Caitlyn Jenner will be joined by entire family (minus Kris Jenner) at ESPY …

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Caitlyn Jenner Plays Tennis, Gets Glam and Basks in the Sun in New I Am Cait Teaser: Watch Now!.

In fact, she has compiled so many memorable, incomparable moments since beginning to live life full-time as a woman, it’s been difficult to single out one as more momentous than another!The celebrity-driven worlds of entertainment and sports are set to collide Wednesday at L.A Live’s Microsoft Theater for the annual ESPY Awards, which honor the year’s top sports moments and achievements.One late afternoon at Comic-Con, as fans gathered for glimpses of Teen Wolves and Sailor Moons and began unfurling their sleeping bags in line for Star Wars, seven comics creators gathered in a corner of the San Diego Convention Center to discuss one of the more complex niches growing in geek culture: Transgender comics. “We are magical creatures,” said Calogrenant creator Gillian Cameron, sending a ripple of laughter through the room. “We scare the hell out of people because we play havoc with their sense of reality.” With shows like Orange is the New Black and Transparent blowing up the small screen and high profile trans celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner putting the trans movement front and center on magazine covers and talk shows, the A-list trans figures tend to dominate the mainstream pop culture conversation.

The show, which will air on ABC, could almost give itself an award now for the cultural moment ahead — the first major public appearance by Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold medal winner and reality star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Jenner is to receive the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage, so named for the universally admired tennis player who died in 1993 and was famous for his steely determination and sense of personal dignity. She’s playing tennis (“now I know why girls need a sports bra!”), meeting with school teachers as part of her efforts to help educate about the transgender community, hugging her family and sharing a wonderfully touching conversation with her 89-year-old mother, Esther Jenner.

While Jenner has been widely praised for her bravery — she even received a shout-out from President Obama — and has become a leading figure in elevating awareness about transgender identity, her ESPY’s honor has not sat well with everyone. And even if Marvel, DC, Image, and the big publishers aren’t yet rolling with the times as much as the small independent comics press, there’s movement to cultivate a community of comic creators who will tell stories for trans persons, by trans persons. “It was time for a trans-specific panel,” Prism Comics’ Tara Madison Avery told me of the “Writing Transgender Characters” panel she moderated this year, after bringing the first-ever trans panel to Comic-Con in 2014. “There are trans figures in comics history such as [trans DC and Marvel Comics artist] Jeffrey Catherine Jones that have been part of comic book reading habits for decades. And, of course, she’s been having a ball in the glam department, especially once she realizes that she’s the new “authority on hair and makeup” in the family. Sportscaster Bob Costas called the award to Jenner “a crass exploitation play, a tabloid play,” while others lamented that Jenner’s selection pushed out lesser-known, more deserving candidates for the honor. We’re finally at the tipping point where we can do this sort of thing and expect a good audience.” Most of this year’s panelists were trans artists who write stories with trans characters, like Cameron, whose Calogrenant comic puts a gender spin on the medieval Arthurian character who in French tale Claris et Laris, was magically transformed—temporarily—into a woman.

Casting a further shadow on the pick is industry speculation about an alleged deal between the network and Jenner for the Ashe award as a payoff for the exclusive sit-down interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that aired in April and drew huge ratings. In Cameron’s comic book version, the character’s transformation is permanent, and “Callie” resumes life in King Arthur’s court as a trans female knight. “Yes, I do have an agenda,” said Cameron. “And I do have a trans agenda.

But that denial has done little to quiet the debate, fueled by the argument that the honor seems to be more about ratings and the relentless Kardashian hype machine than merit. Bruce Jenner had a good idea that he wasn’t going to lose by doing this; his family is in support of him.” In a June interview with sports radio host Dan Patrick, Costas said he wished Jenner “all the happiness and … peace of mind in the world,” before adding, “I’m pretty sure they could have found someone who was much closer to being actively involved in sports, who would have been more deserving of what this award represents.” Some observers on social media have also pointed out the irony with Jenner in particular receiving the Ashe trophy. And that certainly comes with a degree of privilege.” “The stories that aren’t being told are stories like mine, where I transitioned very young,” said Blaque. “There are a whole list of hurdles that we had to go through that were really scary because we couldn’t recede back into presenting and being read as a male. The tennis champion was as beloved for his understated, thoughtful personality and political activism off the court as he was for his expert play on it. This year, we are proud to honor Caitlyn Jenner embracing her identity and doing so in a public way to help move forward a constructive dialogue about progress and acceptance.” “Caitlyn Jenner had to transition in the face of unimaginable public scrutiny, and in doing so has helped people around the world understand more about what it means to be transgender,” said Nick Adams, a transgender man who is GLAAD’s director of programs for transgender media. “The award recognizes her courageous act and acknowledges that transgender people can also be celebrated as heroes.” Other questions surround Jenner’s glorious, but singular connection to the sports world.

It’s not always a sad story, or one where the character dies.” How can comic creators and screenwriters at the studio level all the way down to the independent scribes avoid pinning all the trans clichés on token trans characters? Joseph University in Cincinnati battled an inoperable brain tumor to achieve her dream of playing college basketball, while also helping to raise money for cancer research. Ronnie Ritchie, who writes the autobiographical comic GCutie, had a simple solution: Write more than one trans character. “What happens when you play into the trope of an isolated trans character is they have the weight of the entire community on their shoulders,” Ritchie said. “And they might not even know in theory what they’re holding inside of them in terms of transphobia or transmisogyny until they meet more of the community and are called out on it, and learn. Another often cited is Noah Galloway, an Iraqi war veteran who lost two limbs but has continued to enter competitions, including an inspiring run on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Even Kevin Frazier, a co-anchor of “Entertainment Tonight,” a show that usually breathlessly covers the Kardashians, seemed unimpressed with the Jenner choice. “Make no mistake, what Caitlyn did was courageous,” Frazier said on a segment of the show last month. “But Lauren’s journey was not about glamour or publicity.

I want F-16s flying over the sky blue, pink, and white flags having trans characters overcoming every obstacle, no matter how ridiculous it might be.” Even if Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t speak for the trans community at large, “we have certain media figures now that have broken the topic,” said Avery. “Everybody’s mother knows a famous transgender celebrity now. That is why I feel she is deserving of the award.” The series, which will document Jenner’s transition, will join a slew of other series linked to the Kardashian flashy brand of so-called reality television.

I came out to my parents as trans years ago, but my parents and I never had any sort of conversation about it until Caitlyn Jenner came out on television. But it’s expected that the show will be similar in flavor to other Kardashian-centric programs, which are known for being heavily produced and managed by the family. Then, all of a sudden, my mother had all sorts of questions.” “So I guess the upshot is it gets people talking,” Avery continued. “If it brings people together, great.

That could change this year, particularly given the show’s move from cable to broadcast. “They’re looking for a wider audience,” said Brad Adgate, president of the ad-buying firm Horizon Media. “People will probably tune in to this one.

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