Bill Cosby Faces New Deposition After Losing Appeal in California Sex Abuse …

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Bill Cosby Forced to Testify on Sexual Assault.

WASHINGTON: Comedian and accused serial rapist Bill Cosby (pix) may soon face on-the-record questioning about allegations he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl in 1974, a lawyer representing the woman in a civil suit said Wednesday. The California Supreme Court has turned down Bill Cosby’s challenge to a sexual assault lawsuit against him, meaning the suit can go forward and Cosby could be questioned under oath for the first time in years — by super-aggressive, feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. “We believe we have a right to take his deposition in this civil lawsuit.

Cosby’s lawyers had attempted to overturn the decision to let the case proceed, but this request was not accepted by California’s Supreme Court on Wednesday.Constand, whose sexual assault case file and settlement with Cosby was confidential until the judge released selected portions, now wants to publicise her entire deposition and hence the 78-year-old comedian is hitting back at her, reported. Although many women have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the comedian, this particular suit was filed by Judith Huth, who claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974 when she was 15 years old. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable in “The Cosby Show”) reportedly testified about the out-of-town and “financially not doing well” woman he wanted from a New York modeling agency during the peak of the show’s popularity. Cosby’s legal team unsuccessfully attempted to convince California’s top judicial authority to halt the proceedings, claiming that Huth lacked required documentation from a mental health professional, and that she was acting after attempting to extort money from Cosby to buy her silence.

The new documents filed by Cosby says that it was grossly unfair for her to break their confidentiality deal and at the same time keep the money he gave her to stay quiet. More than two dozen women have accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them in past decades, many telling similar tales of being slipped knockout drugs by the comic. We’re going to talk about amphetamines, cocaine, depressants, barbiturates, opiates, alcohol, tobacco, hallucinogens.” That was the introduction to Cosby’s 1971 album “Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs,” which won him a Grammy for Best Recording for Children the next year. The star’s attorney’s have clarified that if continues on this path, she should be required to return some or all of the money that Cosby had given her. But in a deposition in a 2005 civil suit by another woman, Andrea Constand, Cosby admitted to acquiring prescription sedatives to give to young women he wanted to have sex with.

Cosby’s attorneys submitted a request for review last month claiming the comedian should not have been publicly named in the suit, citing a California law on childhood sexual cases, according to CNN. Charney, now dead, represented both and former model Jewel Allison — two women who stepped forward last year to say they were drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby in the 1980s. Due to the statute of limitations, which places limits on the time allowed between an incident and the date court action can be taken, many of those who claim Cosby assaulted them will never be able to make claims against him. Huth’s lawyers, Gloria Allred, has stated the decision, which will pave the way for the legal action to continue, is a “major victory,” with plans to depose Cosby under oath in the next 30 days. “We are looking forward to Mr Cosby answering questions under oath at his deposition,” Allred said in a statement, “and we will continue to seek justice for our courageous client.” Huth’s lawsuit is one of at least four ongoing civil cases based on similar allegations, but her lawyers state that this is the only action which seeks damages for the allege sexual assault itself, whilst the others are making defamation claims that argue Cosby has falsely labelled them liars. Thompson went public with her name and story in March, claiming Cosby slipped something into her wine and placed her hand on his genitals during a visit to his New York brownstone.

Cosby and his legal team are yet to react to the decision, although the disgraced comedian has consistently denied the allegations made against him, and has never been criminally charged. But this album wasn’t meant for comedy; it was an anti-drug campaign, benign enough at the time but now yet another example of the contrast between the virtuous role model he played in public and the life he appears to have been leading behind closed doors. Since then, Cosby’s drug PSAs have resurfaced online. “Do you think it’s fun to have to take a pill or to sniff something or to snort something or to shoot something in your arm to make yourself feel as a lot of people think ‘better?’” Cosby asked at the beginning of his 1971 album. “Okay, now let’s talk about pills,” a young Cosby said, presumably talking to children with some groovy 1970s tune playing in the background. “People take pills to get high. Oh my goodness, this isn’t any fun either, is it?” At that time, Cosby — who later became “The Cosby Show” dad who lectured his TV son, Theo, about the dangers of drugs — was working the subject into his stand-up comedy.

It’s True!” Cosby talked about his mission as a teen to score Spanish Fly after learning that slipping it into the drink of a girl called “Crazy Mary” might make her easy. “From then on, anytime you see a girl, ‘Wish I had some Spanish fly,’” he said. “Go to a party, see five girls standing alone. And yet defendant admitted to nothing more than being one of the many people who introduced Quaaludes into their consensual sex life in the 1970s.” “There are countless tales of celebrities, music stars, and wealthy socialites in the 1970s willingly using Quaaludes for recreational purposes and during consensual sex,” they added.

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