Arraignment for driver accused of threatening Chicago mayor

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Arraignment for driver accused of threatening Chicago mayor.

CHICAGO (AP) – A driver for a ride-sharing service accused of threatening Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and others on Facebook is expected to enter a plea to a charge of transmitting a threatening communication. Whether or not cutting the power to the Chief Keef portion of Saturday’s Craze Fest was a direct violation of anyone’s First Amendment rights hinges solely on the contract Hammond and the promoter signed, legal experts say.

Given what the, police, the Mayor, and Father Pfleger think about the Chief, it’s surprising that Chicagoan Rapper Chief Keef, who came to fame with his one song, “I Don’t Like” that garnered the attention of the Chicago Sun Times, would have behaved badly causing a violent scene since they shut down his recently scheduled concert.Chief Keefis name stated it will declare options for another profit concert by Tuesday morning, merely nights following the Chicago rapperis show by hologram was turn off by authorities in& nbsp In. “Ideas are increasingly being put right now,” claimed Owen Phillips, spokesman for Hologram US, which quickly beamed Primary Keef by hologram from a Beverly Hills soundstage to your point at Phenomenon Holiday in Hammond on Thursday. A federal complaint says the Glen Ellyn man wrote that Emanuel had “led the city of Chicago down the road to perdition” and that he’d teach the mayor “a lesson.” Khan allegedly wrote about wanting to commit acts of violence that would draw widespread attention. On its surface, the city’s claim that it was shut down upon the appearance of Chief Keef’s hologram for “safety reasons” is spurious, according to Richard Garnett, law and political science professor for the University of Notre Dame.

And it will be part of a comprehensive approach to the budget.” The mayor, returning from an overseas vacation, also defended his most recent round of City Hall borrowing. About an hour earlier, Keef also posted a message to his fans telling them to call Emanuel and included a phone number, which directs callers to the city’s 311 directory. It is not clear where so when the show that is next will be held.&nbsp Keef enjoyed with one melody Wednesday nights before nbsp police& ;close the energy down towards the point at Wolf Pavilion. One message allegedly said, “I want a net worth individual to shoot.” A judge ruled at an earlier detention hearing that Khan should remain jailed.

He responded with a promise to introduce a privatization ordinance of his own that would “codify” the process he used to evaluate and ultimately reject privatizing Midway Airport after one of only two bidders left the runway. The First Amendment does allow for protection against danger, such as someone yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater where there is no fire, but it’s a narrow exception, Garnett said. “The general concern about safety is not enough,” Garnett said Tuesday. “You can’t preemptively cancel something because you ‘think’ there’s going to be danger. Earlier this month, Emanuel borrowed $1.1 billion, including $743 million in taxable debt on which the city will pay an interest rate of nearly 8 percent. With the nation’s second-largest number of sworn officers, Chicago is struggling to pay an extra $550 million in pension obligations owed to public-safety workers.

The rapper refused to back down and opted to stage the gig at nearby Hammond, Indiana’s Craze Fest, again via hologram from Los Angeles, on Saturday. At the City Council meeting Wednesday, the mayor plans to introduce an ordinance endorsed by AFSCME and the Better Government Association that will be co-sponsored by Ald. It can be invoked only in situations where (a person) is intending to incite violence immediately, like a speaker telling his audience ‘I want you to go across the street to this store and burn it to the ground,’ for example. “Clearly they weren’t worried about letting others perform, so my conclusion is unless there was a contractual deal, it’s a pretty clear violation, because the justification they offered shows the content doesn’t seem to have been a real concern,” Garnett said. That leaves the city with little financial flexibility as homicides have risen more than 18 percent from last year and shootings 17 percent. “They’re fighting a war on two fronts,” said Richard Ciccarone, president and chief executive officer of Merritt Research Services, which analyzes municipal finance.

There is a for the hologram concert to occur at Redmoon Movie in Eastern Pilsen before this month, but the mayoris office mentioned the show “sat an important community security possibility” and Redmoon terminated the big event. Valparaiso University law school professor and former dean Ivan Bodensteiner agreed whoever made the call to shut down the hologram likely did so preemptively. Part of this was in response to the shutting down of a Chicago hologram concert last week based on a pair of outstanding warrants for his arrest over unpaid child support obligations.

Only hrs ahead of the present, Primary Keef tweeted the concert would occur at Lincoln Hallway, but that tweet was to “mislead people who might try to cease it on quot,& purpose ; Phillips mentioned. Much of the borrowing was taxable because governments are not allowed to take advantage of cheaper tax-exempt rates when they borrow long term for short-term expenses. This all comes following Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s intervention to prevent Chief Keef from performing a benefit concert in Chicago after the fatal shooting of his friend, and the death of a young child nearby who died as a result of the police auto chase.

Did the contract preclude Chief Keef?” Steve Sersic, attorney for the Hammond Port Authority, which oversees the Wolf Lake Pavilion, described the contract between Craze Fest promoters and the city “as a license agreement that provides the city can revoke the license at any time for any reason, or no reason at all.” The contract also has an addendum that says the promoter must follow safety directives issued by the Hammond police, fire or any other emergency management services. Emanuel plans to spend the borrowed money to cover debt payments due this year, bank fees tied to the city’s sinking credit and penalty payments on old deals.

The show is supposed to profit the family of Marvin “Capo” Carr, Primary Keef’s friend and man rapper who was simply murdered in a South-Side shooting September 11, and also the family of Dillan Harris, thirteen weeks, who authorities declare was killed each time a car minted his buggy in the consequences of that shooting. Phillips claimed all of the contributions for the individuals received online through a live-flow of Weekendis hologram show, but he’d not declare the recommended $50 contribution was given by exactly how many individuals or the amount of money has been gathered. But since the directive was given after the contract was signed that Chief Keef wasn’t to perform, the promoters ended up losing their license, he said. “It doesn’t matter if the directive came a week before, a day before or an hour before — they were told not to play Chief Keef, but they did,” Sersic said. “Not only that, but they said they wouldn’t, so they’re actually doubly in breach of the contract.” And Chicago taxpayers ended up getting the short end of the stick — with millions in hidden reimbursement costs — while private investors made a killing. HarrisA mommy claimed she learned nbsp about the&;concert being shut-down but told the Tribune on Monday she’s not sure whether contributions collected through the work will be accepted by her. “I’m-not positive about something rightnow.

Department of Interior initiative to coordinate youth programs, Emanuel was asked at what point such high-cost borrowing becomes irresponsible when other options, such as raising property taxes, exist. The Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago is only 27 percent funded, and beneficiaries outnumber active officers 13,320 to 12,020, according to its 2014 annual report. “In normal times, they’d be fighting the battle for public safety,” said Ciccarone, who’s based in Chicago. “But with the pensions, so much of their capital will be swept away for services already performed.” Chicago underfunded its four pensions by $7.3 billion from 2005 to 2014, according to bond documents. My brainis quot,& simply blank;&nbsp ;McComb said. “I must say I only need everybody to depart us alone and give us my space and I want to grieve.” Deidre, Carris mother, mentioned she spoken concerning the show however not to Primary Keef on the weekend. The city’s chief financial officer would be required to issue a request for qualifications; identify an independent adviser to evaluate the deal; and notify chairmen of the City Council’s Budget and Finance Committees 90 days before a City Council vote. The mayor responded by defending the large-scale borrowing as spreading some of the city’s short-term debt out over a longer period of time to deal with a financial morass he inherited from Daley.

The city suffered another setback Friday when a state court struck down a pension restructuring for municipal workers and laborers because it would force them to accept reduced benefits. You have to make sure you find every quarter under every pillow, every dime, and you make cuts, reforms and efficiencies,” Emanuel said. “My view is that the taxpayers are the last place you’re going to ask, and they deserve the commitment that you’re going to do all the cutting and all the reforms and all the efficiencies you can to squeeze every little dollar out of the system. Construction, engineering and demolition contracts would be exempt because those services are viewed as critical to maintaining government operations. The mayor said he still supports the legal argument — that the city is providing a “net benefit” by coupling the end of annual compounded cost-of-living increases and higher employee contributions with a guarantee of full pension funding over time. Asked whether the mayor would push for more police officers, Adam Collins, a spokesman, said it “would be premature to discuss specifics.” Illinois’s Democrat-led legislature passed a plan to lower Chicago’s extra payment next year to its police and fire retirement systems to $330 million from $550 million, but Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has yet to sign the measure.

It has been noted that by the time this incident occurred, Keef had already achieved local South Side popularity, and that much of his early fan base consisted of high school students in the area. Once his house arrest ended, WorldStarHipHop released a video of a child hysterically celebrating Keef’s release from house arrest, affording Keef further vitality. Residents expect their elected officials to be good stewards of city resources; this ordinance introduces very important protections for working families and taxpayers to ensure we meet this expectation.” While 2013 proved to be a relatively quiet year, in terms of his music output, Keef began the year by signing with Interscope Records, as a separate deal promised his own label imprint, Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE).

They blame the proliferation of guns, citing the police recovery of 3,500 illegal firearms this year. “As much as I am an advocate for better gun-control laws and getting these guns off the street, that’s not going to dramatically reduce the violence,” said Ira Acree, a West Side pastor and chairman of Leaders Network, a community development organization. “There must be more interest and focus on reviving the economic engine here.” That revival depends, in part, on Chicago stabilizing its fiscal affairs. Keef’s contributions to the track were praised by musician Lou Reed, with Reed stating, “‘Hold My Liquor’ is just heartbreaking, and particularly coming from where it’s coming from – listen to that incredibly poignant hook from a tough guy like Chief Keef, wow.” On his 18th birthday, August 15, 2013, Chief Keef celebrated by releasing the mixtape Bang, Pt. 2. Like Jay-Z and Tupac he escaped the death trap of a square block radius and yet instead of abandoning the violence his reputation is that he carries it with him. Under the age of 25 he’s still growing and maturing, we’re hoping that he lives long enough for his brain to mature and that he follows the path of Jay Z rather than Tupac or Biggy Smalls whose lives ended tragically too soon bringing an end to their brilliant careers.

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