Bob Saget Is Set to Guest-Star with John Stamos on Grandfathered

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Bob Saget will guest star on the comedy series that stars John Stamos as a Jimmy, a happy bachelor and successful restaurateur who finds out he has both a grown son and a granddaughter.

The premiere of Grandfathered begins, as any show starring John Stamos should, with Stamos checking himself out in a mirror and tweezing a stray gray hair.News that Netflix was making a spinoff of Jeff Franklin’s family sitcom was welcomed by ’90s TV lovers everywhere — and knowing that Stamos will be in the series was key to that excitement.While most of us might be reminded of Full House’s Uncle Jesse when we watch promos for John Stamos’ new show Grandfathered, it turns out that Stamos had a different heartthrob in mind when he formed his character. “The show is about a George Clooney kind of guy,” Stamos tells PEOPLE the show’s rakish protagonist Jimmy. “He’s a bachelor who thinks he’s got it all, but there is something missing.

Turns out, just about everyone — including the man himself. “It’s a little scary,” he tells EW. “I was watching the pilot the other day and was like, ‘Am I watching a pilot or is this an E! Peter Gadiot (“Tut”) has been cast as a series regular in USA’s “Queen of the South.” He’ll play a newly minted crime boss with a deep knowledge of the Narco world in this drama based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s novel.

Jimmy leaves the restroom and parades around the restaurant he owns, schmoozing on customers — particularly females — at any given chance. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my life,” he tells one woman, “But I’d give it up just like that for a family.” But as soon as the words escape his mouth, everything stops on a dime when he notices a family with an infant at the hostess stand. He stars as Jimmy, a single-and-always-ready-to-mingle restaurant owner who discovers (surprise!) he has more family than he thought he did: in this case, a son (Josh Peck) and a granddaughter. Up-and-comer Robert Aramayo has booked what Deadline is calling a “still-secret role” in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” He also appears in the premium cabler’s upcoming miniseries “Lewis and Clark.” “Happy Endings” and “24” alum Elisha Cuthbert has joined the Netflix comedy “The Ranch,” which stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. That’s right, the gorgeous, ageless, childless actor is a self-proclaimed “baby whisperer.” Hey, he worked with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House for the better part of a decade, so he had to have picked up some child-rearing skills. “I’m good with babies. His performance is understated and winning, and his presence could be key to bringing younger viewers to the show; you may recall that Peck shot to stardom when he co-starred on Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh in the ’00s.

Gerald produces a photo of Jimmy with his mother, Sarah, from 1989 at a Jane’s Addiction concert, which they had to leave early because Jimmy “refused to go number two at the club.” “You didn’t have much in common, but what you did have is a whole bunch of unprotected sex,” Gerald says. Before Jimmy can process the news that he has spawn, Gerald whips out his daughter Edie, who has been chilling in her stroller that Gerald apparently chose to hide from Jimmy to soften the blow. He’s a smart, sharp guy.” Despite how much fun he’s been having on the set of Grandfathered, Stamos has still been making plenty of time for the Danny Tanner and his lovable brood. “I did the bulk of the work on Fuller House, prepping it started before our prep [for Grandfathered],” Stamos says of the “multitasking” his new schedule requires. “I did the first couple episodes, which was great, and then I went straight into this. While the jury’s out as to whether the new cute baby in town can rise to Olsen-level stardom, there’s one thing for sure: “She doesn’t have the money the Olsens have,” jokes Stamos.

Grandfathered, which also stars Paget Brewster and Christina Milian, debuts tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox, followed by the premiere of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage’s new sitcom, The Grinder. Jimmy loses his cool and delivers a much-too-honest speech about whether he really wants a family or not — in front of the entire kitchen staff and the aforementioned new family members. The new comedy smartly plays on Stamos’ real-life image as a celebrity schmoozer, serial dater and perpetual bachelor; in real life, Stamos was married for six years to actress-model Rebecca Romijn.

Still, let’s hope the baby is used sparingly as a comedy prop — because the show’s real strengths lie in the Jimmy/Gerald and Jimmy/Sara relationships. Sarah sassily scoffs in his face, playing the over-protective mom. “If you hurt my son or his daughter, I will choke you to death with your own overly moisturized hands.” Ooh, zinger. Jimmy finds Gerald in the guesthouse, where he is 3-D printing a rubber ducky and teaching his daughter West African French (“It’s the fastest growing language in the world. He made the decision to find his father, Gerald says, based on a Buzzfeed listicle called “28 Reasons Why Having a Dad is the Best.” Christina Millian waltzes into the room, and we meet Gerald’s baby mama, Vanessa, who has friend-zoned Gerald so hard that it’s painful to watch.

If Jimmy is hesitant to step into the father role, he has no problem with acting as love guru. “Women are complicated,” he tells Gerald. “They want men to come in and take what’s complicated and un-complicate it.” (Uh, he might actually be better at parenting.) He goes on to map out the mysterious location of the G-spot. The next day, Gerald shows up at Jimmy’s restaurant to announce that somehow Jimmy’s awful female advice has proven successful; he and Vanessa are hanging out that night, and could Jimmy please watch Edie? So naturally the best solution is to build a playpen in the kitchen and juggle being a restaurateur with being a grandfather who’s supposed to be in charge of a child’s well being. Then he notices she feels warm, and uses a meat thermometer to rectally take her temperature — “103, that’s normal, right?” When the kitchen staff patiently inform Jimmy that no, that isn’t normal, he takes the kid and runs with her in his arms to the ER — through traffic à la Kramer vs.

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