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Chris Soules Just Floored Us With His Reason for Kissing So Many Girls on The …

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Chris Soules Just Floored Us With His Reason for Kissing So Many Girls on The Bachelor.

Here’s the thing, though: Chris gave a surprisingly impressive response when asked why he kissed so many of the girls so early on in the process. Kimmel appeared on Monday night’s episode of the ABC dating competition to help the newest Bachelor Chris Soules find love — although he mostly found himself in awkward situations.If there is a god in TV heaven – and we know there is ‘cause, uh, Honey Boo Boo – then Jimmy Kimmel will make frequent appearances on “The Bachelor” as he did Monday night.

How does Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan wind down after helping his team beat the Green Bay Packers to reach the Super Bowl for a second straight year?It was a clash of ABC shows Monday night when Jimmy Kimmel took a hiatus from his hosting duties at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to be a cohost of “The Bachelor” with regular host Chris Harrison. Instead of helicopter rides or fancy dinners, Kimmel arranged for 33-year-old farmer and his date Kaitlyn, 29, to go to an “exclusive club”— Costco.

While Iowa farmer Chris Soules is ostensibly the star of the season, and is trying to whittle 30 women down to one, he’s been somewhat upstaged by Jillian Anderson. In your few weeks as a contestant vying to snare the heart of the ‘Bachelor’ on the ABC win-a-spouse show, you’ve managed to establish your posterior as one of the most famous in prime-time TV. Jimmy told the women that they say “amazing” too much during the show and presented them with an “Amazing Jar” that they had to put a dollar in any time they said the word. Kimmel joined the couple for their date that night and brought up not-so-polite dinner conversation by explain to Soules he needed to sleep with every woman on the show. When Kimmel rousts Soules from a sound sleep at 7 a.m. the morning after a rose ceremony the bachelor was, honestly, surprised when he blurts out, “what the f**k.” “I’m deep in sleep, and suddenly I hear my name being called, over and over again.

Throughout the show, he pops up, planning dates, acting as a third wheel on a one-on-one with Bachelor Chris and Kaitlyn, which is where we began our journey. Much of the screen time for Jillian Anderson, the Washington local — we can call her that, since she’s a former Redskins ambassador and producer at Washington’s Fox News Bureau — has involved a black bar stretched across her rear.

Kimmel didn’t stop with the individual date but arranged the group date which included Kelsey, Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Amber, Nikki, Mackenzie, Ashley S., Juelia, Samantha and Carly. Whether she’s running in a bikini or hopping a fence into a pig sty (really, that happened — the bachelor in question is a farmer, so this impresses him or something) or working out, Anderson has stood out from the pack… mostly because of that post-production censoring of her nether regions. I honestly thought I was still dreaming,” Soules blogged on “I’m going to help him make his decision by making love to each one of you,” he tells them. “Then I’m going to report back so I want everyone to give 110 percent.” Then he brings out a huge glass jar and tells them that every time someone utters the over-used word, “amazing,” they have to put $1 in the swear jar. (One question though: When Kaitlyn says “I’ve done weirder things” than sit in a hot tub full of ketchup, don’t you wonder what could be weirder than that?) Kimmel interrupts their make-out session later by joining them for steaks on the patio and at one point suggesting a “threesome.” Guess we know who would win Kimmel’s rose. OK, putting that behind us (ahem) here’s where we are: on Monday night’s episode, Anderson tried a bold gambit by showing up in bachelor’s Chris Soules’ hot tub and staying for an extended hangout (awkward!), which inspired some jealousy among her co-contestants. As Chris grilled steaks at his place that night, Jimmy grilled Kaitlyn about her dating history, asking her if she had ever dated a farmer and if she would be angry about Chris potentially sleeping with multiple women during fantasy suite week.

And for me to truly find out if we have that chemistry or things are there, I wanted to live in every moment, and take each individual relationship really seriously. Well, the account devoted to his hair chimed in on the black bar controversy last night: We haven’t seen black bars like this on The Bachelor since Ben’s season, when Courtney Robertson chose to go bra-less a few times. The trio had dinner together and Chris gave Kaitlyn a rose — in front of Jimmy, who wouldn’t stop teasing them and even climbed into the hot tub with them. Jimmy also planned the week’s group date, sending the women to a farming competition to see how well they would adapt to Chris’ farmer life in Iowa. Carly wins the event and later proves that she’s worthy of that blue ribbon she won by taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, and instigating a make-out session with Soules.

I don’t regret that.” Pardon us while we swoon harder than we have for a Bachelor in a long time—and here’s the reason why: Sweet Farmer Chris seems to be legitimately motivated to find true love on this here TV show, and not just 15 seconds of fame. (You hear that Bachelor whose name rhymes with John Favreau?) “I think that I’m proud of the way I handled myself through the whole entire season. However, one woman, Becca, told Chris she didn’t feel comfortable kissing him yet because “it wasn’t normal” and wanted to wait until she was ready. Awkward. “Being called out by Mackenzie for kissing multiple women was definitely not a high point,” he later blogged. “I know I’ve maybe kissed more girls at this point than the average Bachelor, but I was taking things seriously, and isn’t kissing a huge part of any romantic relationship?” Soules and Whitney end up crashing a wedding on their one-on-one date. If that’s not enough of a hint to the final outcome of this journey then maybe you should stick with “Real Housewives.” Soules won our favor by listening so intently to Juelia tell the story of her husband’s suicide. Such a sad story and such a genuine response on his part when he asks a producer to bring her a tissue. “We all had a really hard time keeping a straight face when he came in to announce the final rose of the evening,” Soules blogged. “Jimmy definitely made the week unforgettable.

When I met up with him for an ABC party at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena—a k a the site of a Bachelorette wedding (J.P. and Ashley) he laughed when I asked if he was checking it out as a wedding venue. Another woman, Ashley, gave Jillian just a couple of minutes to be alone with Chris, and became angry when Jillian didn’t want to give up her time so soon.

Fun fact: her brother-in-law is Jacob Hester, who played running back at LSU and was a key piece for the Tigers when they won the 2007 national championship.

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