ongoing saga of Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) saw her blowing up over how he continually puts Mer first, just before he could propose to her. Because he’s familiar with Owen’s mom — and even calls her “ma” — is it safe to assume he had some kind of romantic relationship with Owen’s sister? It’s been very female-centric for a long time — as it should be — but it’s nice to see two men really clash in a bit of life-and-death heated kind of way.

My first instinct was to blame Riggs for this, mostly because everyone else seems to be blaming Riggs for everything on this show, but he had no way of knowing — and he asked her if she wanted a drink before he ordered one, leaving the decision completely up to her. That’s not to say she’s weak — addiction is a real disease, and Amelia is really affected by it — but it is to say that she needs to get help, ASAP. And that’s when she drops the bomb that turned the winter finale into a proper winter finale: “You never told me you had a sister,” she says to him, matter-of-factly. They’re very connected and he has shared a lot with her — and she has shared a lot with him — but this thing is so unusual and so dark for Owen that he can’t tell anybody about right now.

There’s not a lot of love lost there, and that frustrates Riggs because he has a different perspective on the events and feels that he’s been unjustly tarred. That’s what he wants to focus on, but that kind of rumor mill, speculation and picking sides tends to alienate him from some of the characters that choose to buy into it. Jo accurately tells Karev that he “sucks at proposing” before explaining to him that he doesn’t listen to her, that this isn’t going to make everything better. Alex has been through a ton, and his character is definitely one I want to see happy, but I just don’t buy that Jo what will make that happen for him. Even Izzie made more sense, and maybe that’s because their relationship was relatively fraught, a quality that made their good moments all the more exceptional.

I pitched to the writers why don’t we make it that Riggs was somehow responsible for the episode we saw of Owen in Iraq and Riggs’ roguish, maverick practices put Owen and his men in danger and that’s why his best friend died in front of him. As episodes go on, you see him be a sounding board to her and someone she turns to to talk about what’s going on in the marriage and its possible demise. Although, she’s also still hearing the rumors and Owen’s take on what happened, so she’s still going to be coloring her opinion of Riggs until more events come to light.

Arizona meets a cute patient (played by Awkward’s always delightful Nikki DeLoach) and decides to ask her out, a decision she runs by Webber — who is not in the mood to help: “I’m not going to wingman a patient for you!” She tries to ask her out anyway but is interrupted by the patient’s girlfriend. Penny barely shows up in this episode because Grey’s Anatomy apparently wanted to leave its audience with a gift before going off the air for a few weeks. He knows he’s very good at his job, so there’s a very relaxed, quite Maverick way of going about things given his experience in the Middle East and doing things in a more orthodox way.

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