‘Doctor Who’s’ latest companion, Jenna Coleman, vacates the TARDIS

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Doctor Who series nine: Steven Moffat’s non-spoiler episode guide is a must for every fan.

On Wednesday, Jenna Coleman announced she was leaving her role as Clara Oswald, after Doctor Who’s the ninth season, which starts airing this Saturday.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has previously been tight-lipped about what fans can expect from the ninth series, which begins on BBC One tomorrow night.For die-hard Doctor Who fans, it can seem like a very long wait for new episodes, especially for those without a time-traveling police box at their disposal.CAMBRIDGE, England — Jenna Coleman, who plays the Doctor’s companion Clara in sci-fi show “Doctor Who,” has confirmed that she is leaving the series, and will be starring as a young Queen Victoria in a £10 million ($15.7 million) television production for ITV.Clara has been at the Doctor’s side over three series (and that’s ALL the Doctors at one point or another) and here are just some of the highlights of her three years in the show. We sat down with the show’s stars Peter Capaldi (going into his second season) and Jenna Coleman (going into her third — and last) to discuss their experience scampering around the universe for another year.

From her upside down head greeting with Matt Smith’s lonely Doctor (he’d just lost and Amy and Rory, bless) to her hilarious, ‘It’s smaller on the outside,’ when first entering the TARDIS was a joy. I did get emotional.” Eight-part drama miniseries “Victoria” follows Victoria’s early life, from her ascension to the throne at the age of 18, through to her courtship and marriage to Price Albert. Perhaps not the most memorable episode, despite starring Jessica Raine (Call The Midwife) and Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible 2), it does feature Clara having a bit of a barney with a rather feisty TARDIS.

The sci-fi show promises to introduce a spine-chilling new gang of monsters, including a species called the Mire, as well as a whole city full of classic villains the Daleks. The opening minutes of this 2013 story, a pre-cursor to the 50th anniversary special, saw her falling through time and space and repeatedly saving the Doctor (in all his guises). When even the Daleks can’t track down their ancient foe, and the Doctor’s old friend and nemesis, Missy, is forced to ask for help, does it mean that the mad man in the box has truly disappeared?

That’s not what that one does!” I thought it was important to have a logic to the switches, so I worked out a rough geography of what each one does. Coleman told Grimshaw: “I need to learn to ride a horse, waltz, play Beethoven.” “It’s really fun; it’s like bootcamp.” Victoria was “a vivid, strong, inspirational and utterly fascinating woman,” Coleman said. “Victoria” will be made by Mammoth Screen, producers of “Poldark” and “Endeavour,” and is created and written by novelist Daisy Goodwin in her screenwriting debut. The answers are more dreadful than Clara’s worst imaginings, and she finds herself embarking on a journey into the Doctor’s worst nightmare… “The Doctor is trapped. Q Looking at the previews for Season 9, it seems a lot darker — not that the last one wasn’t also dark — how does that pair with the adventure theme that you’ve talked about? Clara had a lot to deal with in the Doctor Who Series 8 finale (losing her boyfriend, and fellow teacher, Danny Pink) but she more than made it up for it by taking over the show, literally!

Last year there was a whole lot of Clara trying to pull The Doctor back from over the cliff edge, whereas this year she’s right by the cliff edge with him, ready to jump. When I first arrived, the props man very kindly showed me around the TARDIS and showed me how to operate it and I didn’t want to say, “You don’t have to show me any of this stuff, I know exactly how to drive this beast.” COLEMAN: They’ve become adrenaline junkies. The Doctor’s quite a tricky part to play because, if you go back to Chris Eccleston’s first episode, he says that he could see all that ever was and all that ever is and all that ever will be and that drove him mad. But when you see them actually come together — I hope I won’t destroy any of your illusions but there’s a man inside the Dalek, and there’s another man doing the voice, and another operating the lights and stuff. Unit’s scientific adviser, Osgood, sends a desperate message to the Doctor — but since Osgood is long dead, how is that even possible? “Humans cannot accept us the way we really are.

You’re going to be the first to make the humans see.” The future of planet Earth is sealed in a box in Unit’s back archive, and only the Doctor knows what’s inside. The Doctor and Osgood find themselves fugitives in a London where no one can be trusted — but the wily old Time Lord knows there is one last hope for peace. “There have always been rumours. I think the main difference is that Matt’s Doctor was much more like a Tornado that you had to dance with, where Peter’s Doctor much more makes the room come to him and he’s much more enigmatic and impenetrable. I think you’d need to know what kind of Doctor you want to be, and what kind of Doctor the show’s director is taking it before you grab hold of that part with two hands.

I can’t really see a point why and when it would come to an end, so naturally I think, Peter was cast because he was an antithesis to Matt and where the show’s been.

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