CBS ‘Supergirl’ Pilot Leaks to Piracy Sites

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‘Supergirl’ Pilot Leaks Online: High Quality Download Available For Debut Episode.

Considering how well DC’s recent TV series such as The Flash and Arrow have been doing, we’re sure many are excited to see what the upcoming Supergirl TV series will bring to the table. Now if you’re just as curious as everyone else, it seems that you can sate your curiosity today because according to reports, the pilot of the show has leaked onto torrent websites. An upfront video a.k.a. “first look” (some viewers consider it a trailer) of the series on YouTube has so far drawn nearly 11 million views after a week. “Glee” alum Melissa Benoist plays Kara Zor-el, Superman’s cousin and fellow Kryptonian. “Supergirl” on CBS involves other DC Comics characters. Yes, you read that right, the pilot which was originally scheduled for a release in November 2015 has been leaked a good six months ahead of schedule.

After making an appearance as far back as 1958, Supergirl was intended to be a female counterpart to DC Comics’ Superman who first appeared 20 years earlier. It was developed by “Arrow” and “The Flash” showrunner Greg Berlanti, as well as Ali Adler (“Glee”) and Andrew Kreisberg, who is also part of “Arrow” and “The Flash.” Asked whether Supergirl could appear in a crossover episodes on other shows also produced by Berlanti Productions, Benoist expressed optimism.

As you can see in the screenshot of the download in the image above, the copy appears to be rather clean as opposed to a recording of a recording, suggesting that this is indeed a legit leak. Actress Melissa Benoist, who portrays Supergirl in the series, recently spoke to Variety about what fans should expect to see from the character in CBS’ new show. “She’s a strong female and a female hero which I think is so important and will speak to so many people at this time right now in the world,” Benoist told Variety. “I also was so drawn to her humanity, even though she is an extraterrestrial with powers. Oddly enough there are no “property of” warnings although it is possible that hidden watermarks could be embedded throughout the video to identify it. Featuring Melissa Benoist (Glee, Homeland, Law and Order) as Kara Zor-El, an alien who has hidden her powers since escaping from Krypton, the show will see her transform into Supergirl and “the superhero she was meant to be.” After a commitment in September 2014, the series was officially picked up by CBS earlier this month. The pilot was scheduled to debut in November, but those plans have now massively unraveled after the episode leaked online, six months earlier than its planned debut.

Two ‘Scene’ release groups – DiMENSiON and LOL – competed to premiere the title first this morning, with the latter beating the former by around 90 seconds. Berlanti Productions picks this up and gives the Earth guardian roles to “Superman” (television) actor Dean Cain and “Supergirl” (movie) actress Helen Slater. Kara also explains to her CatCo. colleague Winn that the “S” in her costume is the coat of arms for the House of El, not “super.” The pilot episode of “Supergirl” will feature the Department of Extra Normal Operations, headed by Henshaw.

He does not like the idea of working with Supergirl, but it appears the planet needs this alien’s help. “Supergirl” is the only comic superhero series on CBS. Although it’s certainly possible that the pilot contains hidden watermarks, as far as visible identifiers go the 46 minute episode looks very clean. NBC has cancelled DC Comics’ “Constantine” after a one-year run, but it is expected to premiere “Lucifer” (also from DC) by the last quarter of the year. “It’s kind of impossible not to feel strength and empowerment and positivity and hope.

The leak of the pilot came as a complete surprise a couple of hours ago so download stats on BitTorrent sites are a currently quite modest 25,000 or so. It really is pretty surreal,” Benoist told Kristin Dos Santos of E Online in describing how she felt upon wearing Supergirl’s costume for the first time. However, given the anticipated media snowball effect during the day the number of downloads is likely to increase dramatically, probably to more than a million by this time tomorrow.

Whether more episodes of Supergirl will leak online in the days to come is unknown but in any event it seems likely that CBS will try to stem the current tide.

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