8 More ’90s Show Casts We Want to Have Stage Reunions on The Tonight Show …

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Kel Mitchell Dishes on The Tonight Show’s Good Burger Reunion: “It Was Like It Had Never Stopped”.

Nineties Nickelodeon heroes Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell returned to their old stomping grounds, Good Burger, to wreak havoc on squares and take orders way too literally in a sketch on The Tonight Show Wednesday. Fans’ desires for reunions, reboots and more have been at an all-time high lately, so it’s no surprise that viewers freaked out as soon as they saw Kel don that famous wig. The bit began with host Jimmy Fallon reminiscing about his old job at a fast food joint where he worked alongside Ed, Mitchell’s loveably inept Good Burger cashier. Jimmy recreated the set of “Good Burger” from the classic 90’s show “All That.” Kel Mitchell from the “Kenan and Kel” show was there with him playing Ed the manager of “Good Burger.” As different patrons came to order Jimmy and Kel danced, rapped and charged them eight dollars for no food.

Continuing his mission to bring our fave shows back to life (Fallon was to thank for last year’s iconic Saved by the Bell and Full House reunions), the show host set the scene by telling audience members about one of his first ever jobs. They made an indomitable pair, spraying an uptight Steve Higgins with mustard — then charging him eight bucks for it — serving Roots MC Black Thought a spicy chicken “rap,” and shoving grapes up their noses. While Thompson played Mitchell’s fellow Good Burger employee in the 1997 movie, he returned as the blusterous Lester Oaks, construction worker, who often found himself on the receiving end of Ed’s nonsense in the original All That sketches.

The Roots member ‘Black Thought’ even joined Jimmy and Ed for a scene where they sang a live version of “We’re All Dudes.” Having Kenan and Kel back together on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” shocked the crowd and made a memorable moment for them. All they were waiting for, it turns out, was a good enough platform on which to do it before they could reunite. “I’m still riding high off [the reunion],” Kell told E! But halfway through the sketch, the reunion became complete when Thompson walked into the store, playing the role of a construction worker after some fast food, and not in the mood for Mitchell’s frivolity! Though Thompson and Mitchell’s reunion was the bit’s charming center — and the pair’s chemistry showed no signs of strain or age — there was still one more Good Burger related matter to attend to.

The crowd went wild as the 37-year-old actor jumped across the counter to give Thompson, 37, the “good shake” he’d asked for, and then reached new levels of insanity when Mitchell, and later Fallon, 41, decided they must be brothers — and not only that, but Thompson must be their dad! After some serious debating, they all landed on our favorite fast food employees, which we totally support because who doesn’t love reciting, “Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger can I take your order?” “It was cool. Cue Ed’s anthemic, “I’m A Dude,” a song so powerful it brought musty old Higgins and cranky Lester back to party. 2015 may not bring everything that Back to the Future II promised it would: flying cars, self-lacing shoes, we don’t see ’em happening over the next 12 months. (Then again, don’t bet against Nike.) But this year will definitely pack plenty of punch when it comes to cultural happenings. Mad Max will roar back out of the apocalypse while Mad Men rides off into the sunset, rock’s Antichrist Superstar and hip-hop’s Yeezus will rise again. Now starring in Game Shakers on Nickelodeon, Kel explains that we just “have to wait and see.” Oh, and if you’re wondering if a certain someone still loves a certain beverage, he said in his best impression, “Kel loves orange soda!

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