American Horror Story’s Killer Speaks! You’ll Never Guess How Long He’s Known…

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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Recap: A Shocking Reveal That Shocked No One.

This week’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” answered one of the season’s biggest questions: Just who is the Ten Commandments Killer, the one who has been committing gruesome murders across Los Angeles to “punish” the victims for their sins? Tonight’s episode of finally revealed the identity of the10 Commandments serial killer: The very detective who had been trying to hunt him down, John Lowe (Wes Bentley), who had been unwittingly manipulated by James March (Evan Peters).But ohhhhh how we can’t help but envy everyone who has not yet seen tonight’s , because it’s a deeply satisfying, mind-blowing TV watching experience we just want to live all over again. The reveal itself was pretty epic (all hail Bentley and Sarah Paulson!) even though…You know, a few of us had guessed it was John. (Truth told, I thought I was bats—t crazy when I first floated the theory), but regardless of whether you had any inkling, the episode was stunning in its attention to detail. We’ve had drillbit demons, people sewen into mattresses, vampires (excuse us, people suffering from an “ancient blood virus), ghosts, people barricaded in walls, way too many creepy children, some stunning art-deco set design, flawless fashion choices courtesy of Lady Gaga’s Countess, and the true American horror story: bad Wi-Fi”.

John was consumed by his desire to bring the serial killer to justice, but when Sally reveals to John that it was him all along and he had simply been suppressing the horrible acts, a switch clearly flips in him, setting the stage to continue to push John down his rapid downward spiral. Heck, half of the damned residents of the Hotel Cortez are vampires whose very existence hinges on bloodshed, including Lady Gaga’s sadistic Countess, Matt Bomer’s ousted lover Donovan, foxy revenge-seeker Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) or bored-and-bitter junkie Sally (Sarah Paulson), to name a few. Before the episode, aptly titled “The Ten Commandments Killer,” aired, Bentley spoke to Variety about how he found out that he was playing the murderer, what it’s like on set during those dark scenes and what path John could take next.

And even the non-bloodsucking regulars at the Cortez could have personal motivations for exacting ritualistic atrocities like, say, staging a little extramarital Viagra mishap – yep, we’re looking at you, former married schlub Liz Taylor (Denis O’Hare). Not only is tonight’s Killer reveal this season’s boldest moment, it’s also a stroke of genius in that—although surprising—it also makes perfect sense. On the last episode Drake’s renovations uncovered a great secret; John under went psychiatric evaluation; and the Countess learned the fate of her first love. And as Wes Bentley himself pointed out when I chatted with him earlier today, it wasn’t supposed to be a totally unexpected reveal. “The Shining is my favorite movie of all time and at it’s core it’s about an alcoholic and the two sides of an alcoholic father.

Given how series creator Ryan Murphy’s wild mind works, we might not even count out the possibility of a supernatural slaying executed by the infamously homicidal guests of that ghastly dinner party hosted by hotel owner James Patrick March (Evan Peters). The writers walk you through the backstory of how the Killer came to be, step by step, and suddenly, you realize what this whole show has been about since the very beginning. At this point, we figure that some of you out there may just be happy to see a resurfacing of some of these characters once more, given just how long it has been since some of them have been a part of the show. It’s very confusing to play, because we jumped around a lot and also the state of where John’s head was in all of it, but also we did long hours and I was on every day.

It wasn’t necessarily a completely jarring surprise like The Usual Suspects, were you’re like ‘OH MY GOD.’ It was more of the desperation of the mental breakdown, and the slow reveal of who this person really is.” 1. John’s secret character has been revealed in the eighth episode of this season, so there are still five left and a lot of other plot points that need to be connected. Ryan Murphy normally doesn’t tell his cast anything when it comes to those major reveals, but he made an exception this time, and for good reason. “In my initial meeting with Ryan,” Wes explains, “he just said I’d be a detective who lost a kid. Flashbacks show clues in the story, including March’s cryptic words that indicated that he saw potential in John, which finally make sense. “It’s okay.

And I don’t want you to play it, but I want you to sort of let it be in your subconscious and when we shoot the first episode, we’ll pick moments where we can do stuff.” Yes and no, because I’m great at keeping secrets… I hardly ever thought about it, trying to approach every day as John would, which is not knowing. At first he was texting me back and then he stopped texting me and he called me a day later and said, ‘OK, listen, I wasn’t going to do this and don’t tell anybody else that I told you this, but I gotta tell you: You’re the guy. Moments would come to me and whatnot, but I’m gauging how much we’re giving away or if I’m giving anything away by whether the crew was figuring anything out or not.

So it will be good for the show when people know and they look back on it.’ I played it as John, as we know him, which is that he didn’t honestly know who he was, but we could have those moments like the first time coming to the hotel in episode one, there’s a moment where he shares some familiarity with Kathy [Bates] but he doesn’t know why. He interrupts the Countess’ (Lady Gaga) monthly dinner with March to introduce them to John, which initially infuriates March, given how dear he holds the dinner.

Wes Didn’t Tell a Soul. “They play games on set and the crew would try to guess who it was and I’d play along with them, half trying to mislead them all the time. Already intrigued by John’s depressed state, when John laments, “Death is the only thing in life that has any meaning,” a switch immediately flips within March. I think there always was sort of a slow sort of terrible feeling, that, “Oh god, it could be John.” Kind of like “The Shining,” like it does where you know Jack Nicholson’s character is falling apart and you’re sort of terrified of seeing it happen.

Strangers on the Street Have Felt the Need to Tell Him John Is Horrible. “People have been coming up to me on the street and saying, ‘Why is John such a terrible father??! John ends up spending two days at the hotel with March, and March decides to take him on as his serial killing mentee, like he says he previously tried to do with such notorious murderers as Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. The Countess openly hates March and usually would go out of her way not to help him, but he’s got the perfect bait for her: John’s beautiful children. It’s hard to say whether or not he would’ve gone down that exact path he went, good and bad, but March was able to do that and it wasn’t too hard when John was at the point where he was at.

He does bad things, but the complicated part now is to see, we know there’s a good part of him, the part with a loving family and the part that wants justice and wants to protect. In fact, he even wanted to kill his wife, Alex (Chloe Sevigny), and Hahn under suspicion that they were having an affair, but Sally advised him otherwise. Sometimes it kind of takes you over, and you just sort of end up in this dark place, but even when that happens, I can joke around with somebody, if not the other actor — if they want to stay in it or whatnot — I don’t break that line, but if I can go off with someone else and crack a joke or breathe for a second, then I do. The Next Few Episodes Are About John Coming Into His Own. “John’s got these two extreme sides,” Bentley explains. “He obviously loves his kids and loves his family but he’s found out who he really is. OK, not really, but when asked about Fight Club and Se7en, which Hotel pays homage to, and of which Bentley himself is a huge fan, he had this to say about the prospects of what would happen if John Lowe and Fight Club’s Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt/Edward Norton) met up. “It would be a bloody mess!” he laughs. “I don’t think they would go at each other.

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