Donald Trump on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”

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Donald Trump Pokes Fun at Himself on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’.

Donald Trump’s interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Friday marked the presidential candidate’s first late night appearance since announcing his campaign back in June, but a pre-interview sketch in which Fallon dressed up as Trump’s reflection may have stolen the show.

In a way, that is: The front-running Republican presidential candidate teamed up with NBC host Jimmy Fallon for a take on the old “talking to myself in the dressing room mirror” routine.The host, doing his best Donald Trump impression and dressed as the real-estate mogul, traded quips with the real Trump in a sketch that preceded the presidential candidate’s ‘Tonight Show’ interview.Donald Trump stared through a mirror and looked back at a warped version of himself on Friday, the night of his first 2016 presidential campaign late night interview. Jimmy Fallon—in costume as Trump, complete with a hardened pile of blonde hair—asked him how he’d create jobs and how he’d get Mexico to build a wall along their United States border, and then they talked about Jenga.

I’ll call you back after I comb my hair,” Fallon said in his best Trump-speak. “Talk to you in 3 hours.” Trump seemed game for the sketch’s sendup of his famous love affair with himself, his accent, and his penchant for going heavy on promises and light on details, occasionally favoring the studio audience with a bit of side-eye. In the case of Manning, the 18-year veteran was awarded “Most Likely to Have to Explain to a Rookie What a VCR Was.” Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford, sporting a still-growing neck beard, was named “Most Likely to Wear Suspenders and Play the Jug in a Mumford and Sons Cover Band.” Other highlights included redheaded Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton announcing himself as “Most Likely to Be the Love Child of Ed Sheeran and the Firefox logo” and 36-year-old New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees winning “Most Likely to Be the Dad Dancing Way Too Hard at a Taylor Swift Concert.” Not every superlative was a “Most Likely To.” Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden, who rocks a hi-top fade haircut, is simply referred to “Black Dilbert,” a nod to the hero of the comic strip, while New England Patriots tight end and noted Deez Nuts supporter Rob Gronkowski is given the title “Human Minion” for the almost perfectly oval shape of his head. Like their real interview, the sketch combined goofy camaraderie (and Fallon’s love for Trump’s pronunciation of “huuuuuuge”) with legitimate policy issues – or at least, it tried to.

So Fallon said he’d challenge Mexico to a game of Jenga and when they finally put the last log into the tower to set up the game, he’d say, meh, I don’t want to play anymore, leaving a huge wall. Although the athletes poke fun at themselves, The Tonight Show’s superlative reading isn’t nearly as vicious as when Jimmy Fallon Live! forced NBA players to read mean tweets. 2015 may not bring everything that Back to the Future II promised it would: flying cars, self-lacing shoes, we don’t see ’em happening over the next 12 months. (Then again, don’t bet against Nike.) But this year will definitely pack plenty of punch when it comes to cultural happenings. Early on, Fallon-Trump asked real Trump how exactly he planned to create more jobs for the middle class. “I’m just gonna do it” was Trump’s response. The only one qualified to interview me is me.” After an exchange with the requisite Trumpisms of “huge” and “genius” sprinkled throughout, Fallon’s Trump says, “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.

Mad Max will roar back out of the apocalypse while Mad Men rides off into the sunset, rock’s Antichrist Superstar and hip-hop’s Yeezus will rise again. After Trump said he’d go with Kanye West over Gary Busey for VP, Fallon drawled, “Alright, guess it’s time to go out and talk to that dopey goofball Jimmy Fallon and give him the biggest ratings his pathetic show has ever seen.” The host took Trump by surprise only once, when he asked the candidate whether he had ever apologized, even going back to his childhood. “This was not supposed to be one of the questions,” Trump said before answering. “I fully think apologizing is a great thing but you have to be wrong.” Trump did not rule out apologizing in the future. “I will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I’m ever wrong,” he said.

Vice President Joe Biden visited the Late Show With Stephen Colbert for an emotional, uplifting 20-minute interview Thursday night where he talked about a potential presidential run, faith and the loss of his son Beau. During the next question, about how else Trump vaguely planned to help the economy, Fallon pulled a move out of Charlie Chaplin’s arsenal, comically trying to mimic Trump’s gestures.

Stephen Colbert first commended Biden for being that rare politician that speaks what he believes and doesn’t hide behind a façade. “What always confuses me about some folks I worked with is why in God’s name would you want the job if you couldn’t say what you believe,” Biden said. “You would want a job that, in fact, every day you had to get up and modulate what you said and believe. The network dropped Trump’s beauty pageants, which they had partnered on, and said the real estate mogul would not appear in future seasons of the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Even with Trump’s growing acceptance as a candidate who is leading in the polls, there are no plans to go back into business with him, according to a senior NBC executive who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. The vice president poignantly shared stories about his son, who faced tragedy at a young age after being in a car accident that claimed the lives of his mother and sister and severely injured his younger brother.

Biden explained how his deep faith guides him through tragedy, and Colbert credits Biden with overcoming the heartbreak and working toward the betterment of America. “My mom had an expression. She’d say, ‘As long as you’re alive, you have an obligation to strive, and you’re not dead until you’ve seen the face of God,'” Biden said. “It really, really has been imbued in me, my siblings, my mother, my grandfather.

However, there was no big announcement to make as Biden admitted to still being too emotionally raw to hit the campaign trail. “I don’t think any man or woman should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president and two, they can look at folks out there and say, ‘I promise you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy, and my passion to do this.’ And I’d be lying if I said that I knew I was there … I’m being completely honest. So sir, I just want to say, your experience and your example of suffering and service is something that would be sorely missed in the race – not that there aren’t good people on both sides running – but I think we’d all be very happy if you did run.

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