‘Arrow’ Bosses on Merlyn Surprise: It “Changes the World Forever”

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‘Arrow’ Bosses on Oliver Surprise: It “Changes the World Forever”.

Team Arrow learned the sad truth about Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) demise at the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul (Matt Nable). It’s been a long journey for Katie Cassidy to don the Black Canary suit on , which she will finally do in tonight’s midseason premiere after a three-year wait. “I was definitely disappointed, because it was something that I was really looking forward to,” Cassidy says of learning it would take Laurel a bit of time to become the Black Canary. Unbeknownst to them, Oliver is alive (if not well). “We we sat down and said ‘what can we do to make these episodes epic?’ ” Kreisberg tells The Hollywood Reporter. “These three episodes are a trilogy essentially of what happens in Starling City when the world thinks Oliver Queen is dead, and it allows every character on the show to rise or fall, depending on the circumstances they find themselves in.” Key word: “thinks” he is dead. Don’t worry. “I don’t think the audience is wondering whether or not he’s really dead,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg chimes in. “It’s wondering how he’s going to come back.

If you missed the Emerald Archer’s final moments of the mid-season finale then why are you reading this you’re unaware of just how precarious Oliver Queen’s position is at the moment. It took Oliver five years on the Island and everything he went through.” But now, after hitting “rock bottom” in season two and the death of her sister Sara (Caity Lotz), the Canary, Laurel is ready to take over the responsibilities that come with the black leather jacket.

Sunken Ship Rescue Salvage crews attach large air tanks to the port side that will provide buoyancy when the Costa Concordia is towed away from the island. (Photo: Windfall Films) The physics of large ships are a mystery to many, from how they float to how they could sink. The answer to that question is really revealed over these next three episodes, which were designed to be a trilogy of what happened to Oliver Queen and what happens to Starling City and its heroes when their leader and their inspiration isn’t there to guide them anymore.” First, however, the team will actually have to find out the truth that their leader has fallen. “We’re shocked and pissed when we get that news from Malcolm Merlyn [John Barrowman],” David Ramsey says, noting that Diggle will suit up in the Arrow costume while Oliver is gone to keep up the guise that their vigilante hero is still protecting the city. But once they realize Oliver is dead, the decision to keep Team Arrow going will not be unanimous. “This has been Oliver’s crusade for three years and now it’s ours. The first step is in tonight’s episode, “Left Behind.” On-the-Mark Recap: A high speed chase opens the show, with cops chasing down criminals fleeing in a van. Tonight on this music-driven soap, the Lyons head to Philadelphia to get a glimpse of what life might have been like had Lucious not become a star — a success built on Cookie’s efforts.

Some were pessimistic Oliver was dead for good, while others simply point to Ra’s Al Ghul’s comic book history as evidence that Oliver will return from the dead. Waller is revealing more info to Oliver and Maseo about China White’s potential bioweapon: the terrorist has the Omega portion, and if she gets her hand on the Alpha segment, then all hell may break loose. A shot of a mysterious figure approaching Oliver’s body, followed by the revelation that Maseo (Karl Yune) and Katana (Rila Fukushima) had orchestrated Oliver returning to life will certainly send fans into a frenzy, just as when Oliver died. “My Facebook page blew up. The team looks up to him to a certain degree,” says Ramsey, who adds the team respects his military experience as well as his emotional maturity. “We’re trying to pick up the pieces and do exactly what he’s done, but there are four of us. Maseo and Oliver attempt to break into the secure facility housing the Alpha weapon via a rooftop grappling line, but Ollie’s literally left hanging when the thick security glass won’t break.

We do, by the way, fight crime without him, and it ain’t pretty.” “Obviously Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] is heartbroken,” Colton Haynes adds. “Roy kind of plays it differently. Even beyond this sort of trilogy, the repercussions of Oliver’s actions are felt throughout the rest of the season,” says Kreisberg. “It’s that moment that really changes the world of Arrow forever. Because it’s a very strong suit, how can we make this a little bit more feminine?” And Cassidy reveals she was even more involved when it came to the Black Canary’s hair and make-up. tested out five looks, the first of which “they let me do whatever I wanted. Oliver then reveals that he placed a GPS tracker into the criminal’s pocket, who will now lead them directly to Tatsu, something Waller never would have allowed them to do.

As for Laurel’s sleeker, platinum blonde wig, Cassidy explains, “I begged them, ‘Please don’t make me wear a curly blonde wig.’ Because the Canary had that and I just wanted Laurel to be more sharp and modern. Then it’s time for a trademark dose of Diggle realism (Felicity even recognizes the look that precedes it), with John telling Felicity that he’s prepared for the worst, even if she continues to remain hopeful. If anybody can handle more loss, I feel like Laurel could because she’s an incredibly strong character.” Adds Kreisberg: “What Laurel very clearly lacks in skill, she makes up for in grit and determination. True to Arrow form, the mid-season premiere opens up with an action-packed chase sequence between the Starling City PD and some trigger-happy criminals.

Just strong.” And while the producers originally didn’t go for her preferred look, Cassidy says, “We went in and pled our case, and were like, ‘Look, it’s a masculine outfit. At the police station, Fisher tells Laurel he’s less scared of the law than he is of Brick, and Laurel sees his attorney making a phone call to his boss. Brick shows up to presumably save his henchman from getting beaten to death, but in actually the mob boss is pretty pissed that his subordinate went against his orders and killed a cop. After Merlyn departs, Felicity tells the others that nothing has changed, and that if they’ve learned anything from Oliver, it’s that sometimes you need to keep pushing forward. The team returns back to HQ after coming up empty at Brick’s hideout to find that Malcolm Merlyn is waiting for them. (I feel like the security team that’s responsible for locking down Arrow’s HQ is the same revolving-door system in place over at S.T.A.R.

A DNA test by Felicity confirms that the blood is indeed Oliver’s. (The editing in this hour is subpar, and the expository dialogue to catch viewers up is almost as bad.) Though Felicity chastises the Dark Archer for using Oliver for his own ends, Malcolm tries to explain to them that Oliver’s failure also seals Merlyn’s own fate as his own debt is not yet paid. Felicity thanks Diggle for not saying “I told you so.” Roy handles the news by drinking, and when Thea asks if he;s okay, he simply says he got some bad news about a friend.

Thea is apparently astute enough to recognize Roy as the Red Hood who runs around with Arrow, but can’t piece together the fact that her brother is obviously the head archer. While Roy talks to Diggle about Thea’s revelation, Diggle gets his own spark of recognition when he realizes that the scraps of paper with numbers are actually case file IDs for street-level enforcers awaiting trial. Felicity’s just starting to react to the dawning truth that Oliver is not coming back, but she goes a bit far in telling Palmer what his dead fiance would have wanted from him. (That was a pretty awkward moment for a pretty awkward couple.) Luckily she’s distracted by a call from Roy and Diggle. Thanks to his metahuman abilities, Brick’s impenetrable skin shrugs off bullets like nobody’s business, but apparently Roy’s arrows do slightly better.

The team is in disarray: Oliver is dead(ish), Felicity is gone, Diggle is broken up over his inability to protect his client, and Roy is … well, still a bit moody. And for anyone doubting Katie Cassidy’s action abilities, be sure to check out her turn in Supernatural.) Thea arrives home and almost kills her father, who has a habit of creeping around in the shadows.

A Team Arrow argument breaks out, and when Diggle says if they’re going to do this without Oliver, they need to trust each other, Felicity says, “There is no ‘this’ without him. While two of the cronies talk about their potential future under Brick’s leadership, a sonic grenade gets their attention; Laurel aka Black Canary drops a one-liner on them before knocking them cold. As a camera dives down over the edge of a cliff to the still-unconscious (if not outright dead) body of Oliver Queen, a hooded figure approaches him… That mysterious figure out in the cold on a snowy cliffside? Brick assembles all the guys who just escaped jail because of him, noting that he still has all the evidence, and if they don’t want to run with his crew, the DA will get gift-wrapped packages sending them back. Here’s hoping that some of the DC mythology bleeds its way into next week’s episode by way of explanation, because for a mid-season premiere, this episode was only so-so.

They prepare the assault on the lab, running into some trouble in the form of a very durable window that leaves Ollie dangling precariously from a zipline. Favorite Moment: When Felicity first expresses doubts about Ray’s plans, his response is priceless: “You make it sound like using an advanced exoskeleton to fight crime and save the city is a Looney Tune idea.” Much needed comic relief in an otherwise grim episode.

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