Going S’mores Crazy With New S’mores Oreos and S’mores Frappuccino

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New S’mores Oreos Are Officially Coming to a Store Near You.

“The Boy Scouts are ‘always prepared,’ but what if you can’t find a campfire?” asked one camper. “These s’mores Oreos are, indeed, the next best thing — better still after six seconds in a microwave.” “This is as much an affront to my cherished childhood camp memories as if they would’ve invented a time machine, gone back and extinguished the campfire before the marshmallows were fully cooked,” groused another staffer. The limited-edition S’mores flavor — we like to call them S’moreos — will hit shelves nationwide starting May 22, a spokesperson for the company tells PEOPLE, while supplies last.

Earlier this year, the company celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special limited-edition Red Velvet flavor, which was the first new flavor introduced by the brand since 2004. The cookies won’t hit stores until May 22, so put that on your calendar, but we had some at the USA TODAY Sports office and I am For The Win’s official Oreo taste tester. Oreo’s Limited-Edition S’mores Cookie will be available starting this Friday, May 22, at stores nationwide; the flavor will be available for standard packages only, not individual serving size packs. And since we live in the city, I’m shopping all the time, because who has space for those container ports of Country Crock the folks in the suburbs stock up on?

Time is reporting not only the news of the cookie’s forthcoming arrival, but also the consensus among their staff that the S’mores Oreo is indeed good. As of now there is no word on how long they will be on store shelves, but since their release coincides with Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start of summer) odds are they will be around at least through June. The same account also posted images of the new Red Velvet Oreos before their official release as well as images of recently-announced S’mores Oreos.

But if I’m tingling every time I wander down the cereal aisle hoping that Kellogg’s just might have scored another home run like Kraves (basically, wafer cookie meets molten chocolate cake meets “breakfast”), I can’t help wondering who’s yanking our collective chain when it comes to the items on sale. The new flavor, created with chocolate-marshmallow creme filling sandwiched between graham cracker cookies, was deemed “quite successful” by some staffers at Time. The actual cookies will remind you of eating Teddy Grahams, and if you eat the whole thing in one bite, it might remind you of S’mores Ritz Bitz Sandwiches from the early 2000s. I realize this is the dictionary definition of First World problem, but when the sign in the supermarket window screams, “Oreos, $2.99!” I expect to find Oreos for $2.99.

The cookie’s flavor is a bit more vague — it’s kind of like a normal vanilla cookie with just a hint of graham cracker, sort of like a Teddy Graham. And by “Oreos” I mean the most popular cookie in America, consisting of two chocolate cookies separated yet also bound together (talk about your existential metaphor!) by “cream.” Oh, there are piles and piles of Oreo options, all right: Double Stuf, Mint, Fudge Coated.

There are “Heads or Tails Oreos” which have a vanilla cookie on one side and a chocolate one on the other. (I tried to describe these to a friend as “black and white Oreos” to which she replied, “Aren’t all Oreos black and white?”) Actually, missy, they aren’t. In celebration of this milestone (and just in case you’re as smitten with Oreos as we are), we’ve got the perfect wine pairings (both of which are around $20) so you can enjoy a romantic night in — just you and the new s’mOreos. And then there’s always the nearly pristine stash of “Birthday Cake Oreos” — Oreos with sprinkles embedded in the cream, sought after by the same demographic that demands M&Ms in its brownies.

If you’re looking for a red wine that pairs with chocolate, our resident wine expert suggests going for a Spanish tempranillo, which is rich and velvety with smoky notes of toasted oak. My frustration on finding a sea of Oreos and not one sleeve of the Platonic Oreo ideal is matched only by my fury at the Friendly’s ice cream selection at sale time. Drawn in by that same promise of a $2.99 treat (never $3, of course), I make my way to the freezer case and scorn all the other ice creams that are not on sale that week.

There’s Ben & Jerry (& Unilver)’s, the megalithic corporation that pretends to dream up its flavors lying on its back in the haze of a Grateful Dead concert. Vanilla on its own, unflanked by strawberry and chocolate flunkies so short on self-esteem they are excited to be purchased, even though they’re riding vanilla’s coat tails?

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