‘Blindspot’ Boss: Midseason Finale Reveal “Changes Everything”

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6 reasons you need to watch Blindspot.

Monday night’s episode of NBC’s “Blindspot” certainly hit this recapper close to home. During Blindspot’s midseason finale, the team was able to prevent further bloodshed by the Russians after Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) caught and killed the red-headed spy that was to blame for David’s death.Blindspot will most definitely have you gripped from the first episode when a beautiful Jane Doe, completely covered in mysterious, intricate tattoos, is discovered naked in Times Square with no memory of who she is or how she got there.

After Jane basically celebrated by kissing Weller, she was kidnapped and tortured by Carter (Michael Gaston), who was desperate to discover Jane Doe’s real identity. Because while playing an ass-kicking heroine sounds kind of awesome, it’s also not easy — at least according to the 31-year-old star of NBC’s Blindspot. There’s one tattoo that is impossible to miss: the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, emblazoned across her back. ‘Jane’, Agent Weller and the rest of the FBI quickly realise that each mark on her body is a crime to solve, leading them closer to the truth about her identity and the mysteries to be revealed. Unfortunately for Carter, Jane’s mysterious ex — a.k.a the tree tattoo guy, now known as Oscar (Francois Arnaud) — came to her rescue and killed Carter in the process. She also has to learn complex fight choreography, train like a Navy SEAL, and sit for up to seven hours in a makeup chair to get fully tattooed at least once per episode. “It does get tough,” she admits a few days after wrapping the midseason finale. “It’s a crazy schedule.

NBC have already promised a second season run of the show, figures all look promising and Blindspot ranks as the number-one new show in the 18-to-49 demo with a 3.7 rating and a 12.7 million overall audience in America. Unless Jane has an identical twin, the video was of Jane herself, recorded at some point in the relatively distant past and addressed to future Jane. “I know that you want to find out who did this to you,” Cellphone Jane told Blank-Slate Jane. “The answer is: you. Since Jane first emerged naked from a duffel bag in the middle of Times Square on Sept. 21, the drama has become fall’s biggest freshman success story. And the fact that there are hidden messages in each of those tattoos is mind boggling because how can they figure out what each means before time runs out?

In an interview with wnypapers.com showrunner Martin Gero explained: “Our story of the week, so to speak, comes from one of Jane’s tattoos and is closed-ended and like a little action movie in and of itself. He had been looking to build a procedural with a rich mythology and mystery when the idea popped into his head. “That image of a woman covered in tattoos just presented itself to me one morning as I was lying in bed,” he says. And I think with previously-ons and people finding out information within the show, it’s the type of thing that will reward the loyal viewer, but won’t alienate the casual viewer, which I think is so important on shows like these. On a brisk November afternoon in New York City, where the show shoots, crews have set up half a dozen sleek motorcycles outside the Queens Museum to film a chase scene for the 10th episode. The pursuit of David’s murderer led to the discovery of three deep-cover Russian spies (someone ha s apparently been watching “The Americans”), who for some reason communicated using a ridiculously cumbersome coded-message system, with an even more ridiculously cumbersome flowerpot message system as backup.

In the sequence, Jane and her FBI-agent colleague Kurt Weller, played by Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton, must run all over the museum’s interior, dash out of the lobby, hop onto the bikes, and race to catch up with a silver sedan. With each take, Furneaux’s ink on the back of her hands — which requires the same application process as Alexander’s — begins to rub off. “I’m rough on mine,” Furneaux observes after finishing the shot. “They get worn out with the sweating and the fighting.

BLINDSPOT — Season: Pilot — Pictured: Ukweil Roach as Borden, Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Ramirez, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Bethany Mayfair — (Photo by: Sandro/NBC) Johnson: She was now required to turn Patterson into the employee who refuses to take time off despite personal tragedy; the one who deals with her grief by working. But Gero makes sure that some of the other 200-plus designs also get flashed on the screen, giving eagle-eyed viewers — who tweet theories and fill Reddit boards with their guesses about what they saw — the chance to play at home. Which is just what the producers had been hoping for. “People aren’t watching the show passively,” Gero says. “If anything, this show is just a giant proof of concept that crowdsourcing works. We were obviously nervous about it, because it changes a lot, but now that we’re half way through writing episode 17, we’re just like, “Oh God, this is so much more fun.

When you have 15 million people looking at something, someone’s going to get it.” (Fans don’t need to worry about running out of tattoos to solve. Jane had an emotional moment with Patterson, and that apparently left her in need of an emotional moment with Weller, who found her waiting outside his place in the dark. While the show has hinted at a future romance between Jane and Kurt, Stapleton is quick to refute the theory. “We’re just teasing people,” he says, smiling. “They haven’t lined us up together.” He pauses. “Yet.” As for the long-term outcome of the show? “The plan from the beginning has been to make each of these seasons feel self-contained,” Gero says. “Who Jane is, is insanely complicated, and there’s a lot to do … [but] we know what the end goal is. We spent more time in the first weeks talking about the finale than talking about the first two episodes.” For now, Alexander’s not thinking about Jane’s future; she’s settling into her new life.

And she says she’s learned to enjoy the lengthy tattoo process, using the time to run her lines and listen to music while in the makeup chair. “We’ve gotten it down to a science,” Alexander says, pointing out that on some days, they have to apply tattoos only to her exposed skin. “I know a lot of people are like, ‘Man, how can you sit there that long?’ But the time flies.” She’s even gotten used to being spotted during her rare downtime on the streets of New York. “I get recognized pretty often,” she says of how life has changed since Blindspot. “I’ve had people tell me that Jane makes them cry, and they want to hug her.” She pauses and laughs. “I get a lot of people who want to hug me,” she says. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ll take it. We’ve learned the lessons from making these first 10 episodes to allow us to make even bigger episodes — episode 11 is one of the biggest episodes we’ve done — and also allows the Reades, Zappatas, Mayfairs and Pattersons of the world to have a little more screen time, because we are engaged in them a little bit more.

She says she was recruited as a teenager to marry an American that would have access to information that may be of interest to the Russians. “Confidential reports on people profiled in The New York Times,” she says. However, Patterson manages to salvage a little something from the shop’s server: a badge that will get Kate Williams into the Defense Contractor Expo that’s in town. Then it goes back to Jane and Oscar (François Arnaud), who you know best as “the tree man.” We now know his name because Jane Does tells us so, on a video on Oscar’s cell phone.

Over rock-hard pancakes, sis mentions that their father called and wants to know if Weller will come to “Taylor’s memorial.” He claims he’s busy, but says that dear old dad shouldn’t be attending either. “It makes people uncomfortable,” he says. Of course, we know she’s an old pro, but she proves her abilities to Weller by blowing a bunch of holes right through the center of a target — as well as holding her own against him in a fist fight.

Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Without a Trace) says it’s “like a Google Alert for her tattoos.” However, Patterson also says that the tattoos are so varied that it could take her crack team years to decipher all of it. Despite the claims that it will take an eternity to decipher Jane Doe’s tattoos, it took Patterson all of three minutes to get the next one. (In TV land, that’s an eternity.) It turns out that Jane Doe has a Vigenère cipher (look it up!) on her. The fire department won’t let anyone inspect the damage, but informs the crew that not only was the whole house wired to blow, but there’s also no body. Patterson found information on Gibson’s computer about a series of “accidents.” They also found info on another drone pilot, Major Ivan Musgrave (Jason Alan Carvell).

How the heck would he know? “You don’t hesitate, you act,” he says. “You do the right thing.” Apparently, he doesn’t know about the nun thing.

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