George Clooney says wife Amal Clooney gets upset when he wears ‘the same T …

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‘Tomorrowland’ review: George Clooney and Britt Robertson dream up an old-fashioned future in very-Disney film.

In fact, the 54-year-old actor said that while she supports him in all that he does, she’s not happy about his style choices, especially when it means wearing the same shirt for days at a time.Plot: In this sci-fi fantasy, jaded inventor Frank Walker (George Clooney) joins forces with teenager Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright-eyed optimist who shares his gift for understanding gadgets.Speaking on The Graham Norton show, which will air on Friday night, Clooney said: “We’ve bought a place in a wonderful little town called Sonning.”

Despite her dismay, Clooney also said there hasn’t “really” been much improvements made on his end and has been spotted several times wearing a T-shirt for his tequila brand, Casamigo. CBS This Morning aired the second part of Charlie Rose’s chat with his Oscar-winning pal on Wednesday, which featured the esteemed interviewer trying his best to get the newlywed to share his thoughts on children. “I haven’t really,” Clooney replied. “I’ve thought about it I suppose, but I haven’t really – it hasn’t been high on my list, uh, I’ve been asked a lot lately because I’ve gotten married and I’m doing a movie with kids in it. You should see how creative the way they ask me.” “You know why I’m asking you, though,” he said without skipping a beat. “Because you have such a great dad, and you’re so close to him. With the help of a rather precocious little girl named Athena (Raffey Cassidy), the unlikely pair find their way to a secret world known as Tomorrowland, which may hold the key to humanity’s future.

That must be a powerful emotion for you.” The Tomorrowland actor was more verbose – and straightforward – when he spoke to Rose about his new wife in a segment of the interview that aired Tuesday. These are just some of the challenging questions that drive “Tomorrowland,” the futuristic fantasy film starring George Clooney and Britt Robertson that helps launch the summer movie season Friday. Best Scene: Early in the movie, a wide-eyed young Frank (Thomas Robinson) makes his first trip to Tomorrowland and finds himself in a world of wonder, complete with giant robots and jetpacks. Inspired by Walt Disney’s utopian dreams of a better future through innovation, the film has the aw-shucks, 1960s-dreams-come-true vibe one would expect of a movie that takes off from the space-age themed Tomorrowland theme park.

But directed by Brad Bird, who crafted kid-movie magic in “Iron Giant,” “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille,” and co-written by “Lost’s” Damon Lindelof, the film balances its retro-future feel with a modern vibe and knowing wink back – not to mention some time-twisting puzzles. Date Movie or Mate Movie: If your BF or GF’s little sister insists on tagging along on your date, this family-friendly flick should definitely be your pick. The movie begins a bit confusingly, with man’s voice – obviously George Clooney – arguing with a teenage girl’s voice – Britt Robertson – about whose version of the future is correct.

Summary: The earnest Tomorrowland sometimes beats you over the head with its message that we should stop envisioning a dark, dystopian future—think the worlds of The Hunger Games, Insurgent, The Maze Runner and so on—and start doing something to avert one. Flashback to the 1964 World’s Fair, when a young Walker, full of youthful dreams, traveled alone on a bus to the fair to show off his invention, a jet pack. It’s on one of these rides that young Frank, following a pretty girl who gave him a mysterious pin, is transported to the manifestation of one of Walt’s dreams, the real Tomorrowland. This determined girl doesn’t take no for an answer, though, and she soon sets off to a retro-collectible store to learn more about the pin after seeing it on eBay.

The ironic present and naive past merge in one of the film’s most entertaining scenes as she barters for info with the hipster-geek owners amongst a room full of “Planet of the Apes” memorabilia and laser guns that might, in fact, be real. This movie is light-years away from the bleak violence of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but they share a common trait: whip-smart and fearless female heroes, who never make a big deal about being women. Robertson is a revelation who effortlessly steals almost every scene from the grumpy Frank with her youthful enthusiasm, natural genius, mod can-do attitude and courage. She even manages to reawaken some of his inner dreamer as, at the urging of the ageless little girl (a quirky Raffey Cassidy), the three attempt to return to Tomorrowland to see why they were kicked out.

They also find out some very bad news about their own world, thanks to what appears to be a giant mouse roll pad that can take you into the future, one of many neat gadgets that look awesome but alas, can’t save the human race. The plot and plight of the world get very convoluted toward the end of “Tomorrowland” – it’s not ever clear what exactly is happening and how it can be stopped.

And with its simplistic good-bad dynamic, it’s definitely a kid-skewing movie, despite a lot of fighting and some scary natural disasters and ethical questions that would probably frighten or confuse kids under 8.

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