‘American Horror Story’ Season 5 Spoilers: Top Moments From Halloween-Themed …

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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Was Freaky! ‘Devil’s Night’ Features Serial Killers As Alex Urges The Countess To Turn Her Into A Vampire.

When Wes Bentley first appeared on “American Horror Story: Freak Show” in the recurring role of Edward Mordrake, he was allowed to keep his clothes on.The cast of “American Horror Story” is already enormous, but it practically doubled in size for the show’s Halloween — well, “Devil’s Night” — episode. Set on Devil’s Night, the day before Halloween, FX viewers learned more about Countess Elizabeth’s (Lady Gaga) children, along with some of the other chilling things that happened within the walls.

Bates got to see Gaga make her spectacularly glamorous entrance — which of course involved descending a curved staircase, “looking through [Bates’] soul” all the while — bedecked in such Lady Gaga staples as fishnet stockings, a thong, a Cleopatra diamond collar, and her hair in the style of Veronica Lake. Here’s who else was on the guest list: Aileen Wuornos (Lily Rabe), John Wayne Gacy (John Carol Lynch), Richard Ramirez (Anthony Ruivivar), Jeffrey Dahmer (Seth Gable), and the Zodiac Killer. AHS mastermind Ryan Murphy was similarly awestruck by Gaga’s hosting duties. “The thing about her that I love is that she doesn’t disappoint,” he previously told EW. “Like the other night was a perfect example: She wanted to get together with the cast and she had a decorator come to the house and transport it with black lace curtains and horror themes and she had dyed the pool blood red.

But March/Holmes invited over some real — as in, real-life — killers to the fictional Hotel Cortez to celebrate “Devil’s Night,” the Oct. 30 holiday that celebrates everything wicked in advance of Halloween. We talk about it often.” The “AHS” set is the sort of place where extras have names like “Man Nailed to Headboard” and the “weirdest things” are overheard, Bentley says. “One time I heard someone ask, ‘Should I chew on his liver before I kill him?’” And then there’s the blood: gallons of the fake stuff that flows from exit wounds, slit throats and severed arteries. Although it all sounds rather nasty, Bentley says the inconveniences are worth it for a chance to work on “the most creative show on television in every department.” One thing you have to say about the show: the cast, which has included Oscar winners Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates — and features Lady Gaga this season — is incredibly loyal to creator Ryan Murphy. Gacy was responsible for killing 33 men and boys and hiding them in his basement — which is probably why he felt qualified to give the rest of the killers tips on home improvement. During the episode, Lowe’s wife, Alex (Chloe Sevigny) brought her son home only to find out he was a little different: you know, eating the dog and all.

I find that a breath of fresh air and so inspiring.” Bentley’s stint on the show also allows him to rebuild the career that started off with such fanfare when he played artistic teenager Ricky Fitts in the 1999 movie “American Beauty” but stalled thereafter as Bentley battled a serious drug addiction that cost him his first marriage to actress Jennifer Quanz. “At 20, I was too young and too unprepared for stardom. Quietly creepy at the “Devil’s Night” banquet, Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer in Milwaukee who cannibalized his victims, hence his constant comments about his appetite. Dahmer specifically targeted men and teenage boys, and his treatment of the victim March quite literally brought to the table served as one of the most unsettling moments in the show’s history — power tools will never be the same. She killed men whom she alleged had tried to assault her while she was working as a prostitute, but was convicted and given the death penalty for their murders — but not before she sold the movie rights to her story, which was adapted into the film “Monster” in 2005. And the last member of the banquet was John Lowe, who may have seemed innocent, but clearly has some form of latent danger to him, or this group of killers would have never deigned to dine by his side.

I didn’t know who I was.” Sober six years now, he knows who he is: happily married to producer Jacqui Swedberg and the father of a son, Charlie, 5, and a daughter, Brooklyn, just 16 months old. Then she told John she knew “for a while we were kindred spirits.” And then she completely changed tracks and said she had to get ready for tonight. Bentley speaks openly about his recovery and hopes one day he can formally help other artists with the same demons. “Mostly I want to speak to young artists who might think they should do drugs because they’re creative,” he says. “It’s something I fell into. Gacy: “Just because you have 30 bodies buried in your crawl space, don’t mean you can’t have a really terrific rec room and be a respectable businessman.”

Then he said he needed his “other mommy.” John kept working on his 10 Commandments investigation and also did research on Miss Evers’ story on AHS: Hotel. All the Countess needed was “your undying loyalty.” Alex threatened to get the police, so Tristan showed up and knocked her down, but the Countess said to let her go. The Countess continues that Holden contracted an “ancient virus.” Although Holden has a “blood disorder,” he also has health, mortality and “ever lasting life.” Alex demands that Countess Elizabeth change him back.

Finally James March introduced himself, but John couldn’t believe it since he should be dead. “You’ve seen enough evidence to know what isn’t possible can become very possible,” James March said. And it turns out that guy Jeffery Dahmer had was “undead.” They then toasted James March and he gave a speech saying the killers were “the definition of American success” because they made their mark, so they’ll live on forever. She brings him up to the party and offers him to James March in exchange for another year of “being left alone.” After a toast, the killers take their weapons of choice and take turns stabbing their victim. He’s known things aren’t right at the Hotel Cortez for a while now, but now that he saw pictures of Miss Evers from a crime scene in the ’20s, he’s getting even closer to the truth.

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