Bachelor in Paradise Finale Ends With an Engagement! Who’s the Happy Couple?

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale Recap: ‘When I Think About the Real World, It’s Different’.

I’d like to start our final Paradise recap with a question: If you forced Chris Harrison to eliminate either “shocking” or “dramatic” from his vocabulary, which would he choose?After the thoroughly depressing part 1 finale of , in which Kirk broke up with Carly, it was definitely time for something more uplifting – and Monday night’s final episode really delivered.After Sunday’s (Sept. 6) shocking breakup between Kirk and Carly, “Bachelor in Paradise” concluded its second season on a much happier note — Jade and Tanner are engaged.This season of Bachelor in Paradise began with the wedding of Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd a year after they met on the show’s first season, and I had hoped that we’d see another success story.

Regardless of the answer, it seems we’ve made it through this season’s “shocking” and “dramatic” moments — Ashley I’s tears, Sam’s lies, and Justin’s sweat — to arrive at the end of paradise, where the women are still hung up on what just happened to Carly, and the men are ready to focus on the fantasy suites (if you ever wondered about differences between the sexes). All of the remaining ladies — especially — seemed totally taken aback by the reality that such a solid couple could fall apart so unexpectedly. (Granted, Kirk had been having doubts for some time, but he hadn’t given Carly even a hint that his feelings were changing.) Sensing that Jade was really shaken by the split, said, “She could either feel sad for Carly but stay excited for me — or she could let this breakup get inside her head a little bit.” For the record, it seemed like the split was pretty inside Jade’s head.

I never would have guessed that the Disney princess and the welder would have fallen so hard for each other, but here we are, saying goodbye to a pair who seemed like they might really make it. They had one night in the Fantasy Suite where they made their relationship official and have spent the rest of the time in paradise watching the rest of the drama unfold. Brush your teeth, do you hair, write random words like “unexpected” and “timing” on a blank page in your journal — whatever you gotta do to get ready. Saying “you know” at least five times in a matter of seconds, Nick basically talks his way around asking Sam if she’s here for the right reasons.

At the final rose ceremony the next day, Justin offered her his rose – and at this point, host Chris Harrison had announced to the group that handing out a rose and accepting it meant that couple was “committed to a life together outside of Paradise.” (Okay, ABC. Tenley also seemed torn about what to do with Joshua, explaining that she was “trying really hard not to make the same mistakes” she’d made in the past. Despite their lack of an overnight together, however, it was obvious that these two liked each other regardless of their uncertain future beyond Paradise. Though Tenley reiterated over and over how great she thought Joshua was, she was still concerned over how compatible they would be once their beach vacation was over.

Both Cassandra and Justin as well as Nick and Samantha decide to give their relationships a shot outside of “Paradise.” Tenley felt conflicted during the last rose ceremony, unable to decide if her feelings for Joshua were able to overcome the difficult nature of a long distance relationship outside of the show. When she expressed her concerns to Joshua, he replied, “I’m freaked out too, but I also know that I like what’s happening so much that I don’t want it to end.” “Over the last week things have gotten even more real for me. After smooching Justin on the couch for awhile, Cassandra tells him that it would be “almost inappropriate” for them to sleep together, so they part ways for the night. Tenley and Joshua: Even though Tenley has enjoyed every minute of her time with Josh, she’s starting to think about the reality of being together outside the show, and she’s not sure how she feels.

According to her Twitter page, Tenley currently lives in San Diego, and, as she said, she loves how busy it is and to be “surrounded by a big community.” Joshua, on the other hand, lives in a “one-stoplight town” in Idaho — Kuna, Idaho to be exact, according to Reality Steve. There were tears, and if it wasn’t such an ABC Bachelor franchise back drop, I would have thought I was watching the proposal of a couple who had been together a lot longer than just a few weeks. Tanner, perhaps worried Jade is going to bolt after seeing her best friend get brutally dumped earlier that day, drops the l-bomb. “I love you, Jade,” he says. “One-hundred percent.” And she LOVES it.

She ended up turning down his rose at the ceremony, although in classic Tenley fashion, first she had to gush about their relationship and how “adored” she felt. You haven’t known this person that long.’ But my heart is telling me that the feelings are real and I do love you.” At that moment, Jade’s fears melted away and she told him she felt the same. “I feel misunderstood a lot. Though it sucks that they had to end things, I can totally see how they couldn’t make that distance work — they’re just to used to different kinds of places, and it’s hard to make that transition. It seems that concerns about a long-distance relationship are starting to weigh Tenley down. “I’m just trying to be realistic,” she says. “When would I see you?” Joshua’s response, a very dude-like “We’ll figure it out,” does not inspire confidence. “It’s not a good way to start,” she sighs.

They both reiterated that their relationship was “new,” but that they were excited to see where it could go. “I’m excited to go on some great dates, just us, without cameras,” she explained. I love how our mornings are like our favorite time and you make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and worthy, and understood,which I don’t think I’ve ever felt from a man before, and I think that although Paradise is ending, I have a sense of peace about it because I know that we both want to work on our future together and I love you so much. Jade, as you know, I came to paradise expecting nothing but some free drinks and a good time on the beach, but then I met you and that changed everything. They accept each other’s roses, Cassandra refuses to do anything but peck Justin, and the two walk off into what’s sure to be a life of temporary contentment. Nick and Samantha: Well, if Samantha doesn’t cause Nick to die from suffocation — because she takes his breath away, get it? — he’d like to continue their (non-existent) journey.

Seriously, Team BIP, allowing this douchewad and his even douchewaddier arm candy participate in a “final rose ceremony” — an event that is sacred to those of us in Bachelor Nation — is just a travesty. And now it’s time for Tenley and Joshua. “My heart wants to keep Joshua in my life,” she admits. “But my head is saying, like, ‘What’s it really going to look like in the real world?’ I don’t know what to do.” Girl, who cares? And poor Joshua is just trying so hard. “I think what might happen after Paradise might be great and unexpected,” he tells her. “I’d love to try it, actually.” Tenley’s response? “Why do you have to live in Idaho?” Good question.

But what she means is, she’s played the movie of their relationship out in her head and she knows how it ends: they break up, or one of them has to move. Tanner and Jade: Well, paradise did something right, because when Tanner goes to give Jade his final rose, he sets it down and instead pulls out an engagement ring. “What we have is worth so much more than a rose, than a million roses.

Paradise has been, well, a mess, and if I’ve learned anything it’s that I’m never going to Sayulita, Mexico, because DID YOU SEE THAT ONE CRAB ON A ROOF?

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