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American Horror Story: Hotel’s Biggest Reveals and Theories: One Family …

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American Horror Story: Hotel Recap ‘She Gets Revenge’: The Best Is Yet to Come.

American Horror Story: Hotel aired its midseason finale on Wednesday and viewers were left wondering about the fate of The Countess following a bullet-riddled final scene. The tenth episode of this fifth iteration of American Horror Story is titled “She Gets Revenge.” It’s not initially clear which “she” we’re talking about here.At first glance, the name of the winter finale of “American Horror Story: Hotel” could apply to any number of characters: the Countess (Lady Gaga), Alex (Chloe Sevigny), Sally (Sarah Paulson), Ramona (Angela Bassett)… the list goes on.

With Drake’s Hotline Bling playing in the background, Liz and Iris walked with determination toward The Countess and Donovan with guns blasting in both hands. Donovan and The Countess both sought bloody revenge, but they found out — maybe too late as it turns out — that they really were perfect for each other all along. As their guns fired and bullets flew at the shocked couple, the episode ended, meaning fans of the hit FX show will have to wait until to discover their fate.

But in the end, it’s Iris (Kathy Bates) and Liz Taylor (Dennis O’Hare) who find vengeance, setting the stage for an epic battle in the Hotel Cortez when the show returns in 2016. Keen to get her affairs in order, Liz asked maid Miss Evers to invite her estranged son Douglas to stay, who she hadn’t seen since she left her life as a man behind 31 years earlier. ‘I guess he’s out of my mind.

But there was plenty that happened in this week’s episode, so let’s break it down: Even for “AHS” standards, the beginning of the episode was dark. And John Lowe’s path of destruction hit a decided road bump this week as he reconnected with his wife and finally found his son but does this mean the last of the ten commandment killings will be left undone? I’m in town because we’re finally going to reconnect,’ Douglas replied – but then turned down another drink and left the bar. ‘Dad, it’s not difficult, or it doesn’t have to be,’ Douglas said. ‘Mom gave me a few clues and I put them together.

Liz lost her beloved Tristan and she knows it’s only a matter of time before the Countess cuts her throat while Iris believed she finally reconnected with her son Donovan and then realized the Countess was the only person he truly cared about. After a poignant but still sick intro featuring an elderly couple who decide to end each other’s lives in the Cortez, Liz Taylor is struck with the inspiration to off herself, as well. Or for another visit to The Vampire Kids’ Playhouse? (Yeah, yeah, they’re not vampires, the show has been tediously clear that this isn’t vampirism, it’s an ancient blood virus that produces bloodsucking near-immortals functionally identical to vampires.) If you’re only going to give Angela Bassett one line, “Mama smells appetizers” is a solid choice, but the li’l vamps were presumably brought to The Cortez to provide Ramona with a brood of her own, not because the show cares about them or their fate or has succeeded in making us care about them. Liz decides that this life is no longer worth living so rather than wait to die, they would go out together on their own terms and deprive this world from taking it from them. Was Kimmy given a name just so we’d care when she died, because, uh, that didn’t work.) When a show keeps this many irons in the fire, every story suffers.

Before they can die, however, both of them need to make sure nothing is left behind or they will be forced to walk the halls of this hotel for eternity. John Lowe reminds his wife, “We have another child,” and Alex hears it as the accusation it is. “I haven’t forgotten about Scarlett,” she answers. Denis O’Hare was still present and accounted for (thank goodness), Lady Gaga killed a two minute scene in a power suit, and did we mention Liz Taylor and Miss Evers share a few moments on screen?

That you’re a serial killer? ‘I didn’t really think you’d brought me here to rummage through your old clothes and I’m not interested in your cast offs anyway, though I know you’re very interested in mine,’ Natacha told The Countess. She uses her old-fashioned point of view (not a politically correct or even accurate take on transgender people) to make an intriguing point: her son might not be willing to accept his father’s true identity. When she moved to Los Angeles 31 years ago, she not only started a new life but she left the old one behind — including her son Douglas, who grew up without a father in his life.

It used her to draw John’s attention to the hotel, then packed her off to Grandma’s, and any mention that her double-life-leading dad and vampire mom (I KNOW, SHE’S NOT A VAMPIRE, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH) (I’m starting to understand, and I mean understand, how this show has driven my predecessors to distraction and randomness and ALL-CAPS MANIA) ever checked up on her is pure afterthought. Donovan, meanwhile, came face to face with love rival Rudolph Valentino and told him: ‘You wouldn’t last two days with The Countess in the real world. They finally meet again, although it seems like the boy, Douglas, now all grown up and professional, doesn’t recognize his father, who’s serving him drinks at the bar. Picking up from last week, the Countess is tying up a few loose ends from her marriage to Will Drake while also planning an execution to finally reunite her with Valentino where she will have the famous lover all to herself. March’s Ten Commandment protege is less resistant to Sally’s influences now that he is aware of what her little nudge leads to, but with only one more commandment to fulfill, John is looking for an exit not a new career.

The first step is getting Will’s fortune turned over to her, but unfortunately he’s still traipsing around the hotel after Ramona sucked him dry in the hidden corridor where they were both locked a week ago. SHE’S A VAMPIRE!) wife, Sally barks out, “Did you come inside her or did you shoot on her tits, like you do with me?” In case the implication of that question is lost on the audience, she clarifies it—twice. “With the whore, it’s always on the tits. He knew Liz was his dad all along, and he’s actually quite accepting of how his father embraced her identity. “There’s always room for another woman in my life,” Douglas says, and all of a sudden it looks like Liz has rediscovered her reason to live. He wants to be a grandmother some day, and as Iris starts getting ready to die, Liz tries to talk her into taking over the hotel. “We’re entitled to a second chance,” Liz says. “The best is yet to come.” John Lowe is only one trophy away from completing his 10 Commandments collection. She reminds Will that his son Lachlan is now the one who stands to inherit his fortune and if he wants him to remain alive and well, he’ll hand over the keys to the kingdom and stay out of the way.

With her newfound peace, Liz goes to speak with Iris, who has already made her own tribute video “for her three Instagram followers.” Liz convinces Iris not to kill herself, but instead, go out with a “blazing final act” — but more on that later. Meanwhile, the Countess also unveils the other part of her plan to keep Valentino for herself while eliminating the rest of the competition — namely his wife Natasha. O’Hare and Braaten act the hell out of their scenes, keeping them understated, dramatic without being melodramatic, and suffused with a delicate tension.

But however well-executed they are, they’re simply not necessary enough to be entirely welcome. “It did feel great at the time, but now I have a bit of a mess to deal with,” The Countess confesses to Donovan over dinner. Rudy pulls a sword on Donovan, who does the Indiana Jones thing and just shoots his romantic rival. (Gaga does the same with Natacha, when she pulls out a knife.) Donovan doesn’t mourn his rival’s death “I have better cheekbones anyway,” he says. “Cheekbones for days.” Meanwhile, our pal John Lowe has gone cuckoo crazy. What the Countess doesn’t know is while she’s eliminating Natasha at the hotel, Donovan is getting rid of his competition as well after showing up at the hotel where Valentino has been staying after escaping the trap Mr. The murderous ghost pulls a Mickey from “Rocky” when Lowe asks about his wife, Alex, suggesting, in not so many words, weaken the knees and get in the way of such plans.

When Alex and John meet, though, she reveals to him that she is tasked with righting a great wrong — ie, her turning of the boy with measles who is now leading a pack of wild child vamps — or the Countess will kill her and Holden. Once John reconnects with Alex, she ends up asking for his help taking care of a small problem — namely the small band of vampire kids she inadvertently created when she tried to save the life of her patient Max when he couldn’t find off a measles infection. When the Countess found out about her transgression, she gave Alex one chance to make this right or she would be separated from her son Holden forever. One of the children dies after refusing to drink anymore blood and a few of them are ready to turn on John and Alex but Max ultimately decides that the only way to survive this situation is to listen to the adults for once.

And though Liz Taylor was right not to cave to her suicidal impulses, she was also right about this: If you’re going to do something, go big and make a clean exit. “I’m a contractor! I make optimistic predictions!” Does anyone get the feeling James Wong (writer for “She Gets Revenge”) has tangled with household renovations lately? “We can dump someone in there, maybe this weekend,” The Countess tells Donovan, but surely she’s the one who’ll ultimately end up in the prison she built. “Has anything changed since I gave you the papers?” Alex asks John. Will she take control of his empire? “I thought I’d dissolve the empire,” she explains. “Convert it to cash.” Oh, she’s not on the will, but she is little Lachlan’s legal guardian until he turns 18. The vengeance-minded blaxploitation star sees a spread of fresh appetizers.) Speaking of Will’s body, the Countess wants it out of there before it gets too “ripe,” so she asks Donovan to do it — and to lock up Ramona once again.

It’s clearly another ruse, and she wants to somehow lock Donovan in there, too, but before she can talk him into it, he reveals that Valentino is long gone. He’s a new man these days now that he’s no longer fighting his primal instincts and she sees the changes just from these brief interactions together.

Not to belabor the point, but since Alex told John (and by extension, retold us) the story of infecting Max, and since he’s willing to consign those children to a dark maze of eternal confinement, he must know they’re vampires (yeah, no, not vampires, but y’know, kinda like vampires), right? To make matters worse, Sally knows all of John’s deepest, darkest secrets but still he’s determined to get back together with Alex and raise their family together as parents. Well, half-kindle: She still wants a divorce, but she sees something solid behind John’s eyes now. “You finally got it together, John,” she says, before leaving him for the evening. (The Season 5 Derriere Club welcomes Chloë Sevigny!) Sally’s not so happy about this. “She doesn’t know about you,” she tells John. “Not the way I do. Donovan killed Valentino to push his one and only love to The Countess tried her best to mold Donovan into Valentino, but he could never take his place in her heart. When Douglas makes his way to the bar, Liz talks to him like an old friend while listening to his woes about family and work and tries to offer advice while never revealing his true identity.

So, Liz has one more bar encounter with Douglas with the intention of telling him who she really is, except there’s one problem — he already knows this is his father. When Liz breaks the news that she no longer wants to die, Iris believes this is just another case of somebody abandoning her and that she was always destined to die alone. Liz counters and wonders why they are just so willing to give up when the people who really deserve to die are sitting upstairs in a penthouse pretending they are untouchable. “We are the ones who should inherit the Earth. Doesn’t he find it weird, that his father is a woman? “I really learned something when Pedro died, on The Real World,” says the son. “And I kept learning.

But Donovan has other plans — like revealing that he killed her precious Valentino and now she’s destined to live forever without him (for real this time). Alex walks out hand-in-hand with John, little vampire child Holden with them, and they go back to the outside world, leaving Sally screaming behind them.) In the penthouse, the Countess calls upon Donovan. She’s taken back because he has to know that as soon as she found Valentino’s body that he signed his own death warrant, but Donovan doesn’t care.

Gaga goes to see if this is true — leaving Donovan to dance himself silly to “Hotline Bling,” the greatest song ever written, the greatest dance ever danced. She finally found love — and then out of nowhere Iris and Liz bust into the room, guns blazing, firing shot after shot until they both killed the things that they once loved and now hated the most.

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