‘American Horror Story’ Season 5, Episode 9: Wedding Day

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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ recap: ‘She Wants Revenge’.

There’s probably not a self-help book for this. The residents of the Hotel Cortez have shown this Freud quote to be true: to love The Countess is to inevitably hate her — then love her again, or maybe just hate loving her?Mere hours after The Countess’ fraudulent nuptials she gleefully watched her new husband played by Finn Wittrock get eaten alive by Ramona Royale [Angela Bassett].

Lady Gaga’s stunning sucker of blood took center stage in this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, after warming the bench in last week’s “Ten Commandments Killer” reveal — and the results are about as bloody brilliant as vampirically possible for the “Paparazzi” singer turned actress.After last week’s fantastic revelation that John Lowe (Wes Bentley) is indeed The 10 Commandments Killer (and BTW, where the bloody hell was he this week?

This week’s episode neatly brought together two of the season’s most perplexing and neglected plot lines: the revenge triumvirate of Iris the concierge, her son Donovan, and Ramona Royale, and the herd of murderous children Alex accidentally spawned when she infected one of her young patients with vampirism. We are nominally in the home stretch of episodes — the point of an American Horror Story season when the players on the final-act chessboard start moving into position. “She Wants Revenge” starts off with an interesting twist: The Countess — this season’s reigning symbol of, well, reigning — is feeling a little low. “The last 100 years of my immortal life have been a lie,” she explains. “In truth, I have controlled nothing.” That’s going to change. The Countess with the help of James March made an impenetrable fortress to conceal her crimes, but scorned Ramona was planning to ‘take down’ The Countess. Countess Elizabeth reveals in a show-opening monologue that her heart is literally Grinch-sized — pre-happy Whoville ending — thanks to decades of eternal existence, which means that every bit of emotion contained within her heart carries more meaning. “It means everything,” she stresses. Living a third, yet to be announced life?), the focus pivoted back to The Countess, James March and poor, sad, ultimately devoured Will Drake, who did indeed soil his suit.

At the center of this bloodthirsty mess is the Countess, reunited with her lover, maker, and the reason so many of these pretty young things look exactly alike — Valentino. The marriage to Will Drake is coming right up, but she refuses to be his show pony. “You design my gown,” she demands her husband. “I’ll take care of everything else.” “Taking care of everything else,” in this case, means means reuniting with her long-lost flame, Rudy Valentino, recovering from a near-century of forced hibernation in the same hotel where Bruce Willis shacked up in Pulp Fiction.

On a visit to her home Donovan called his relationship with The Countess ‘an addiction’ that he could ‘never satiate’ so they collaborated in a revenge plot. But it also means reconnecting with Donovan: The former lovers share a lovingly graphic sex scene, complete with star-pasties over Lady Gaga’s premium-cable parts. The first step is reuniting with Donovan (Matt Bomer), her drop-dead gorgeous vampire lover, in a bid to trap her sworn enemy Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett).

That 20-year flashback of Ramona caring for her poor father, who suffered from both dementia and the ancient blood virus (BAD combo!), gave her character far more dimension. First, she’s marrying fashion mogul Will Drake to revive her financial standing, and then she plans to follow up by murdering him and inheriting his riches all for herself. She loops in her once-estranged lover Donovan, who at first seems a little perturbed that his love is getting married, but he’s into the whole murder angle.

Meanwhile, Donovan, who hasn’t recovered from being dumped for Tristan, fools Ramona in a double cross, leaving her locked up in the Cortez’s newly refurbished hidden torture chamber, a wedding gift from Mr. For the moment, Elizabeth has everything she could possibly want, from deeply loyal servants to an equally deep bench of sexually powered lovers at her disposal, not the least of whom is the great love of her life. Also worth noting: If your body is infected with measles, apparently you shouldn’t feed your blood virus blood to all your classmates because when they don’t feed, they get measles , too. (This storyline could NOT be more disturbing.) James March MUST Go Down.

The Countess sniffs and says Tristan never loved Liz anyway, but Liz isn’t having it and tells her to get her own damn flowers. (Go, Liz, go!) The Countess admits that she never should have let him go in the first place. They both look happy for a few minutes, and we’d probably all believe this sudden change of heart a bit more if we hadn’t just seen the Countess track down the suddenly revitalized Rudolph Valentino at his hotel room and make out with him, too.

Iris is fed up with all the sleazy porn outfits making movies in the Cortez, so she makes a move on the latest trio — cameraman, guy and gal — who head upstairs to make their blue movie. A jealous March shows off his son by the Countess, deformed (demonic?) Bartholomew; Drake’s aghast revulsion lands him in hot water alongside Ramona. Even Elizabeth’s lovers are likely to turn on her; who’s to say Rudy doesn’t have a new perspective on his former lover, having spent decades and decades trapped behind a wall?

Donovan, too, could find himself in league with Ramona again, now that he’s confirmed The Countess’ tryst with the Tristan Duffy lookalike with his own two eyes. Donovan, who eventually finishes off the guy, just happens to swing by, and they remind the audience that they’re still plotting against the Countess.

Consider Bassett’s breathtaking turn as Ramona, chewing through her backstory of grief and loneliness, watching her father’s dementia take hold of him over the course of decades. John Lowe will complete March’s 10 Commandment Killings, giving March no reason to hang on, and allowing him to GTFO of Hotel Cortez, where he is passionately hated by all.

Iris tells her son that it’s not safe for him to be at the Cortez, but Donovan says it’s cool, because he and the Countess are back together now – or at least so she THINKS. (Mwahahaha!) Donovan grins and says that the less Iris knows the better, but just so she knows the Great Revenge Plan of 2015 is still on. My old movies streaming for free.” People recognized her, apparently not thinking it was strange that she hadn’t aged in a few decades — which should be an unacceptable plot point, but Angela Bassett also hasn’t aged in a few decades. Consider also Bates as an actualized Iris, filled with renewed confidence as a self-described Dirty Harriet, punishing bad hotel patrons who belong at “the douche bag convention” next door rather than the Cortez itself. It’s also possible that the final 10 Commandments Killing (which John Lowe has vowed to finish) could have to do with one of the two remaining Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Brother’s House.

She’s no longer the broken mom waiting for her long-lost son to come home; now she’s the woman who will do what’s necessary to save her son from himself. And that could lead to a new owner/HKIC (Head Killer in Charge): Perhaps John Lowe and he can live there disgustingly ever after with Alex and Holden.

The most intense example of the dynamic, in this episode at least, was Donovan’s love for his maker, deep and twisted enough to push him betray both Ramona (whose exposition-heavy back story served as mostly a distraction) and his own mother. “It’s a horrible feeling to have a craving that you can never satiate — it’s an addiction,” Tristan says helplessly. LINE OF THE NIGHT: Liz objecting at The Countess and Will Drake’s wedding. “Ahhh yeah, because she’s a bitch with no conscience, no mercy, no soul?” Denis O’Hare = killing it. This is merely what has happened to him, not who he is, but the same can be said for the majority of the characters this season, in particular the Countess herself. The Countess, meanwhile, continues to plot, and that means bringing back the walled-off area March had set up for Rudolph and his love, Natacha Rambova. And things have quickly gone all Lord of the Flies among the vampkids: Alex only escapes because one child declares that, as their bloodmother, she alone can escape their Anti-Adult policy.

And there’s James March (Evan Peters), full-stop, sublimely sinister in every one of his scenes. (How about the fact that he stumbled to the ground after losing grip of his cane? Donovan explains that he’s worked it all out – the Countess will be distracted by her wedding to Will the next day, and he’s already spiked her drunk with, like, horse tranquilizers or something. Of course, she was duped by March back in the ’30s when he separated her from Valentino, but everything about the Countess, from the clothes she wears to the lovers she allows to live, is about control. They seal the deal by eating someone, and Donovan asks Ramona to explain why it took her so long to try and get her revenge on the Countess anyway, since she’d murdered her boyfriend like 20 years ago.

There’s a brief interlude in which Alex Lowe goes to find the mysterious kids who have been witnessed the death of a homeless man who had been drained of all his blood. It’s Los Angeles in 1992 and Ramona decides the best thing she can do to get over her Countess-inflicted heartbreak is to go home to her parents’ house. She finds the kid she had treated for measles — and cured with her vampire blood — teaming up with a bunch of other preteens feasting on pizza delivery guys and the like.

Alex implores them to return with her to the Cortez, to live among their kind, but they don’t take kindly to the idea of adults bossing them around again. But there is the slight problem of Natacha, who has taken very much to this modern world. “She speaks of nothing but shopping and Uber,” explains Rudy. Will’s son, Lachlan, is there, as is Liz Taylor, who tries to object to the wedding, but the Countess tells the justice of the peace to ignore her. “She drinks.” The Countess, after the nuptials are completed, takes the time to rub it in even further, giving Liz Taylor her bouquet and her wishes that she’ll find true love some day. He’s that kid she saved from measles who created his own teen vampire army after she turned him, and discovers that the kids have been eating everyone in the neighborhood at random.

That’s when the Countess shows up and laments that she was prepared to embrace Lachlan, and that she expected the same grace from Will when it came to her baby. Will starts crying that they’re going to starve, but Ramona declares that she won’t, and kills him, while the Countess watches it all on closed circuit TV.

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