Bill Cosby got Quaaludes from gynecologist suspended from practicing in New …

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Bill Cosby got Quaaludes from gynecologist suspended from practicing in New York, 2 other states.

The Dr. During a 2005 deposition the comedian admitted he got seven prescriptions for the powerful sedatives from a Los Angeles-based doctor who died 13 years ago.

The more I read about comedian/sexual predator Bill Cosby’s behavior, the more I question President Obama’s my-hands-are-tied response to the matter of taking back Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom.At least one small piece of the Bill Cosby puzzle has been solved thanks to the comedian’s unsealed 2005 deposition, during which the former family-sitcom star reveals who provided him with the quaaludes he allegedly used to drug and sexually assault women. Feelgood who reportedly supplied Bill Cosby with his Quaaludes was a Hollywood gynecologist who had his medical license yanked in New York and California.

The Washington Post, who obtained the documents, claim that the gynecologist warned the comedian to never do it again when he found out about Tamara Green – one of the women who accused the comedian of sexual assault. It comes after Cosby’s legal representative Monique Pressley defended the comedian during an appearance on Good Morning America, saying the use of Quaaludes was prevalent among many in the 70s. If the president can be innovative, aggressive even, in his use of executive authority on immigration, surely he can find a way to undo the honor, the nation’s highest civilian award.

Although Cosby says he obtained the drug for a sore back, the comedian also reveals that Amar knew that Cosby wasn’t actually taking the quaaludes himself. In that instance, the doctor ultimately decided to “confront Cosby, almost coming to blows.” Despite Amar’s defense there, however, the Post indicates that he was not only negligent in his practice, but also practically inept.

Cosby is accused of slipping sedatives – possibly the Quaaludes – to multiple women over the decades to sexually assault them — a charge he has repeatedly denied. “I would not doubt in a minute that Amar would sign a prescription to give anybody anything they wanted,” his former attorney Meldon S. Pressley claimed that the specific deposition, which stems from a 10-year-old civil case, had a lot of content from Cosby telling the story in his own words, but parts of it were pulled out by the media and was ‘misinterpreted’. “There are a thousand-plus pages that are available of Mr.

Bush bestowed it in 2002, describing Cosby as “a gifted comedian who has used the power of laughter to heal wounds and to build bridges.” Those words sicken in the retrospective knowledge of Cosby’s behavior. Whether he practiced in California, New York or at a string of clinics in Maryland, he was constantly in trouble with medical authorities and periodically lost his license. But Amar put his foot down when he learned Cosby had allegedly drugged and assaulted Tamara Green, a singer who Amar had introduced to Cosby, Hollis said. “The last thing I remember is him getting on me. Pressley is referring to Cosby’s admission of purchasing drugs with the intent to give them to a woman he wanted to have sex with, but he denies ever having sex with the woman. “It was considered a party drug called ‘disco biscuits’ and it was something that was done frequently, not just by Mr.

Pressley was adamant that just because over 40 women have lodged accusations against client that he had sexually assaulted them, the attorney insisted that this does not mean he is guilty. “What I am saying is that Mr. I’m not arguing that the president should act immediately. “I tend to make it a policy not to comment on the specifics of cases where there might still be, if not criminal, then civil issues involved,” Obama said. That is the correct approach as the hushed-up allegations finally receive a full hearing, and the truth can be tested: Did Cosby, as he insists, simply — simply! — sweet-talk young women and ply them with Quaaludes to soften them up for consensual sex? “The same as a person would say ‘have a drink,’ ” Cosby offered in a recently unearthed, decade-old deposition.

Amar eventually practiced plastic surgery, even hawking a weight loss product while shirtless in a magazine ad, before having his license suspended in all three states. The sheer volume or number of people who are saying a particular thing does not make it true.” Cosby’s legal team are not happy that his deposition was released by a judge to the New York Times, and claim it was a “mockery” of a confidentiality agreement that formed part of a settlement, according to NBC News. “The plaintiff’s motion is a sham and an obvious attempt to have her cake and eat it, too,” Cosby’s attorney reportedly said in court documents, adding that the confidentiality agreement “was not secrecy, but rather the receipt of money, which she still has.” This practice, Cosby’s lawyers elaborated in a court filing the other day, was a sign of the drug-addled times. “There are countless tales of celebrities, music stars, and wealthy socialites in the 1970s willingly using Quaaludes for recreational purposes and during consensual sex,” they argued.

In 1979, Amar was disciplined for prescribing “dangerous” drugs to patients without examining them and aiding a business partner who practiced medicine without a license, according to filings in California. He was barred from practicing surgery for negligence and gross incompetence after numerous surgeries went terribly wrong, according to disciplinary documents. Two pending cases in the next few weeks or months could help determine, finally and conclusively, just far how over the line from repugnant to criminal Cosby traveled. One woman developed a 102-degree fever and an infection after her breast implant ripped through her stitches, the investigation that led to revocation of his California license found. The wound was so bad on the right side, the implant was actually exposed as the patient lay in a hospital bed “suffering a great deal of pain,” the decision paperwork stated.

Another patient met Amar at his clinic late one night in 1975 and learned he didn’t have someone on hand to administer local anesthesia, the probe found. The California Supreme Court rebuffed Cosby’s bid to dismiss the lawsuit, clearing the way for his deposition to proceed. (Cosby’s lawyers have described the suit as “meritless” and a “shakedown.”) Another woman, Chloe Goins, who claims she was sexually assaulted by Cosby in 2008 at, again, the Playboy Mansion, says her allegations are the subject of a criminal investigation by Los Angeles authorities.

New York medical authorities placed him on three years of probation after Amar pleaded guilty to federal income tax evasion in 1991 for cheating the government out of $76,778. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the service acted because the allegations against Cosby “are very serious and are in conflict with the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment.” Certainly, we don’t want presidents willy-nilly yanking medals bestowed by their predecessors, yet that hardly seems a real risk.

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