BWW Recap: Ryan is Under the Bridge on the Series Finale of THE FOLLOWING

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The Following Season 3 Episodes 14 & 15 Review: “Dead or Alive” / “The Reckoning”.

The Following signed off on Monday by answering the question of whether Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) could actually get a happy ending following the death of Joe Carroll (James Purefoy).

On the first of two back-to-back episodes of “The Following”- which served as both the season and series finale- while Mike fought for his life in the hospital, Ryan and the FBI team frantically searched for Theo and Daisy, and the latter planned their next nefarious moves, in “Dead or Alive.” But who would be left standing at the no doubt bloody end?Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, returns with an all new Monday, May 18 season 3 finale called “Dead or Alive; The Reckoning,” and we have your weekly recap below. The season/series (I’m phrasing it this way, because EW reported several days ago that Sony is currently shopping the show to other distributors, but FOX has been calling it the “series”) finale of was certainly gripping and exciting to the very last second, but I’m not totally satisfied.

On tonight’s episode, in the series finale, the FBI’s hunt for Theo [Michael Ealy] intensifies as some of their own are attacked, suspicions mount, alliances crumble and no one appears safe. In the wake of Theo (Michael Ealy) kidnapping Gwen (Zuleikha Robinson) with an aim to raise Ryan’s unborn child to be a serial killer, Ryan shot this season’s bad guy, who ultimately got the last laugh by sending them both over a bridge to the dangerous waters below. Ryan came in to show his support, before vowing to do what he could to keep Mike safe, including talking the team back at headquarters into keeping his exact location a secret, which Lisa agreed to, albeit begrudgingly, given the way they last left things. On the last episode an increasingly reckless Ryan continues his search for Theo, as Mark and Daisy discover information that lead them closer to the FBI than ever and puts Mike in a dangerous situation.

EW caught up with executive producer Alexi Hawley to find out what would’ve happen had the show been renewed: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you ever consider changing the ending and actually killing Ryan, or was there not enough time once you found out the show was canceled? Meanwhile, an overwhelmed Theo contemplated killing himself, which certainly would have made things easier for all concerned, but wouldn’t have made for a very exciting climax, so he rebooted into full-on psycho mode and rallied himself together and came up with a new plan. Personally, I feel like the ending is incredibly dynamic in the way it would’ve held us into season 4 if we had one, but I also feel like, as a place to leave off, it leaves off with more story left to tell, which I don’t think is a bad thing. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show! #TheFollowing series finale begins with Mike being loaded into an ambulance after the violent stabbing attack by Mark.

We set out at the beginning of the season to tell this story and we wanted to end it with Ryan coming to realize that the questions he’s been asking for three seasons—”Can I have a life outside of my obsession? Putting her “Americans” skills for keeping cool under pressure to good use, Eliza manages to throw Ryan off her scent, to the point of even asking him for his card…just in case. Even after last week, when they wrapped the Mark/Mike storyline, I was convinced that they would wrap the Theo story and leave the door open for a Season 4. Taking out her guards and inserting Eliza’s guys in their place, he and Daisy enter the house and hold a gun on Dawn, though Mendez manages to get the kids into a panic room after her Spidey sense tingles. (If I was working at the FBI, I would refuse to stay anywhere without one after seeing what happens on this show, lol.) Threatening to burn the place down if she doesn’t cooperate, Theo forces Mendez to call Ryan and lure him there.

Ryan’s no fool, though, and recognizes the unlikelihood of her calling him to meet her out of nowhere, at her house, no less, so he forms a small team and goes in alone, ten minutes ahead of the rest of them. The idea that people with almost unlimited resources could actually protect themselves and their evil proclivities would’ve been an interesting direction to take the show.

She grabs them both and heads upstairs, planning to lure the kids out in the process and take them out, too, then Daisy shoots Dawn as Mendez jumps out at her, pushing her down. People with those kind of resources who can corrupt FBI agents like Lisa Campbell (Diane Neal), who have money to buy off anybody, would’ve changed the show in a really interesting way. Gwen, who has the worst timing ever, calls Ryan as he rushes after Theo, letting him know that the baby’s alright and that she’s considering giving him a second chance, especially in light of his having told her he’s going to AA meetings. Perhaps they were just doing a great job of creating sympathy for Ryan (I’ll get to that in a minute), but I mean the guy hunts serial killers for a living and he gets NO slack.

This was another tense, exciting episode that makes me all the more sad that the show is coming to an end, though at least we didn’t have to wait a week to see how it all turns out. The only reason I bring these up is that rarely do the writers and creative team of this show tip their hand, and it lessens my enjoyment a little when they do. How do you come out of it a good person?” At this stage, knowing the risks, knowing the dangers to everybody he loves, Lisa Campbell was obviously a bad guy and people were dead because of her. Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore, Jessica Stroup, James Purefoy, Kevin Williamson, Alexi Hawley, and all the other people that have worked on the show should be very proud of it. We thought that him conquering that at the end of [episode] 13, having gone down this really dark path, but to ultimately get a little redemption was a powerful moment.

That felt like the most compelling—even though it was the meanest thing we could do—version of their proclaiming their love and also dovetailing with Mike and Mark (Sam Underwood) on the resolution to their story. Obviously Mike survives, but I don’t know if you noticed, but our last shot on Mark, he actually has the trace of a smile on his face because he thinks that he’s succeeded. Max clears the place and Eliza says there’s a few empty units on the floor then offers to take Ryan’s card and call him if she sees them hanging around. Eliza is ready to kill Theo but he says he cracked her encryption and if he dies, a download of all their info will be released to all news organizations.

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