Golden Globes 2016 — The Full Nominations List!

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DiCaprio’s dry spell may be in part the result of the choices he’s made. The actor has had an anomalous career in modern Hollywood, eschewing the kind of painstaking Method work that often wins Oscars (.

Awards nominations are a regular occurrence for Leonardo DiCaprio, who turns up on prestigious seasonal film lists as often as a hunter returns to the woods. Todd Haynes has always had uncommon sensitivity toward women, right back to his celebrated short film Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, made in 1988 near the start of his filmmaking career.The Golden Globe nominations have been announced and Carol, a lesbian romance set in 1950s New York and starring Cate Blanchett, topped the pool which also included The Revenant and The Big Short on Thursday, as Hollywood’s awards season revs into high gear ahead of the all-important Oscars. On Thursday, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. honored DiCaprio with a Golden Globe actor — drama nomination for his role as a wounded fur trapper in “The Revenant,” set and shot largely in the forbidding cold of western Canada. It was 5.30am in Los Angeles when the names were revealed, so the star was tucked up in bed with wife Jada, but luckily she was more on the ball and was quick to tell him the good news. “My wife slapped me out of my sleep to wake me up and tell me,” he laughed to the New York Times. “She was just so ecstatic.

The film — starring Blanchett as a housewife who falls for a store clerk played by Rooney Mara — earned five nominations, including for best motion picture drama and for its two star actresses. It is the 15th time DiCaprio has been nominated for an acting Globe or Oscar. “Any time you’re recognized it feels good, but especially for a film like this, which has been a different experience,” DiCaprio said in an interview shortly after the nomination. “I’ve made no qualms about saying that making this movie is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure.” That may not be the only reason this go-’round is different.

While it was a crowded year in the drama category (which might explain why The Martian was shoehorned into the “Musical or Comedy” field), there were several notable missing titles in the film category: Straight Outta Compton – Universal’s biopic of N.W.A. was a critical success that resonated with audiences, but didn’t strike a chord with the HFPA. The 41-year-old has been riding an Academy Award cold streak dating back more than two decades; his first nomination, for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?,” came in 1994. It’s his best film to date and arguably his most thoughtful exploration of female sensibilities — although he seeks to invite both genders to his work. To top it off, DiCaprio is associated with one of the famous Oscar snubs of all time — his turn as Jack Dawson in “Titanic” was left off the actor shortlist in 1998.

As he traverses the long awards circuit leading to the Feb. 28 Oscars, where Carol also is expected to be a major contender, Haynes took time out to talk to the Star about navigating the awards circuit, how he sees the film in the context of older classics, and how and his team managed to make it look so beautiful. Haynes, 54, was speaking from a very rainy Portland, Oregon: This film feels like a classical Hollywood narrative, yet given its subject matter, the common notion of the “male gaze” — of female stories told with a male audience in mind — seems inapplicable here.

Brooklyn – This period piece, which looks at the struggles of immigrants, is on many critics’ “Best of 2015” list, but it failed to turn the HFPA’s head. The list of nominees in the ‘Best Actress In A Motion Picture, Comedy’ category shows the deep affinity to the non-traditional heroine that the American audience, critics and awards jury have developed over the years. Iñárritu film, DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, a man on the early 19th century American frontier who after a bear attack is left for dead and must find his way to his camp, where he also has unfinished mortal business with a brash fellow trapper named Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). And in classic Hollywood movies, the gaze of desire is almost always traditionally depicted by the male gaze of the woman, and so the fact that it’s two women now doesn’t necessarily change the gaze because I think the desire is still driving it. What’s interesting in the case of Carol is that it’s the older woman who is really the object of desire, and in the traditional classic movies, it’s the male protagonist who usually holds the power in the world and maybe the female holds the power of his desires and allure and sexual attraction, but he really holds all the keys and power and also sort of driving the narrative forward.

For best actor in a drama, the nominees are Cranston, Redmayne, Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant, Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs and Will Smith for Concussion, a story about a pathologist who diagnosed degenerative brain disease in American football players. However, he doesn’t dwell on race issues. “I generally try not to focus on racism or prejudice in terms of artistry in that way,” he explained. “Because I feel like your thoughts are magnetic.

Back in Cannes in May, where Carol had its world premiere, the Palme d’Or awards jury threw everybody for a loop by giving Rooney Mara its Best Actress prize, despite Cate Blanchett’s role being so prominent. The trend that has been borne out numerous times in recent years, with winners such as Jean Dujardin in “The Artist,” Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech” and Eddie Redmayne in “The Theory of Everything.” Glass is (after Dujardin’s turn) the ultimate silent role. “I tried to take as much dialogue out and strip it down to the basics,” DiCaprio said. “For me, the challenge of the movie was, ‘How do you connect to the audience and bring them on a journey with very little words?’ ” Voters also tend to take in an entertainer’s entire resume, especially when they’ve been around a long time without winning a statuette. A film replete with epic stunts about apocalyptic devastation Mad Max : Fury Road competes for the Golden Globe for best picture with a film that unfolds within one room (Room) It’s the spaces in the human heart that determine cinematic excellence at the Golden Globe awards this year. But really, the awards thing was kind of an afterthought, and I’ve been on juries and I know juries have complicated and specific and political and kind of oppositional reasons for giving prizes. But all that is to say that I think Rooney’s performance in Carol is the glue for the film, and it’s a complete victory of understatement and subtlety and nuance and it just followed through in reminding me of that place I’ve been myself in life.

It’s never been a simple discussion, and marketing interests and ideas are the leading, driving factor in those kinds of discussions and I have to yield to that to some degree, because The Weinstein Company knows what they’re doing. Al Pacino won an Oscar in 1993 for “Scent of a Woman” after 20 years of nominations and frustrations — about the same length as DiCaprio’s losing streak.

You can make the argument they both are leads in the movie but I also think none of us ever want to put anybody in a position where you have to compare one performance to another because they both are so strong and distinct, and the two characters are so different. Similarly, none of the cast of Spotlight, a Best Drama nominee in film that starred Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, and John Slattery, was nominated.

And while he pops up in the tabloids due to his high-profile dating exploits and is known for his environmental activism), DiCaprio doesn’t actively seeks the limelight, makes occasional but not entirely persuasive stops on the late-night circuit and doesn’t serve as Hollywood’s unofficial diplomat — in contrast to, say, someone like George Clooney, who, coincidentally or not, has two Academy Award statuettes on his mantel. Whenever you are lucky enough to see a print of an old movie in a theatre, even DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) of old films, especially if they’re done well, you will see grain.

There was something lived-in about the reference visual images that we were finding from the time that you don’t really think of when you think of the ’50s in parentheses. And Eisenhower hadn’t yet taken office and the highway plan had not begun the cleaning-up of America, the suburbanization of America hadn’t taken place.

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