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Ghostwriting Is As Old As Hip-Hop

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I am not Drake’s ghostwriter, says alleged Drake ghostwriter.

Meek Mill recently said Drake doesn’t “write his own raps,” causing Lupe Fiasco to write a note on Instagram about how some of the best raps are by ghostwriters — but Quentin Miller, who’s written with Drake before, wrote his own note Thursday clarifying that he is “not and never will be a ‘ghostwriter’ for Drake.” “I’m proud to say we’ve collaborated,” he wrote in a post on his Tumblr. “But I could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together.” Mill listed Miller’s name in a single tweet as part of his series of tweets about Drake, but Miller maintains that his relationship with Drake is collaborative. “I remember him Showing me the thank you notes in NY before the album dropped,” Miller wrote. “Showing me the QM, telling me they put me on the credits (Ghostwriter???) … He attached my name to something that touched the world.”

Then we might have a problem.” He went on to talk about how difficult rap is and how commercialization has affected the genre. “It redefined rap as just being a beat driven hook with some words in between and an entire generation has surrendered to chasing the format instead of chasing the art form,” he wrote. Everyone seems to be finding their chill as we roll into the weekend, but we’re not finished with Drizzygate just yet: Quentin Miller, the rapper Meek named as the true lyrical force behind Drake’s raps, has taken to Tumblr to dispute that claim. He says that Drake plucked him from a job at a bakery to work on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, his celebrated February mixtape. (Miller ended up being credited on five of the tape’s tracks.) Miller also details watching Drake write and record the album.

It is nothing to go crazy over or be offended about unless you are someone who postures him or herself on the importance of authenticity and tries to portray that quality to your fans or the public at large. Minaj was concerned about how the media normalizes and rewards certain types of beauty above others; Meek Mill was focused on preserving truthfulness in a genre that’s long prized it. As the smoke cleared, it became evident that hip-hop’s most prominent new couple are also the new ethics police, animated by principle and standing firm and tall. On Tuesday, after not receiving an MTV Video Music Award nomination for video of the year (though she did receive other nods), she underscored what she believed was a persistent bias in the kind of videos that receive attention: “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year,” she wrote on Twitter. Sales, live performances, realness etc but the one thing that is the most important is the raps themselves at least in the eyes of other serious rappers.

But I know a lot of MC’s where rap is the first love and the first thing they think about when they wake up and the last thing they think about when they go to sleep. Rappers who pursue the art form with this level of intention may not become rich and famous off selling their raps to a wide audience but that has never been an accepted metric to begin with in terms of quality or level of skill. Swift was quickly given a lesson in intersectional feminism, which highlights the fact that women of different backgrounds experience oppression differently. While mastering any format should be the pursuit of any self-respecting rapper including the commercial format it must be kept clear that it is just one of many formats and that you should strive to master all of them.

I remember being in Toronto at Goodfoot years ago and it was a stack of CD’s on the counter and the guy behind the counter was like “Lupe you gotta take this CD. It’s my mans mixtape.” I didn’t really pay it any mind I took it to the car and looked it over and just kind of set it aside focused on other things. Swift on the defensive, also chimed in to point out that “Bad Blood,” which is rumored to be about tensions between the two, is itself a song that pits woman against woman.) Ms.

Swift’s gaffe underscores the limitations of public displays of affinity as compared with public (or private, for that matter) challenges to systems that exist to further privilege for those already in possession of it. (Her challenge to Apple Music’s pay system was a rare foray into controversy.) Even Ms. In a hail of tweets, he accused Drake of relying on a ghostwriter for the verse that he rapped on Meek Mill’s latest album, “Dreams Worth More Than Money.” “He ain’t even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album….. They are widely admired and commercially successful, and also loathed in some corners for what might be termed an excess of sincerity (or at minimum, the performance of such).

Swift has lately publicly embraced supermodels (Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge), other singers (Selena Gomez, Lorde), actresses (Hailee Steinfeld, Sarah Hyland) and even Kendrick Lamar. A cynical read is that these connections have been a way to shift conversation away from her relationships, which for a few years drowned out most other public discourse around her. Meek Mill, one of the last remaining mainstream rappers still loyal to the street rap of the 1990s, has barely tweaked his approach in search of wider acclaim. This comes with it.” And he has liked an Instagram video that places a magazine cover featuring Skepta (a Drake buddy) in front of one featuring Meek Mill.

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