Arrow’s Lance Family Reunion Isn’t All Smiles & Hugs—Can Undead Sara Be Saved?

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Arrow Season 4, Episode 4 Recap And Review: Beyond Redemption.

“Arrow’s” Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) is back from the dead, at least in body — but like everyone who takes a dip in the Lazarus Pit, she’s been irrevocably changed by the experience. We weren’t sure going into Wednesday night’s new episode of “Arrow” that a Captain Lance heavy episode was what we needed, but it certainly proved to be so after watching.

In this week’s episode, “Beyond Redemption,” everyone will have to deal with the repercussions of Sara’s return, especially her sister, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and father, Captain Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). Namely: Dad considering putting his undead daughter down. “He’s obviously very happy his daughter is back, as peculiar as that might be, but…something is remiss. This is something that we have been very much terrified about ever since the beginning of this season, mostly because it would feel like such a hokey, convenient thing for the show to do. Now Laurel is going to have to tell her dad what she’s done, and since Captain Lance has thrown in his lot (unwillingly, but still) with Damien Darhk, that may make a bad situation even worse. It may be a little too early to say that, given that the episode where he saw Sara for the first time after her previous “death” was extremely powerful.

News. “He clearly sees the pain and suffering she’s going through, which makes him ask himself whether that really is good for her or not.” But could Lance really pull the trigger on that gun we saw him aiming at Sara in last week’s trailer? “Obviously, it would be a terrible situation for any father. EW has the scoop from Blackthorne on what’s next: PAUL BLACKTHORNE: We’ll find that out specifically on Wednesday, but of course the family is looking out for each other. But given that she seems to be devoid of soul, spirit and that she seems to be suffering incredibly—you can clearly see the pain she’s in—it’s something that he has to entertain for the sake of putting her out of her misery,” he says. “It’s a ‘taking the dog down to the vet’ sort of moment…It’s a bit desperate.” Something tells us Sara will survive the hour (she does have a mid-season spinoff to get to, after all), but will she back to her old self by episode’s end? The scene where he almost killed Sara was amazing, but so was the scene with him and Stephen Amell as Oliver proclaimed that one of the reasons why he wanted to be Mayor in the first place was because of the opportunity it would afford him to start to make Quentin proud for once. Speaking to in a new interview, executive producer Wendy Mericle had the following to say: “That’s a great idea, and such a great teaser, I almost don’t want to spoil it … Unfortunately, no.

A father seeing his returned daughter is obviously an amazing moment for him, but at the same time he can immediately sense that something’s completely off with her and is wracked by that and can’t accept that she is truly back — which is pretty horrifying, when you’re seeing her back in the flesh but not really in spirit. Eventually, Quentin and Oliver had to work together to stop a group of dirty cops stealing supplies, and they were led by none other than Rutina Wesley!

As the show moves into that kind of tone, it’s interesting, because obviously the most skeptical person on the planet would be Lance, in regards to any of that mumbo-jumbo, as he’d call it. However, as things do move along through the season, there is more of this element that takes place in front of Lance’s eyes and it is starting to shift his world that maybe there is some supernatural element to it, but at this stage, it almost seems ridiculous that this could be the case. Now, let’s talk Sara – Specifically Laurel Lance was keeping her in the basement of her apartment in order for her to “heal.” That isn’t happening. However, if she appears to be in a pained and in a terrible state, like how you’d have to put your dog down at some point, it might be the best thing to do, so that’s the choice you have to make. That’s amazing.” So maybe we are going to get some further teases when it comes to Felicity’s father in the near future, but you can at least know that he will either be a new character, or someone else who is introduced under some sort of veil of secrecy.

At this point, Lance would try anything, and if there is such a thing as magic or supernatural power going on out there, supernatural elements, I think any father would try anything to bring the spirit of their daughter back. But that’s what’s so tragic about this situation, he knows he can’t connect with her, because he knows she’s not truly there to be connected with. Because of staffing cuts, Lance is frustrated with his inability to process the evidence from the shooting, so he agrees to let Oliver take a look at a SIM card recovered from the scene. Also, you can sign up over here to score some other TV updates on everything we cover, sent right over to you via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: The CW.)

What is this?” Obviously that takes some reconciling between the two of them as well. “Bring her back, but just bring her back properly next time, please, Laurel. You can’t blame him, can you? “Alright Oliver, I’ll let you have this one – I messed up, I’m sorry!” It’s reasonable that he takes this one on the chin for Oliver, but in true “Arrow” fashion, these things take their various twists and turns and turn out in a rather interesting way. Darhk, I know you’re a rather dastardly villain, but would you mind doing me a favor?” Like with the Oliver and Lance scene, this is another scene where relationships are turned on their head. So again, having to eat a little humble pie and go to him and ask “please, how do you deal with this stuff?” was another strange moment for Lance.

In the Arrow’s absence during the hiatus, this was a huge thing for Lance, for somebody to help the city after the biological attack in the season 3 finale. They decide to have Thea use her old drug connections to set up a buy, and Oliver gets Lance to agree to help after breaking the news of the dirty cops to him. Lance sees that Oliver is a changed man these days, he’s not what he used to be — obviously Lance knew Oliver since he was a kid, through his playboy days and all the rest of it, so in those first few episodes, he’s quietly urging Oliver to step up, step out of the shadows and into the light. Also, of course, when he realizes that Darhk is actually particularly dark and not exactly the person he suggested he was going to be, then he’s threatening Laurel, so Lance is pushed into a corner and has to keep working with him to keep his daughter alive.

So for Lance to see Oliver stepping up into that mayoral capacity with the campaign, he has a quiet pride about it; he’s quietly happy — the kid could be turning out okay after all. Lance explains that he’s been working with Darhk for about two months, and that he was benign at first, and once he figured out who and what Damien was it was too late. She threatens the hero’s life, but Lance makes a stirring speech (that includes the episode title for bonus points!) about not giving up on the city before questioning if Warner still believes in justice. While he talks, we see a series of other scenes, including Felicity listening to Ray’s final words, Warner facing her own personal justice … and Laurel discovering that Sara is gone!

Season 4 is avoiding any villain of the week issues and keeping Darhk lurking nicely, but this still won’t go down as anyone’s favorite, I don’t think.

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