Bob Dylan sent off David Letterman with a beautiful, haunting Frank Sinatra …

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7 costumes worn by Bill Murray on David Letterman’s shows.

As the last episode of the Late Show with David Letterman approaches, we remember the most outrageous outfits in which Bill Murray has appeared on the show Actor and comedian Bill Murray was the first guest on the first episode of NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman in 1982, and the first guest on the new CBS incarnation, the Late Show with David Letterman.

Murray, who was the first-ever guest on Letterman’s Late Night show in 1982, smashed his way out of the cake emblazoned with the words “Goodbye Dave”.On the penultimate show of his 33 years in late night, David Letterman was treated to a new song by America’s greatest living musician, as Bob Dylan sent off Letterman to The Night We Called It A Day, a standard off his recent Frank Sinatra-inspired album, Shadows In The Night.When it comes to Bill Murray, it’s always safe to expect the unexpected, so the actor didn’t disappoint when he entered the studio by jumping out of an oversized cake.

As well as bursting out of a cake on last night’s show, to mark the end of an era Murray will be appearing tonight as Letterman’s last ever guest. The Ghostbuster’s star wore overalls and protective googles and was covered in cream as he embraced Letterman, rubbing the hosts’s suit and thinning hair with cream. His rather frequent appearances – 26 in total – became something of an occasion, with the Groundhog Day star sporting strange outfits every year from 2009.

On Tuesday, Kimmel brought his Letterman affection to television, taking more than six minutes to pay tribute to the host who shaped his young life. “Even though it looked like every other talk show – it wasn’t. Then we decided to have a reunion of a bunch of people who were all eating at the same Chinese restaurant. “After we picked the place, and collected the names, the piece kept growing because the restaurant we picked was called Szechuan State. We somehow found another place called Hunan Wok University and decided we would also have a food delivery race by ordering takeout and seeing which food got there first. Dylan made his first appearance on Letterman in 1984, an appearance that was considered a coup for the up-and-coming Late Show (and features a great story to boot), playing a three-song set, two of which were off his 1983 album Infidels (an album that still holds up well, with Jokerman serving as the highlight). Knowing we were going to do this, we took the cameras down to both places and did a tour of the “campuses,” like they’d do for a college bowl game. “I remember this fondly not because it was such an audience-pleaser, but because it was the biggest possible fulfillment of such a silly idea.

I never missed it.” “We had no VCR, so I would have David Letterman viewing parties at my house in the middle of the night,” he said. “And little did I know that many years – and many pounds later – that watching that show was a great education for me. With his leg supported by a sling suspended from the rafters by a wire, Murray took his coat off to reveal a glittery pink top, supposedly belonging to the flamboyant American figure skater Johnny Weir.

The reason I have this show is because the executives at ABC saw me when I was a guest on Dave’s show – and hired me to host this show.” “We will not have a show on [Wednesday] night – a rerun – but please do not watch it,” he continued. “Especially if you’re a young person who doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. I really liked it.” “A taped piece by Tom Gammill and Max Pross, shot in the earnest style of an old educational film, where Dave explains the sad reality of show cancellation to a seven-year-old boy who is mourning the loss of his favorite show [Voyagers!].

In anticipation of the Kentucky Derby, the annual American horse race, the Ghostbusters star donned a jockey outfit fit with riding crop, claiming to be an amateur jockey. —Peter Weber On Wednesday, Swiss bank UBS AG said it would plead guilty to manipulating benchmark interest rates and pay a total of $545 million in penalties to U.S. authorities to resolve those charges and new ones related to currency manipulation. Aside from the $342 million penalty for its foreign-exchange meddling, UBS won’t face any other legal repercussions in that case, though several other large banks are expected to announced settlements with U.S. regulators in coming weeks. The $203 million fine and guilty plea stems from an earlier case, and UBS has to pay up now because the new fraud charges prompted the Justice Department to tear up a 2012 non-prosecution agreement with the bank. Aman said the three countries would “provide humanitarian assistance” to 7,000 migrants at sea, though the United Nations could only count about 4,000.

Don’t forget, this was 20 years before an Internet full of this kind of video.” “Randy Cohen, who went on to be The Ethicist at The New York Times Magazine, came up with some of my favorite cerebral ideas. Buddhist militants have been attacking the Rohingyas in Myanmar, and human traffickers have been shifting to the sea as neighboring countries crack down on land migration routes. The actor was sporting a beard for a movie he was filming, but decided to shave it off on set, eyes closed, with two razors in order to stand a chance as being cast as the eternal boy in an upcoming stage production. Peter Weber Jimmy Kimmel, it turns out, was kind of obsessed with David Letterman’s Late Night when he was a kid, Kimmel said on Tuesday’s Kimmel Live.

We taped a regular show, then Randy transcribed it verbatim, and professional voiceover actors redubbed it, the way you would have them do a foreign film. Dave is the best, and you should see him.” He ended his tribute with an old Late Night segment he dug up that “sums up how I feel this week almost supernaturally well.” It’s as moving a farewell as Letterman is likely to get. That eventually led me to do pieces from the POV of a dog (“films by Bob the Dog”) and Randy Cohen to write Monkey-Cam, from the POV of a camera strapped to a monkey, and Thrill-Cam, where we strung the camera on a high-wire above the studio.” Even if you’re David Letterman —Peter Weber If you don’t launder your new clothes and sheets — yes, even the packaged ones — after bringing them home from the store (or getting them in the mail), you’re making a gross mistake, according to Wall Street Journal contributor Heidi Mitchell.

Untold numbers of people have touched the item, there may be mold and probably are chemicals like formaldehyde, and the “surprises are even more disgusting,” Mitchell tells Tanya Rivero in the video below.

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