‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: One Couple Gets Engaged While Another Calls It Quits

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: Overflowing with tears before the season finale.

After the thoroughly depressing part 1 finale of , in which Kirk broke up with Carly, it was definitely time for something more uplifting – and Monday night’s final episode really delivered.Host Chris Harrison warns us before every episode that this one will be the most dramatic one of all time – but this time, it actually might deserve that title.

All of the remaining ladies — especially — seemed totally taken aback by the reality that such a solid couple could fall apart so unexpectedly. (Granted, Kirk had been having doubts for some time, but he hadn’t given Carly even a hint that his feelings were changing.) Sensing that Jade was really shaken by the split, said, “She could either feel sad for Carly but stay excited for me — or she could let this breakup get inside her head a little bit.” For the record, it seemed like the split was pretty inside Jade’s head. Mostly because she continues to tell us that with lines like, “I would lose my virginity to Jared” and “I can’t be a virgin forever!” As they head to the “fantasy suite” we are taken back to the Paradise bar. We’ll get to that … but first, a quick rundown of all the other relationships that crashed and burned (and the few that blossomed) on Sunday night’s episode. Juelia, who hasn’t had a great time on the show so far, tells everyone that she is really happy with Mikey T., self-proclaimed “alpha male” right before he pulls her aside to break up with her. Though Cassandra admitted she and Justin had hit it off, she was nervous about whether to go to the fantasy suite with him since they’d only just met.

At the final rose ceremony the next day, Justin offered her his rose – and at this point, host Chris Harrison had announced to the group that handing out a rose and accepting it meant that couple was “committed to a life together outside of Paradise.” (Okay, ABC. Tenley also seemed torn about what to do with Joshua, explaining that she was “trying really hard not to make the same mistakes” she’d made in the past. It’s honestly hard to keep track of how many times Jared has broken up with Ashley I. – but could we really call it a breakup if we aren’t even sure they were dating in the first place? Obviously, it’s time to add someone new to the season, so Cassandra, the single mother from Juan Pablo’s season, makes her way down the infamous staircase to greet the group.

Despite their lack of an overnight together, however, it was obvious that these two liked each other regardless of their uncertain future beyond Paradise. Nonetheless, they returned from their Fantasy Suite date and, for a while, it remained unclear whether or not Jared had taken Ashley I.’s much talked-about virginity.

Though Tenley reiterated over and over how great she thought Joshua was, she was still concerned over how compatible they would be once their beach vacation was over. When she expressed her concerns to Joshua, he replied, “I’m freaked out too, but I also know that I like what’s happening so much that I don’t want it to end.” “Over the last week things have gotten even more real for me. Next, we watched Ashley I. gushing about Jared to Mackenzie on the beach, which is always a clear sign something is about to go wrong – not to mention the fact that Ashley I. told Mackenzie she felt like she was having déjà vu at the exact moment Jared was approaching. Justin returns to the bar to tell Jaclyn that he agreed to a date with Samantha, and Jaclyn tells us, “So they have a lot in common because they have kids.

While they both really like each other, Tenley was more hesitant because she knew that it would be difficult considering she lives in California and Joshua is a welder from Idaho. She ended up turning down his rose at the ceremony, although in classic Tenley fashion, first she had to gush about their relationship and how “adored” she felt.

You haven’t known this person that long.’ But my heart is telling me that the feelings are real and I do love you.” At that moment, Jade’s fears melted away and she told him she felt the same. “I feel misunderstood a lot. When he asks her for the card, she asks, “Do you have $250,000?” before forcing him to roll around in the hot sand pretending to be a Victoria’s Secret model. This time was no different – except Jared finally decided to pack his bags and leave. “I wasn’t just this girl who desperately wanted him and he didn’t want me back. They both reiterated that their relationship was “new,” but that they were excited to see where it could go. “I’m excited to go on some great dates, just us, without cameras,” she explained.

She called him her “prince charming” and accepted. “Meeting Nick made me realize what a real man is,” she explained to the camera. “I’m glad I stayed because everything happens for a reason.” Joshua offered his rose to Tenley, saying that he wanted to give their romance a shot, but she ultimately decided the logistical complications and long distance would be too much to weather. “You’re an amazing man. She agrees, while Carly, the cruise ship singer and Jade, who was sent home from Chris Soules’ season for posing in Playboy, talk about how terrible Samantha is. Jaclyn’s face throughout this entire conversation was priceless. “Justin made it seem like he had more of a connection with Cassandra because they both have kids,” she said in an on-camera interview. “So, like, I didn’t get knocked up when I was 19. Sorry.” “I never thought the key to success here would be to a.) have a kid, b.) talk to fruits and vegetables, c.) talk to animals and raccoons and d.) be a complete psychopath,” she continued. “So I can’t tell if I’m winning or losing.” JACLYN’S QUOTES ARE GOLD, PURE GOLD.

Nick greets Samantha with “You look breathtaking,” followed immediately with “You look incredible,” and then, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my entire life,” so clearly he’s into her sparkling personality and not what she looks like. Nick then ran off to tell Samantha he had gotten a date card, and Samantha accepted. (While we’re on the topic of Samantha, I’ve got to say I love the creepy suspenseful music they play in the background every time she’s on screen.) I think the only verbal interactions these two had on their date consisted of Nick telling Samantha how beautiful she was. While eating this food, Samantha asks Nick why he pursued her and, obviously, he responds with, “Because you’re beautiful.” She proceeds to ask what he thinks will happen at the rose ceremony before kissing him, because that’s how you get a rose in Paradise – being hot and making out with horny dudes. She says that “she grew up here [in Paradise]” and I bet JJ, who left a few weeks ago with an epic speech about finding himself, gave her that line before he left.

Dan went next and, after making a quick speech thanking Ashley S. and Amber for their relationships that unfortunately didn’t work out, he decided to gracefully bow out. Dan, who I still don’t remember, follows Justin and decides that instead of giving away a rose, he is going to “remove himself from Paradise.” Which means he’s going home because he hasn’t even had an over-the-pants rub in Paradise. They were basically together since day one, and we’ve barely even talked about them in our recaps because their relationship had been so solid and drama-free. As they prepare for their dates, we are reminded that Joshua, the industrial welder, has really awful tattoos and Kirk, from Ali’s season, has commitment issues. It was genuinely painful to watch her come to the realization what was happening as Kirk finally got to the point and blurted out that he was “a lot behind” in terms of their relationship.

Jade and Tenley have been watching from above, and when Carly runs away from Kirk, they are quick to be by her side because when you’re a part of the “Bachelor” franchise, you become besties with everyone from every season ever. It was so real that it honestly felt wrong to be watching it all play out on television, like we shouldn’t be privy to such a private moment between two people.

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