Brennan has advice for Crane in exclusive Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover clip

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On the set of the Bones and Sleepy Hollow genre-bending crossover.

Bones and Sleepy Hollow might have similarly playful tones (and excellent banter between the two crime-fighting duos at their core), but it’s still a little crazy that the two Fox hits are doing a crossover.

Realizing that they are after the same evidence, they team up to solve the mystery, using Brennan and Booth’s 21st century science to unlock 18th century secrets. News’ exclusive sneak peek at Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) making their first appearance on Bones when they arrive at the Jeffersonian to talk to Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) about a set of remains.

If you have or want to read other entertainment news, check out AJC Buzz’s Jennifer Brett ( and Music Scene’s Melissa Ruggieri ( At first, we were certainly challenged by the idea of doing something like that, but within that challenge, we found a great deal of fun in pairing the two up. And yet, here he sits on a late-September afternoon on the set of Bones, sipping a Sex on the Beach — which, according to Crane, Benjamin Franklin apparently once called a Fondle in the Forest — in the aptly titled Founding Father’s bar, his character toasting the unlikely foursome’s impossible achievement: finally getting along.

A couple of highly anticipated shows are debuting this week: CBS’s first foray into superheroes with “Supergirl” Monday and Starz’ horror comedy combo “Ash vs. HBO — A touching, gentle-hearted look at teenagers on the autistic spectrum preparing for their first formal dance. “The Vampire Diaries” 8 p.m. the CW — Stefan and Caroline are forced to spend the night distracting the girls at Whitman College’s Heaven & Hell ball. “Sleepy Hollow” 9 p.m. After an awkward first meeting in which Ichabod is mistaken for a cosplayer, the quartet gravitate toward investigative pairings — as FBI agents, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Abbie are a natural fit, even though Abbie is on high alert. “We’re definitely hiding more of what our intentions are in their hour,” Beharie says. “For Abbie, that’s a little bit of a problem because she doesn’t want her cover blown. Fox — Brennan and Booth from “Bones” join Abbie and Ichabod to prove supernatural events are at play when a mysterious death plagues the FBI. “Breakthrough” 9 p.m. One of them was a supernatural show and the other one grounded in reality, and it involved only bringing one actor from each cast over and not a pairing.

She wants to be able to still fight evil, but still have a career.” That’s made especially difficult since Booth and Ichabod “don’t like each other instantly,” according to Mison. “[Booth] gets to throw in all of these subtle insults at Ichabod, who is trying to maintain his manners and respond in front of these two ladies. Sunday NGC (new series) — An anthology about leading scientists and how their cutting-edge innovations and advancements will change our lives in the immediate future and beyond.

It makes for quite a nice dynamic.” “You just look at him, what he’s wearing, these frocks,” Boreanaz says of Booth’s reaction to Ichabod. “Initially not only what he wears on the exterior, but how he talks, what he’s representing, he’s a big squint in a very historical mind.” For the record, Boreanaz insists Booth would win in a fight. “He’s just got a faster draw,” he says. Jonathan, what would you say to Sleepy Hollow fans who are tuning into Bones for the first time, and Clifton, what would you say to Bones fans who are tuning into Sleepy Hollow for the first time?

But Mison counters, “Crane has been punched in the face by death.” Ichabod and Brennan, however, are a different story. “They’re very, very similar,” Mison says. We get a chance to talk about how they deal with living and shooting in Atlanta versus living in Los Angeles.” Save for Sleepy Hollow scenes that don’t include Bones players, the entirety of the crossover was shot during a single week in Los Angeles, in part to accommodate Deschanel. “I asked not to fly, because it was just too soon after having a baby to go for work,” she says.

There’s so much supernatural and unexplained going on around the police procedural aspect of our show, and we don’t want to open that door up to the rest of the world, so having this much contact with the agency to meet all agencies, and with the Jeffersonian and their crew, was really challenging. I think if fans of Bones continue with the storyline, they’ll see how we were able to use and utilize the expertise in Bones, and they’ll see a fun exchange.

Boreanaz, for one, is hopeful. “We want to do a crossover with Empire, but they’re so large, we’d have to climb golden ladders to get to their sets now.” COLLIER: The advantage we had was that we got to use these very, very well developed, fully realized characters from Sleepy Hollow and bring them to our show.

COLLIER: It was incredibly fun for us to get Crane onto our show because he’s an educated man, but from another century, who probably would be more like Brennan than not, if he would’ve been born in our time. Sleepy Hollow shoots in Atlanta, so we traveled our cast, our key department heads, and the people that really make our show hum, and we were welcomed with wide open arms. Since they exist in such different universes, what were some of the specific challenges, as writers, that you encountered when trying to mesh these two shows together?

Because they are so tonally different, the challenges became, how do we get these characters to do and say the things we need to do to mesh as nicely as it ended up meshing and still stay true to the characters, the voices, and the tone of the show? I would also add that we have the world’s most brilliant set of scientists and investigators, so it was a challenge to have them be unaware of one reality that another set of characters are very aware of, in the same show.

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