‘Big Brother’ recap: The unamazing race

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‘Big Brother’ recap: The unamazing race.

Turns out it was oink-ish Jeff, who surprisingly made an impressive last-ditch attempt to save his maligned arse when his back was against Liz’s wall. Well it seems as if one of this season’s biggest twist was finally revealed last week to most of the houseguests and there are two new houseguests in power.After one of the more skillful methods of plot building I’ve seen, poker professional Vanessa Rousso – who became the overall Head of Household over the past week – sent one of her fellow houseguests out of the house on the CBS reality show Big Brother In doing so, Rousso was able to offend as few people as possible and, after an interesting week shown through the CBS cameras, demonstrated an entirely new side than she had in the first two weeks of action. Jeff pissed off Austin by flirting with Liz, because apparently, Austin has a thing for Liz even though he claims a girlfriend is waiting for him back home.

Such romances make history, and Big Brother 17 can proudly add one more pair to the sanctified list of legendary courtships: John and the Power of Veto. The duo not only held council with other members of the coalition, they also decided who would be the eventual overall HOH, with Austin throwing the “Battle of the Block” competition to allow for Rousso to take the overall responsibility.

Even if it’s a piece of metal, at least something finally understands John, who surprised us all this week with his hidden talents of perception and his use of inside voice. With the secret finally out, another new alliance was formed, “Sixth Sense,” in the hopes that by week six, both Julia and Liz will be playing as individuals and boosting the numbers on Vanessa, Austin, Shelli and Clay’s favor. Not only was the disclosure of the alliance between Rousso and the wrestler a bit of a surprise, the revelation that Rousso was actually the ringleader of the group was intriguing.

With Jason and Meg off the block, John and James both believe that they’re safe: John knows he was always just a pawn, while James (who reasons that the BoB challenge was “made for a girl” who has a “keen eye” to “recognize patterns” and “not show too much ankle whilst at the town square”) believes that everyone will backdoor Audrey. They mull their options between keeping the nominations the same and sending James home, or, if given the opportunity, putting up Jeff, who’s ostensibly a bigger target in both game potential and pectoral mass (and who, I would wager, also has the biggest collection of V-necks from Target). He told Shelli that he could still play the game for her. “I just got caught up,” he said, sounding for all the world like the quarterback in a high school movie trying to get his girlfriend back for prom. So in a weird way, Audrey’s poor game play week two may have saved her for now because nobody thinks she has a realistic shot of taking home the $500,000 in two months. Although he would campaign heavily to remain in the house, Jeff would be voted out rather handily and give Rousso the “bloodless” eviction that she hoped for.

Both Vanessa and The Man in the Big Yellow Beard promise her she has “nothing to worry about,” and in fact, she doesn’t—they’ll keep her close and “deal with her later,” says Austin (because Vanessa can’t say “deal” because she’s a poooker plaaaayer). While she heads the Rousso Alliance (why does that sound like something the USS Enterprise would encounter in deep space?), she has her former HOH Austin, the couple Shelli and Clay and Liz – who has swapped in and out the entirety of the game with her twin sister, Julia, who will be added to the houseguests if they are able to make it to the jury segment of the game (the point where further eliminations will be part of a jury to determine the eventual winner) – in agreement as to the direction the faction will go.

In the only major conversation Jeff has had with Jackie this season, he admitted that emotions were just part of his pitch. “Shelli’s emotional,” he explained. “And sometimes you have to pull on the emotional strings to get things done.” Jeff’s been such a nothing this year that I actually perked up when he said that. He points out that Liz’s “ass looks fatter” and declares, “I love Clay, but Shelli’s f—ing him up.” This is the equivalent of texting smack about your aunt to your uncle. But now that Liz and Julia have the “Sixth Sense,” alliance on their side, they’ve made it clear to not spend so much time with specific people and make subtle changes to make each twin look more like the other. I’m kind of sad that this twin twist was blown up so early in the game, however with super fans of the show playing this season it was only a matter of time. After finally coming to light on “Big Brother,” can Rousso now sink back into the shadows and use her Machiavellian-like control on her alliance to direct the game?

While he’s been dawdling along in the background, making friends and making vague plans to backstab those friends, Shelli’s been cultivating a couple different potential master plans—the Sixth Sense twin gambit, the Clay flirtmance. To win Shelli over, Jeff should’ve gone into the forest, slayed a lion with his bare hands, lay its head at Shelli’s feet, and waited patiently while Shelli ripped off the lion’s hide with her teeth and knit the fur into a snazzy new hoodie. In the moment, Austin allows himself to lose to John (who still could have won anyway, because he had to take a “perceptual ability test” in dental school and is Perseus slaying Medusa and has powers of perception that we as simple dental assistants will never understand). Throwing the competition is a somewhat smart move by Austin—let the alliance’s plan continue, but with slightly less blood on his hands—but it only works if Vanessa believes he lost, and she’s convinced he threw it. Perhaps Jeff didn’t realize that Austin the Judasmonster was willing to, quote, “sacrifice my life in this game to fulfill the emptiness that’s been in my heart.” Is Austin good at Big Brother?

It’s so outrageous of a statement that even Percept-i-John points out the flaw: “The point when you start feeling too safe, you’re probably going home. You might want to start giving it a little bit more of an effort,” he says in the diary room, to applause and laughter from around the country. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” he continues. “Soylent Green is people,” he opines.

Such are the parties the houseguests are forced to throw, which, granted, are much better than the Librarian Bros and Barbarian Hos parties I went to in college. John had a conversation with Vanessa that he’d be put up the block as a pawn and if he were to throw the competition be ensured safety up until jury. Then after the POV there was an announcement from Gronk about a reward completion for the “winners,” of the week, since Gronk told them at the start of the week Gronk likes winners. John’s DR comment was spoke volumes, he was told he was nominated and should do whatever the HOH does, but if they continue this he may target them. So for Vanessa and Austin, the two HOH winners, Meg and Jason the two BOTB winners and John winner of the POV would all have the opportunity for this reward competition.

We’re one week closer to the moment when Big Brother could become the season of Double Liz—and there is circumstantial evidence that Julia might actually be an even savvier player than her sister. (To be honest, I can never tell who’s who. But then Jeff tells Austin, who acts surprised, and it’s in his googly-eyed facial expression that perceptive Jason (not to be confused with Percept-i-John) knows Austin is lying. “He already knew,” Jason says, and now a flummoxed Jeff is convinced that Austin and Vanessa are in an alliance.

He got kicked out the door, although the votes were hardly unanimous: He earned a vote from Liz (mainly because she thought she could control him), and from power floater Johnny Mack, and from wannabe superfan Steve, and from ultimate floater Jackie. Tune in on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 Detroit to see if the POV will be used on either James or John, what other party events are in store from Gronk during his BB Take Over and how will Liz and Julia’s continue to act as one person. And then there’s the fact that Vanessa and Austin’s alliance has now been outed to Jason and friends—will Clay, Shelli, and Juliza be dragged out, too? I’m intrigued by her undefined flirtmance with Van Der Beek, and the relationship’s central tension: You can’t figure out who’s in charge, and who’s leading whom on.

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