Brooks Ayers ‘Categorically’ Denies Hitting On His Ex Vicki Gunvalson’s …

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‘He hit on me while I was pregnant’: Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter claims ‘scumbag’ Brooks Ayers offered to expose himself.

Brooks Ayers, the beleaguered former boyfriend of Real Housewives Of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson, is firing back at claims he made a crude pass at her pregnant daughter. On the second part of Bravo’s RHOC reunion show Monday, Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson accused him of wanting to show her his penis, which he said was really big. ‘It’s a typical Briana move, creating a ‘He Said, She Said’ scenario that once again puts her mother in the middle of a no-win situation,’ he added. ‘I’m glad that I no longer have to deal with this unnecessary drama.’ After being pressed by Bravo host Andy Cohen, Vicki admitted she does now believe her daughter even if, at the time, she didn’t want to think it was true. Shannon Beador went into further detail about her at-home colonic fiasco and Vicki Gunvalson still didn’t understand what a circle jerk was. (But apparently neither did the other women. Things start to heat up a bit, and Jim Edmonds deigned to appear on camera beside his wife one last time, though — spoiler — he mostly vents about how poorly his prior filmed moments with the missus have gone. In case you missed last night’s insanity, Briana claimed that Ayers, whom she’s always hated, hit on her while she was pregnant at her mom’s birthday party.

Tamra Judge suggested that they have one right there on the couches.) And because no episode would be complete without at least a mention of the Dubrow finances, Heather Dubrow reasoned that she didn’t think dropping $635,000 on kitchen cabinets in her new home was absurd because “everything’s relative.” Oh, Vicki also thought that a horse was “an animal,” not a mammal, and offered to buy Heather’s two frozen embryos. The furious Oklahoma resident voiced why she never liked him: ‘I’m afraid he’s going to take her money, I can’t stand to look at him, he talks about her vagina in front of our family members, he’s nasty,’ she fumed. ‘I wasn’t prepared for this, I was tired, and annoyed, I wasn’t prepared for TV to catch everything,’ he moaned when asked why he often talks down to his wife. ‘I have maintained my integrity throughout this whole thing, I have not called her or screamed at her… were there days when I wanted to? The highlights: There’s a rehashing of all the moments that made you wince, though none are as cringe-worthy as when Andy asks Shannon, “Why did you decide to do a colonic hours before you were to wear white.” Gross, guys. News, Brooks revealed his decision to break up with Vicki was mainly due to Briana’s animosity towards him. ‘I think Briana had significant issues as a child with some quote, unquote, daddy issues.

In fact, he claimed on E!, producers had threatened to reduce Vicki’s role in the reality show if he didn’t allow them to put his cancer battle front and center. Vicki ends this horrible discussion with, “I was a circle jerk.” Heather’s house is still “a lot of work.” Inquiring viewers want to know why Heather claimed it was Terry’s dream home when they were installing dream sinks and closets for her. “Terry likes to build houses, and we build the house. But soon the cast including Brianna were openly doubting Brooks’ story with Meghan King Edmonds saying she thought Brooks fabricated the cancer story for ‘attention’. During his interview with E!, Brooks said he is doing better, with the cancer now at stage two, but when pushed, he refused to take a lie detector test on the advice of his attorney.

Louis native Andy Cohen couldn’t stop fan-girling when Meghan King Edmonds’ husband, Jim, joined the women on the couch to discuss the couple’s marriage. So of course I’m going to going to make it fabulous.” While she plays coy on the total budget, Heather does think it’s obscene, but “everything is relative. In addition to being in the room together, Meghan and Jim continued to shock viewers when they not only didn’t bicker, but actually agreed on something — gasp! Meghan said that Jim’s job as a husband was harder because “this is our actual reality on television and baseball is just his job.” Jim chimed in with “a hundred percent,” and spent the rest of his time on camera sitting with his suit jacket fully buttoned. Jim denied telling Brooks Ayers that the first two months of their then four-month-long marriage “were difficult,” and then Vicki clarified, backtracked, or whatever you call it, her controversial statement at Tamra’s sex party. “So I have to clarify.

I misspoke on two months,” the OG of the OC said dryly. “I was retold again by Brooks that it was, ‘We had a couple of situations.’ I used ‘a couple of months’ inappropriately, so I apologize.” But her “apology” was not accepted. Jim remained unfazed by Vicki’s comments, saying, “If she’s just gonna pop off to pop off, then let her,” like a lost cast member on Bad Girls Club.

Shannon claimed that her husband David’s affair started the day after she began filming the show and she initially thought that he strayed because of production. “It didn’t even cross my mind that infidelity was a factor,” she said. So many people in Orange County knew about his affair, who the two people involved were, so either way this was going to come out,” she said. “After talking with our counselor, our church, talking multiple times with our kids, and having them talk to counselors, we thought that we could show that you can actually repair a marriage after going through something as horrendous as we went through.” Take note, parents: If you’re ever unsure about how much personal information to divulge to strangers, just ask your children. Heather commended Shannon on her ability to forgive David and work on their marriage, but added, “Honestly, I would want to punish him a little bit.” Beware, Terry! Jim says everyone he knows “was laughing about our banter.” Good to know Jim’s friends call his misogyny “banter.” Jim Edmonds claims he never told Brooks his relationship was on the rocks, prompting Vicki to “clarify.” She was off with her time frame and apologizes.

But Shannon continued to dig herself deeper into a very confusing hole. “My husband was working and he was unavailable,” she explained. “We went out to dinner maybe once or twice a year and that was it. We won’t get to the bottom of this, so Andy moves to irrefutable smack talking, serving up footage where Vicki thinks Tamra’s attire and behavior at her sex-tape party should result in removal of custody of her children. Shannon can now “go weeks without even thinking about [the affair]” and even saw David’s mistress at an event and bragged about not attacking her. Andy sat down with Brooks in NYC outside this reunion because there was a “scheduling conflict” with Brooks’ “work.” As for the dissolution of Bricki, Brooks doesn’t blame the show, just the women and Briana and the constant conflict that arose from each party. “Briana would lie because of hearsay and manipulation,” Brooks drawls. “They’re projecting their own personal issues onto Vicki.” Mouth agape, Briana flips him a double bird when Brooks accuses her of leaning on Vicki financially, and the hour closes with Briana calling Brooks a scumbag for lying about the Gunvalsons accepting Brooks.

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