Grey’s Anatomy postmortem: Kevin McKidd on Owen’s beef with Riggs

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Is Martin Henderson the New McDoctor? (Exclusive Video).

Compared to previous episodes this season, “Something Against You” wasn’t quite as dramatic: There was some more Penny and Meredith drama (surprise!), some Jackson and April drama (surprise!), and some Owen and Nathan drama (less of a surprise!).After bringing in the woman who killed Derek Shepherd, the powers that be at Grey’s Anatomy have added Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) to the hospital payroll — and Owen (Kevin McKidd) is not happy about it.Camilla Luddington, who plays the Grey-Sloan Memorial surgical resident, tells PEOPLE there’s something crucial “completely missing” in Jo’s relationship with Dr.

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) – and the fact that he shares such an intense connection with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) could be a problem for her character’s future happiness. “I’m not sure Alex does a good job of being there for his friend but also letting his girlfriend know that he’s there for her too,” says Luddington, 31. “I think that at the dinner party, for example, we saw that he had that intuition that something was wrong with Meredith, but it seems to be completely missing for Jo, which I’m not sure what that says,” she continues. “At some point, maybe if they are to move forward and be serious and get married and have kids, that should be addressed.” Luddington teases that, on Thursday’s episode, “There’s still a lot of tension there. She was just trying to be a good girlfriend — and an advocate for Penny, who could definitely use as many advocates as possible at this point — but Penny blew up at her. It was kind of amusing, actually: Penny momentarily turned into a teenage girl, yelling, “You’re embarrassing me!” to Callie right in front of Meredith.

They’re both hurt for different reasons,” she says. “And it’s hard because I absolutely love that friendship between them,” admits Luddington. “I’ve been rooting for them to figure it out and solve it, but I think they’re both stubborn right now.” • Want all your Shondaland needs handled? I’m on board with anything that helps us see Meredith’s character develop, and that was my initial reaction in terms of Penny’s character showing up in the first place.

While a calm and cool Bailey offers to talk it out with Owen, he instead turns to Riggs — who admits that the duo “go back a bit” — and says, “What’s done is done, right?” Henderson joined Grey’s in June as a series regular. It really might have been more useful, and more realistic, to have Penny be on someone else’s service rather than see her be forced to work with Meredith twice in a row. Fortunately, Luddington has had another outlet to release any Grey’s-based frustration as she returned to the role of iconic buttkicker Lara Croft in the Rise of the Tomb Raider videogame.

Wilson and Edwards get to work researching surgeries that may work, but it comes down to an inspirational spark from Penny that kicks off a chain of events. Luddington, who follows in the foosteps of big-screen Lara Angelina Jolie, had the chance to get physical while working on the sequel – she not only voiced the role but also participated in intense motion-capture filming. It all starts when the ladies tell Alex about how they’re treated differently because they’re women, and Maggie adds that she’s treated differently because she’s black. Amelia has a naive “No waaaay” reaction to it, foreshadowing later in the episode when she sides with Wilson over Edwards and, as a result, makes Edwards feel like this decision was based off her race. It seemed like she was going to say “say sorry,” but nope. “Check your white privilege.” It’s admirable for Grey’s to address discrimination, but this whole conversation was too stilted to come off naturally or to be as effective as it wanted to be.

Agreeing to reconvene the next night for an actual discussion, let’s assume they wait a bit too long to start up a conversation and got lost on their way to the kitchen. This angers Callie and leads to a confrontation between the two surgeons. “Why are you doing this?” Callie asks Mer, wanting to know why she’s not letting Penny scrub in during the skull transplant. “What … you just want her to sit there and think about what happened to Derek?” But Callie’s comment doesn’t sit well with Penny. While these conversations were happening, Owen was having a PTSD flare-up seemingly inspired by Nathan’s presence at the hospital because, oh, by the way, he now works there because Bailey hired him without telling anyone. As Callie’s leaves, Penny musters up the courage to confront her boss for the first time. “I don’t need her to fight for me but Callie’s right … I’m here to learn.

So, if you can’t do what you’re here to do, then please … let me go.” And it looks like Penny’s confidence paid off because the next thing viewers know, Mer is calling Penny over to watch the kidney transplant up close and personal — something that bothers Jo considering Mr. Anything that can ignite Owen’s PTSD is not OK in our book!) But instead of unveiling to Amelia or Meredith what his beef with the beefy new surgeon is, he just tells Meredith that he “hates” Riggs. Bailey lets Ben (Jason George) know that he can kiss having sex goodbye until he gets Jackson (Jesse Williams) off their couch. (Jackson has been staying there since he separated from his wife). But Ben has a hard time trying to kick out his friend — especially because Jackson is in the middle of a divorce, or at least, that’s what we thought!

When trivia night at the local lesbian watering hole presents the perfect opportunity to throw her hat back in the game, she cannot seem to find a wingman or wingwoman. But this leaves us wondering why Owen can’t open up emotionally with Amelia. (Owen refuses to tell Amelia his issues with Riggs in episode 7.) Amelia apologizes to Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) for believing Jo rather than trusting her (regarding Edward’s past medical condition). Webber accidentally becomes Arizona’s wingman at trivia night, where he proves that he could actually be a pretty good matchmaker: She reveals why she’s there, and he responds by asking her what kind of girls she’s into.

When Meredith goes to ask Owen what’s going on, she tells him, “I made a promise to Cristina that you wouldn’t go dark and twisty, that I’d be your person if you needed one.” My heart still flutters each time Cristina’s name comes up as if she’s magically going to appear as soon as it’s said (spoiler: She doesn’t). Me and Caterina keep saying, “Wow, we’ve been dating for like three years now, and all we do is hold hands.” [Laughs] They’re the slowest going couple ever.

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