‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: Bindi Irwin, Nick Carter take early lead in week 1

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Crikey, she’s all grown up! Bindi Irwin, 17, shares stunning snap of herself getting all glammed up for filming US version of Dancing With The Stars.

The Season 21 premiere of Dancing With the Stars twirled into living rooms with all the glitter, glitz, and enthusiasm that audiences have come to know and love on Monday, Sept. 14. Host Tom Bergeron kicked off the evening by explaining that he was wearing a pocket square to honor Len Goodman, who gave up his spot at the judges’ table after last season (and who apparently really loved Tom’s pocket squares). With her locks coiffed in curls, Bindi’s brown eyes were accentuated with lashings of black eyeliner and mascara and has a shade of brown of lipstick applied. ‘Everything I do in life is to make him proud and to carry on his legacy, and so I really am dedicating this entire—however long I’m able to make it—to him, to my family, to other people who are in a similar position.’ Paula suggested that perhaps she had soiled her previously white underwear, Carrie Anne Inaba made cougar jokes about Emma Slater and Hayes Grier, and Gary Busey changed our lives.

It was just one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see a Backstreet Boy, a Housewife, an American hero, and a Gary Busey in the same room…dancing. Read on to find out who went to the head of class and who risked being sent home. (Disclaimer: Final grades made up by Us Weekly and have no bearing on actual rankings.) How they did: Sure, he rode American Pharaoh to Triple Crown glory, but can Victor dance? Bindi Irwin and Nick Carter walked away with the top scores after two totally flawless dances, followed closely by Tamar Braxton and Carlos PenaVega with two only slightly less flawless routines.

Anyway, the barely-lucid movie star was obviously the highlight of the 21st season premiere on Monday, which featured the first Len Goodman-less season. They face two major challenges: First, Karina is roughly four feet taller than Victor. (Okay, the height difference may not be quite that extreme, but still). So judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough and Bruno Tonioli had to figure out how to actually offer harsh criticism while still remaining nice enough to not crush C-list celebrity dreams. Here’s our ranking for how this season could play out: Storyline: Bindi says she’s doing this to make her dad proud (he used to love to watch her dance around the zoo when she was little), which will no doubt be a heavily featured theme all season. Her energy is infectious and the crowd adores her. “That was the best performance of the night!” Julianne declares. “You really are the wonder from down under,” Bruno marvels, noting she has loads of charm.

Sure enough, he tells Sharna that he’s always been insecure because he feels like he’s not the best dancer, and always hid behind the rest of the Backstreet Boys. Now is his time to shine. (Even though wasn’t it always?) Performance: Nick kills it and makes Julianne blush in the process (she had posters of Nick on her walls as a teen, naturally.) Bruno predicts Nick will go far by making an inevitable “Backstreet’s back” joke. A lot of props and dazzle are used to disguise the lack of content. “I’m wearing my Len Goodman commemorative pocket square,” Tom declares as he introduces co-Emmy winner Julianne Hough, now sitting in the Brit’s center seat. “That was a fun and interesting way to start the season,” she says. Upon meeting partner Emma, Hayes quipped, “She doesn’t look 26, if that makes her feel any better.” (To be clear, he thinks 26 is old.) But what he lacks in age, he made up for in a certain joie de vivre that the judges absolutely loved.

Hayes dances like a gawky teen, but the judges don’t care. “God, if I was only 30 years younger…I’d still be way too old for you,” Carrie Ann jokes, which immediately makes everyone uncomfortable. Still, the saucy cook (who lost tons of endorsements due to her racist remarks in a 2013 deposition) hit the dance floor with pro Louis armed with a ton of personality.

Best known as: One of the three Americans (and a National Army Guard Specialist) who made headlines for heroics on a train from Amsterdam to Paris, when he and his two friends overpowered a man who opened fire. Bruno called her performance “hot” and “sexy,” and Julianne noted she had “an amazing presence.” Still, she fell two points short of her husband when all was said and done. Performance: It was technically terrible, but who wants to vote this guy home after his comments to Bergeron? “I dance in a cosmos of riddles, and nothing means anything to me if I have to think about it, and with this young lady, Anna, from Russia with love, this is the one who sculpted me in what I am today dancing.” After Bergeron tries to control his laughter, Bruno compares the dance to a summer blockbuster: Chaos, mayhem, destruction…but “bring on the sequel!” Julianne says the cha cha wasn’t very good, but it sure was entertaining!

Score: 23 (Carrie Ann 8, Julianne 7, Bruno 8). “DWTS” has several singers competing this season – OK, it’s a stretch to identify the Atlanta housewife as one, but she does have her “Tardy for the Party” recording – but only Chaka is dancing to a rendition of one of her songs on the first week. Though his dancing left much to be desired, Gary and pro partner Anna still made an impression, mostly due to Gary’s signature nonsensical commentary. “When I’m talking to you, your left eye is spinning,” he told Tom during their post-dance interview.

She starts the dance by being lowered from the ceiling, and Julianne exclaims it was “a glorious entrance for a glorious woman!” Carrie Ann notes that Chaka was having fun, but so much fun that she clearly forgot the choreography. Bruno reluctantly offers some criticism (“It pains me…because I adore you”) and says that her footwork was terrible, even though her personality was superb.

After she totally fangirled out at their first meeting, Sharna clearly put Nick to work — and their hard work paid off. “What a way to wrap up the night,” Julianne declared. Performance: Carrie Ann is not very impressed, saying that “it didn’t quite come together” and that it looked like Louis was simply dragging her around the floor.

Emma sounds like an old lady: “When they talk about the latest trends, I don’t know if it’s an object, a person, a craze…” (I didn’t know “hit the quan” either. This is terrible.) Later, he has to stand on a box next to Brooke Burke Charvet so that he’s tall enough to reach her microphone, which charms everyone. Can she tap into her reality show roots and pull it together? “It’s one thing to do reality television, it’s another thing to shake with another man,” she explains. How will Andy click after his partner switch? (Original pro Peta Murgatroyd had to abandon the season for ankle surgery.) Allison pulls out a bar right away to work on posture, and she and Andy laugh when they realize he moves his hands when he’s supposed to point his toes.

Tom makes Carlos and Witney wait through not only a commercial but also Alexa and Mark to hear their marks. “DWTS” producers pushing the younger demographic, take note: This celebrity, and not Hayes, captured my 12-year-old sister’s excitement. “Carmen from ‘Spy Kids!’ Yes!” Alexa appeared to be busting a few quality moves in rehearsal footage that aired earlier Monday on ABC partner “Good Morning, America.” Does it bode well for the live show? He’s not just “Derek Hough.” He’s “two-time Emmy-winning choreographer Derek Hough,” thanks to his win at the Creative Arts ceremony with sister Julianne for last season’s “Elastic Heart” routine. Gary has been on everything from “Celebrity Apprentice” in the U.S to “Celebrity Big Brother” in the U.K., and he’s frustrated many of his competitors during those stints. He is lost in the first rehearsal, and Anna has to give him a pep talk about learning a brand-new language. “It’s going to be a trip, but it’s going to be a fun ride,” she says.

Alek, the least-likely person to appear on “DWTS” this season if not ever, dances with a pro originally earmarked for the Troupe. “I’m Alek Skarlatos, and you probably have no idea who I am,” his package begins.

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