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‘Big Brother 17’: Seventh Juror Talks Shock Exit, Love for Liz and Leaving His Girlfriend.

Here we are at the tail end of the season, where the pixelated crust of sleep has embedded itself in the corners of our eyes and we’re lazily trudging toward the sweet relief of a season finale, when suddenly and without all warning, we’re given… an interesting episode!?!? At the beginning of “Big Brother” on Sept. 15, audiences who’d tuned in to CBS’ most watched reality show of the year thought it was down to Steve or John as the likely candidates for eventual eviction.

The Goblins and Vanessa are more question marks, but the Goblins don’t understand Steve and I am choosing to believe Vanessa’s claims she wants a woman to win this season. Before the former professional wrestler entered the Big Brother house he told The Hollywood Reporter about his view on showmances saying, “showmances are the death of you in this game.” Now, moments after his eviction and before he was locked up in the jury house Austin talks to THR again about his change of heart, leaving his girlfriend for Liz, the blindside by Vanessa, and the turtle neck he’ll wear to the Nolan family dinner. (Disclosure: Because the nine-person jury is underway, houseguests will now answer questions via email from THR. Tucked away in the house, they had no idea about the NFL or the return of “Thursday Night Football,” which prompted CBS to shift “Big Brother” to Tuesday. Yes, Vanessa is once again in power, which means everyone’s dirty laundry is aired out in the open, as she jumps from houseguests to houseguest searching for news like a ravenous vulture dying for something to eat.

But when host Julie Chen instructed the participants to take their seats on the couch, all of them learned at that moment that it was a special eviction show. It’s stipulated that questions cannot in any way be a potential interference to the game and are required to be approved by production before given to the houseguests.) Vanessa completely betrayed me. Head of household Vanessa had picked Steve and Johnny Mac for eviction, but Johnny Mac won the veto challenge, saved himself and took himself off the block. (CBS managed to plug its sitcom “Life in Pieces,” but more about that later.) Liz, of course, wanted boyfriend Austin to stay. The wheels are spinning in overdrive as she finds herself caught between a showmance with far too much hair and another showmance without much “mance.” Vanessa ascended to power through the all-too-familiar egg carry challenge. This was the hardest one for me to predict, and my reason for penciling in Liz as a winner is because James said he wants to vote for someone who has overcome odds to get where they are.

She swore to me on her family, her girlfriend, the LGBT community and the Bible and she’ll have to deal with those consequences of making those pledges and going back on it. Having to slip their fingers through chicken wire, the houseguests had to maneuver eggs into holders, and this year’s iteration made last year’s look like child’s play. Would it be John the monotonic dentist who, when he waves his hands and screams, is actually speaking in his inside voice, who would be gone, gone, gone? And after losing her sister and boyfriend in a span of five days, if Liz can tough it out and win a comp to get herself to this position, she may steal those Goblin votes and win.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Steve Moses won the final four HOH competition, and immediately had to announce his two nominations for eviction. My highlights: — Julie’s announcement that “tonight” is eviction night, met with a reaction of surrendered resignation from just about every houseguest. The only real strategy any of the houseguests could employ was to be careful not to trip over their own fingers. (ASIDE: Ever since the format was introduced during the eviction episode, I wondered if you could, once passing the midpoint, let the egg tumble down the other side just a bit to pick up a lead. For over 90 days now, audiences have learned more about the characters, core values, and mental aptitude of these contestants who are willing to show America how they brush their teeth each week for the chance to take home $500,000. Although Steve looks like he’s moderately motion sick, our remaining five finalists seem to have accepted their fate with ambivalence toward whatever happens next.

If ever there was a cast member and game participant who needed to be booted, the biggest favorite was Austin—the overly inked, barefoot, bozo, who has two names for himself because he can’t decide who he is—really. It’s an eerie example of art imitating life, if you can call Big Brother art (which I can because I took a class once and had a roommate who majored in art history for a semester). — In the immediate aftermath of Commander Julie’s decree, everyone hugged Vanessa in sort of a blood oath kind of a way that we’ve come to expect of interactions with her.

END OF ASIDE) Liz, realizing she’s lagging behind, decides to go after the mystery luxury prize, which must be claimed before the competition could end. This decision puts more of an onus on Austin of course, who clearly believes he and his alter ego Judas (a name significant for belonging to one of the most selfish characters in the Bible) must protect Liz like she’s a dainty princess trapped away in a castle tower.

One has to ask whether wrestling fans would take up the cause to root for Judas, and the answer would likely be exponentially related to how much alcohol was consumed prior to answering. So tonight, HOH Vanessa, the poker player who’s bluffed and dealt her way up and down every allegiance along the way, had picked Johnny Mac and Steve for the eviction lineup. I volunteered to go on the block this week to protect Liz, and I would do that again 1000 times over and have no problem walking out the door because of it. It almost immediately sends her into a spiral of thinking and overthinking until she could think no longer, which is apparently a time that may never come.

You have to love CBS’ marketing geniuses—they used the impending debut of “Life in Pieces,” the sure-fire hit with the stellar cast, as the directed focus for millions of television viewers to be aware of the show’s debut next Monday, and the cast members, and how the show is structured—in pieces—for a giant magnetic puzzle that had to be assembled first to win the veto power. Although he ultimately doesn’t make good on his plan to throw the veto to Austin and Liz, his sheer determination to foil his entire game just for the sake of pissing off Vanessa and coming in third (instead of fifth) is admirable. She runs the numbers, she interrogates all of her various alliance members for information, and though Vanessa has proven how impressive her manipulation can be, it’s everyone else who is trying to manipulate her this week. The priceless monkey wrench tossed in for consternation purposes was that each contestant had to scamper across a balance beam back and forth to hit a buzzer that went off every 20 seconds.

The contestants must have to pass a cardio test before being admitted on the show because the candidates were working at breakneck pace to complete their tasks. — The houseguests being forced to watch CBS’ Modern Life in Family Pieces, which I can assure you has at least one and up to two funny scenes in 22 minutes. As he had shown before, Johnny Mac’s puzzle-solving skills were superior, and yes, he’s a dentist so he’s used to staring at rows of teeth that form smiles, so it was “old home week” for him. She discovers from Johnny Mac Austin promised not to put his favorite dentist up but that Steve and Vanessa would have been the candidates for nomination had he become HoH. They have enough time to talk about strategy — it’s not an immediate eviction — and Johnny yet again entertains the crazy idea of keeping the showmance just to spite Miss V.

Everyone’s making deals that Vanessa wasn’t privy to, some of them legitimate, some of them clearly meant to just save face, but that distinction doesn’t matter to her. It would be the ultimate move, a stroke of pure insanity that matches the only other dentist-with-a-deathwish I know (the guy from Little Shop of Horrors). As luck would have it his sister Ariana Grande was performing at the Staples Center and the winner of the luxury prize along with another fellow houseguests would be accompanying him to the concert. As far as Judas goes, he’s not some evil manipulator; he’s the manifestation of Austin’s personality who has watched Austin get disappointed and heartbroken by life. I was very angry about it because before Liz would even consider progressing our relationship, I had to talk to her, on camera, in front of the live feeds and tell her exactly where I stood personally with my girlfriend.

As the tiebreaker, Vanessa quickly names Austin as her victim, and his reaction is a HUGE turn of events for this game — just, sadly, way too late in the season. — In his exit interview, Austin’s furious and barefoot and trudging across the stage like he didn’t need to get out of bed for another hour but had to go take the dog out. When Vanessa picked Austin to be in the other eviction chair, anger started welling up inside of him, as his fuming visage started speaking as Judas, to virtually no one listening. — The new HOH competition is a hilarious contest between John, Steve, and Liz, where they’re tasked with filling in the bleep on unnecessarily censored quotes from this season.

It’s hard to take the guy seriously as anything other than a cartoon cutup, as he uses more rubber bands for his hair and beard than really necessary as he takes his image so seriously, but as what, viewers are not exactly sure. Despite the pitifully proclaimed alliances and allegiances of love, Austin’s for Liz and Liz’s for Austin, Vegas odds-makers would probably give the couple’s chances of success after the show as “a snowball’s chance in…” well, you know. Stretch her legs, see something other than Austin’s chin ponytail and Johnny Mac’s back hair (let’s not even begin to think about what the shower drains are like in this house).

What do you think your conversation with your now-former girlfriend is going to be like after she presumably saw what happened with you and Liz in the house? Knowing what the day entails, Austin can’t get away from his in-house girlfriend fast enough, pointing at Vanessa as the clear friend to take along for the trip. Liz seems genuinely into it, Vanessa looks like she may or may not have heard “Problem” on the radio and kind of remembers the chorus, but is thankfully exerting her energy trying to have a good time and not plotting on who to evict. Austin displayed perhaps the least finesse of all the contestants who’ve been evicted, as he did not stick around for the hugs and “I’m so sorry’s” that have cloyingly accompanied every contestant’s exit upon eviction.

Really, Austin shouldn’t be surprised, as he’d tried to throw Steve under the bus in his “save me” speech, pronouncing that he was a real man and he’d seen Steve go from a kid into being a real man in the 90 days of the show.

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