‘American Hotel Story: Hotel’ Recap: The Body Count Rises in ‘She Gets Revenge’

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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Mid-Season Finale Recap: Vampires and Hotline Bling is a Good Mix.

At first glance, the name of the winter finale of “American Horror Story: Hotel” could apply to any number of characters: the Countess (Lady Gaga), Alex (Chloe Sevigny), Sally (Sarah Paulson), Ramona (Angela Bassett)… the list goes on. But somehow, few have been as pleasing to the eyes as the final shot from “She Gets Revenge,” in which Liz and Iris bust in on Countess and Donovan with guns blazing. But in the end, it’s Iris (Kathy Bates) and Liz Taylor (Dennis O’Hare) who find vengeance, setting the stage for an epic battle in the Hotel Cortez when the show returns in 2016.

The mid-season finale of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ delivers more laughs than usual, and we love it! ‘She Gets Revenge’ slays all of the right notes, leaving us with a hilarious cliffhanger! We’ll talk about how cool that bit was in a second, as it’s probably more important to talk about how that ending implied that the undead former lovers have been shot to death. But there was plenty that happened in this week’s episode, so let’s break it down: Even for “AHS” standards, the beginning of the episode was dark. After a poignant but still sick intro featuring an elderly couple who decide to end each other’s lives in the Cortez, Liz Taylor is struck with the inspiration to off herself, as well. I’m sure she would rather die a thousand deaths by her own hand than be killed by Iris and Liz, although they certainly deserve to be the ones to put Countess out of her their misery.

While this could absolutely come from a flashback or something else along those lines, I’m pretty sure we’ll see the Golden Globe nominee Lady Gaga doing more harm than good in the next two episodes. Liz wants to get her affairs in order, so she asks Miss Evers to reach her son whom she left behind long ago, when she decided to leave her sham life as a man behind. She uses her old-fashioned point of view (not a politically correct or even accurate take on transgender people) to make an intriguing point: her son might not be willing to accept his father’s true identity. They finally meet again, although it seems like the boy, Douglas, now all grown up and professional, doesn’t recognize his father, who’s serving him drinks at the bar. Now that he killed Countess’ beloved Rudolph Valentino and totally fucked up her head, there’s not much left for him to do but serve as a last act of vengeance for Iris.

He knew Liz was his dad all along, and he’s actually quite accepting of how his father embraced her identity. “There’s always room for another woman in my life,” Douglas says, and all of a sudden it looks like Liz has rediscovered her reason to live. While I’m the world’s biggest non-fan of Drake’s ”Hotline Bling,” it was kind of a perfect soundtrack to the moment, just as it was minutes earlier when Donovan was dancing around to it. He wants to be a grandmother some day, and as Iris starts getting ready to die, Liz tries to talk her into taking over the hotel. “We’re entitled to a second chance,” Liz says. “The best is yet to come.” John Lowe is only one trophy away from completing his 10 Commandments collection. American Horror Story: Hotel will return, with or without Donovan and Countess in the land of the living (or whatever land the undead belongs to), on Wednesday, January 6.

With her newfound peace, Liz goes to speak with Iris, who has already made her own tribute video “for her three Instagram followers.” Liz convinces Iris not to kill herself, but instead, go out with a “blazing final act” — but more on that later. Their moment tugs at our heart-strings even more once Douglass calls Liz ‘dad.’ Douglass tells Liz that he doesn’t care if his father is a woman. The murderous ghost pulls a Mickey from “Rocky” when Lowe asks about his wife, Alex, suggesting, in not so many words, weaken the knees and get in the way of such plans.

When Alex and John meet, though, she reveals to him that she is tasked with righting a great wrong — ie, her turning of the boy with measles who is now leading a pack of wild child vamps — or the Countess will kill her and Holden. The Countess says, “Who’s the little mouse now?!” while Donovan channels Ed Norton in “Fight Club,” saying Valentino, freshly shot in the face, isn’t so pretty now. “I have better cheekbones, anyway,” he adds. “Cheekbones for days.” Decked out like Kim Novak in “Vertigo” or, more recently, Sharon Stone paying homage to Novak in “Basic Instinct,” the Countess pleads for the police’s help in finding her missing husband, Will Drake. Of course, she left him to die in the sealed off wing of the hotel, and she is prepared to take over his empire by way of being the legal guardian of his son, Lachlan.

March, who pulls a “told ya so” on her for having him killed on the premises. (Ramona still lurks in the sealed-off wing, by the way, and, thanks to John and Alex, she gets some company in the form of the bloodthirsty version of Our Gang that had been rampaging through Los Angeles, courtesy of John and Alex. It’s clearly another ruse, and she wants to somehow lock Donovan in there, too, but before she can talk him into it, he reveals that Valentino is long gone.

Back at the Cortez, Donovan is dancing and singing solo to “Hotline Bling” when the Countess shows up, absolutely flummoxed that Donovan hadn’t left. As the Countess is speaking to a couple of detectives about Will’s “disappearance,” Will saunters in, leaving the Countess uncharacteristically surprised (the reveal almost inspires flashbacks to a certain entrance Emma Roberts made in “Coven”). Natasha has never really been a huge fan of Countess, still calling her a “little mouse.” Natasha pulls out a knife, but it’s no match for Countess’ gun. Sally rages, attempts to seduce, rages some more, curses, screams, and generally has a fit over the clear fact that she’s not going to live happily ever after with Lowe. Countess returns to Cortez, surprised to find Donovan still there, jamming and dancing to Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling.’ Well, it’s not Donovan’s smooth dance moves that shock her (that’s just us), it’s the fact that Donovan didn’t run away.

When Liz explains that she’s reconciled with her son, and that she can’t possibly kill herself knowing that Douglas actually wants her in his life—Iris becomes inconsolable woman #3. I guess the Countess had too many other things on her mind to worry about the children, especially since she presumed they’re all safe with the governess. She asks him if he really doesn’t care that she’s about to kill him. “Of course I care,” he tells her. “I just don’t mind dying if it’s the only way you’ll let me love you.” Awww. There are lunatics, a rapist nun, demonic possession, ECT, aliens, Nazis, serial killers, drug abuse, human experimentation, frame-ups, and coldly murderous children. American Horror Story has, as always, something for everyone—not to mention more sex than anyone needs during prime time.

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