Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 12: Tuesday Night Highlights

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‘Big Brother’: Most dramatic episode.

Here we are at the tail end of the season, where the pixelated crust of sleep has embedded itself in the corners of our eyes and we’re lazily trudging toward the sweet relief of a season finale, when suddenly and without all warning, we’re given… an interesting episode!?!? Tucked away in the house, they had no idea about the NFL or the return of “Thursday Night Football,” which prompted CBS to shift “Big Brother” to Tuesday. Yes, Vanessa is once again in power, which means everyone’s dirty laundry is aired out in the open, as she jumps from houseguests to houseguest searching for news like a ravenous vulture dying for something to eat.

And he was not happy about it. “Vanessa completely betrayed me,” says Austin. “I knew it was a possibility because it’s Big Brother, but her whole game was about playing with integrity and not betraying me since we made a final two deal on the second day. Head of household Vanessa had picked Steve and Johnny Mac for eviction, but Johnny Mac won the veto challenge, saved himself and took himself off the block. (CBS managed to plug its sitcom “Life in Pieces,” but more about that later.) Liz, of course, wanted boyfriend Austin to stay. The wheels are spinning in overdrive as she finds herself caught between a showmance with far too much hair and another showmance without much “mance.” Vanessa ascended to power through the all-too-familiar egg carry challenge. She swore to me on her family, her girlfriend, the LGBT community and the Bible and she’ll have to deal with those consequences of making those pledges and going back on it.

Having to slip their fingers through chicken wire, the houseguests had to maneuver eggs into holders, and this year’s iteration made last year’s look like child’s play. My highlights: — Julie’s announcement that “tonight” is eviction night, met with a reaction of surrendered resignation from just about every houseguest.

The only real strategy any of the houseguests could employ was to be careful not to trip over their own fingers. (ASIDE: Ever since the format was introduced during the eviction episode, I wondered if you could, once passing the midpoint, let the egg tumble down the other side just a bit to pick up a lead. Although Steve looks like he’s moderately motion sick, our remaining five finalists seem to have accepted their fate with ambivalence toward whatever happens next. However, Vanessa secretly petitioned John to cast his vote to evict Austin, meaning Rousso would eventually break the tie as HOH since Liz would vote to evict Steve.

It’s an eerie example of art imitating life, if you can call Big Brother art (which I can because I took a class once and had a roommate who majored in art history for a semester). That’s the hardest part for me.” We caught up with Austin on his way to the jury house and here’s what else he had to say about that big blindside, how he would have done had he made it farther in the game, and that hideous ponytail beard. — In the immediate aftermath of Commander Julie’s decree, everyone hugged Vanessa in sort of a blood oath kind of a way that we’ve come to expect of interactions with her. END OF ASIDE) Liz, realizing she’s lagging behind, decides to go after the mystery luxury prize, which must be claimed before the competition could end.

This decision puts more of an onus on Austin of course, who clearly believes he and his alter ego Judas (a name significant for belonging to one of the most selfish characters in the Bible) must protect Liz like she’s a dainty princess trapped away in a castle tower. Liz was not having any success with the course and when the other competitors we ahead of her, she decided to go for the luxury prize, where she and a fellow houseguest would be able to leave the Big Brother house. I volunteered to go on the block this week to protect Liz, and I would do that again 1000 times over and have no problem walking out the door because of it.

It almost immediately sends her into a spiral of thinking and overthinking until she could think no longer, which is apparently a time that may never come. Following her win, Vanessa is on a hunt for information, wanting to ensure whether she should stick to her Austin and Liz alliance or if her newfound team-up with Johnny Mac and Steve is better for her in the end. She runs the numbers, she interrogates all of her various alliance members for information, and though Vanessa has proven how impressive her manipulation can be, it’s everyone else who is trying to manipulate her this week.

— The houseguests being forced to watch CBS’ Modern Life in Family Pieces, which I can assure you has at least one and up to two funny scenes in 22 minutes. She discovers from Johnny Mac Austin promised not to put his favorite dentist up but that Steve and Vanessa would have been the candidates for nomination had he become HoH. From her insistence on always wearing hats to her extreme paranoia and her inability to believe that anyone other than she would play this game strategically, nothing has changed in her game since day one. They have enough time to talk about strategy — it’s not an immediate eviction — and Johnny yet again entertains the crazy idea of keeping the showmance just to spite Miss V. Everyone’s making deals that Vanessa wasn’t privy to, some of them legitimate, some of them clearly meant to just save face, but that distinction doesn’t matter to her.

It would be the ultimate move, a stroke of pure insanity that matches the only other dentist-with-a-deathwish I know (the guy from Little Shop of Horrors). As far as Judas goes, he’s not some evil manipulator; he’s the manifestation of Austin’s personality who has watched Austin get disappointed and heartbroken by life. As the tiebreaker, Vanessa quickly names Austin as her victim, and his reaction is a HUGE turn of events for this game — just, sadly, way too late in the season. — In his exit interview, Austin’s furious and barefoot and trudging across the stage like he didn’t need to get out of bed for another hour but had to go take the dog out.

Working with them, I was aware they would always choose each other over me, and I was okay with that because I already felt a winner in this game because I met Liz. Austin meets with them in the pantry trying to diffuse the situation, bouncing back and forth between truths and lies of omission, choosing whatever will best soothe Vanessa’s psyche. Whether it actually is in trouble doesn’t matter — she’s willing to get everyone to talk, talk, talk to her until they reveal something she can use to save herself, something that can keep her safe.

— The new HOH competition is a hilarious contest between John, Steve, and Liz, where they’re tasked with filling in the bleep on unnecessarily censored quotes from this season. Stretch her legs, see something other than Austin’s chin ponytail and Johnny Mac’s back hair (let’s not even begin to think about what the shower drains are like in this house). What do you think your conversation with your now-former girlfriend is going to be like after she presumably saw what happened with you and Liz in the house? Yes, Frankie has returned to bestow a Grande-themed prize upon the winner of the luxury egg winner, Liz, as well as another houseguest of her choosing.

Knowing what the day entails, Austin can’t get away from his in-house girlfriend fast enough, pointing at Vanessa as the clear friend to take along for the trip. Both are glimpses into an alternate reality that may or may not be the darkest timeline where everyone dresses like a member of The Hunger Games’ Capitol.) They’re then driven to the Staples Center where Frankie takes them on stage, Ariana snaps a few photos with them, and then, after being given Grande prize packs, the trio heads up to their VIP box to watch the show.

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